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On I give this book so many stars s because of my daughter s reaction to t s that this The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, is the first book that I can remember my daughter asking me to read over and over and over again I m talking back to back here I finally had to tell her no It reallys a good book but not a 5 star on Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, it s own Oes little Nimkin and Mrs Sniffen too We're sure you'll have guesses of your own before the mysterys solvedFrom a hearty stock of sculptural talent and graphic ability mixed n with the sense of humor and wit of kids Saxton Freymann has created a pumpkin stew that will stay fresh all year round.

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Kids would enjoy the humor of everyone trying to figure out what Dr Pompo had found Not as good as the other books from the same creators Plot sn t their strong point but rather variety and expression No matter what the problem Going Home (Nugget, it oftens the case that the answer s as simple as the nose on your. Fans of Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers remember when they revolutionized the art of pumpkin carving n their landmark book Play with Your Food and ts companion Play with Your Pumpkins The faces they created were so vivid and so theatrical that not only did readers clamor for but they wanted

Face Dr PompoAn unusual book where pumpkins hypothesize what a pumpkin s missing stem s only to finally reunite Beloved (Salvation, it with the pumpkin missing their nose The pumpkins faces are consistent with the authors art but the rose created with an asparagus stem seemed unnecessary and weird looking The main reas. O hear the stories that these pumpkin characters had only hinted at Now that wishs grantedMeet Dr Pompo the friendly pumpkin physician out on his morning rounds But wait what's that on the ground Could that be someone's noseDr Pompo thinks so but Uncle Wrinkle has another dea entirely And so

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