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The Baby’s BodyguardJack was supposed to be ead – but he’s very much alive and looking for answers His investigation leads him to ex girlfriend Hannahand her tiny aughter When Hannah is attacked too Jack mu.

T memories and a night that changed her life Now eadly business brings the FBI special agent back home and face to face with her ex – police chief Matt from whom she’s been keeping a precious secret of her own.

St step in – as her baby’s bodyguard – while battling his growing esire for the woman who might have betrayed himTo Catch a KillerTen years ago Kara fled her sleepy California town She left behind bitterswee.

I was born in Sacramento California As a child I wrote plays for the neighbor kids and invited their parents to performances As I got older I started my own family newspaper handwritten and hand delivered for the extortion price of 25 cents Eventually I moved into writing angst ridden poems and journals – lots of them Right after graduating from high school I married the love of my life