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Stubborn character and I found it hard to like him that said his story made me cry and feel sorry for him He had a hard life and deserved much betterVery well written and even if you re not into running this is still a great read This is the remarkable tale of John Tarrant who became famous in the British sporting world as the ghost runner in the 1950s 60s and 70s As a teenager long before his running career John took a paltry 17 pounds in expense money as a boxer Thus he was banned for life by the British athletic governing bodies from competing officially in any amateur running event John became a victim of a corrupt and outdated system with roots in class and snobbery where by professionals were on par with criminalsNot to be deterred John would show p at races in disguise often on the back of his brother Victor s motorcycle and jump into a race without being a registered entrant The furious officials would give chase after the speedy mystery man but of course they were Prison Ramen unable to catch him This sort of subterfuge went on and on and eventually he became somewhat of a folk hero in the running community as well as the Liberal press which tookp his causeYet this is so much than a simple story of a disgruntled runner who jumps into races and then dashes home without the medal or trophy he deserves His grueling training regimes often running 100 to 200 miles per week with punishing hill work in all sorts of conditions boggle this reader s mind Eventually John has to go beyond the conventional 10 mile and marathon distance races at the time to enter the splendid and tot. Obody could stop As a hapless teenage boxer in the 1950s he'd been paid £17 expenses When he wanted to run he was banned for life His amateur status had been compromised Forever Now he was fighting back gatecrash.

The Ghost Runner is the simultaneously inspiring and tragic tale of an athlete who fights to overcome a series of difficulties that stand in the way of his dreamsExceptionally tough single minded and stubborn John Tarrant is the definition of a dedicated athlete Howe Another incredible story from the WWII era I can t believe with all the runners in my family I hadn t heard of this person Add to that in the appendix it talks about his brother and when I did the math there is no way my father didn t know his brother taught at the same high school for than 10 years Truly amazing what we do and don t know about each other Why What made this man keep tryingHeNeverStopped He is nlikeable absent husband and father selfish a poor employee single minded and egocentric He is ignored hated admired at the same time But you root for him over and over And only when he s finally gone does the world realize what they lost A bit long in the telling but overall a great story of a great life well run This was a really sad book to read on several levels firstly because of the incredible hostility shown to John Tarrant by the running community but then because of the selfishness John showed to his own familyI for one didn t realise just how different running was back then now I just enter a race and turn p but it was so regulated back then that wasn t allowedThere s a grave injustice in the fact that John should have been allowed to represent his country he was good enough and he d earned it but a petty rule prevented this coupled with jobsworth officialsHe s an incredibly strong and. The mystery man threw off his disguise and started to run Furious stewards gave chase The crowd roaredA legend was born Soon the world would know him as 'the ghost runner' John Tarrant The extraordinary man whom

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Al isolation of Fearful Symmetry ultra distance Now the distances are 40 50 and even 100 miles with races going anywhere from 12 to 24 hours One of the fascinating parts of the book highlights John s running adventures in South Africa At the time apartheid was the law of the land but the normally non political John Tarrant had littlese for the country s racist policies He always had an aversion to authority figures going back to his years in a London children s home so he was not about to bow to the South African governmentNeedless to say John was a tremendously fit man He ran like a gazelle never drank or smoked and he always tried to eat in a healthy fashion Over the years however races were interrupted for John by violent bouts of diarrhea They came and went over the years sometimes knocking him out of race and other times just putting him behind the leaders for a short time Finally he was diagnosed as having an The Beast on the Brink ulcer butnfortunately that was an incorrect conclusion By the time the doctors figured out he had cancer in his stomach it was too late to really save his life How did such a healthy runner become so sick For a short time John worked in factory cleaning asbestos off brake linings and that seems the most plausible cause of his cancerI cannot recommend this book highly enough even for the reader who has no interest in long distance running It s the story of a man who never gave p even with all the powers to be against him with all their money and influence Some may see John Tarrant as a relentless crusader while others may see a pig headed ne er do well Perhaps he was both. Ing races all over Britain No number on his shirt No friends in high places Soon he would be a record breaker one of the greatest long distance runners the world has ever seenThis is his true story The Ghost Runne.