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He tries to come to grip with his war scars He finds his way to the Double D Ranch because horses calm his soul There he finds Celia a sweet volunteer and her son Mark who can t speak or hear because of a tragic accident he hadThe three of them with their own guiltscarsemotions come together in a story that reminds you how when bad things happen good things can come out of it The beginning of this story got off to a very slow start for me You are thrown into Cougar s head and uickly probably too uickly given tidbits of war cowboy and Indian aspects For the first several pages I had no idea where the story was going And everything that was happening was a little confusing War Cowboys Indian Which on did the author want us to latch onto For me it was the war because that is what seemed to have scarred Cougar the most and what he would struggled the most to overcome I think I picked right because that was the focus of Cougar s healing through out the book I just didn t like how long it took to figure out which direction it was taking Celia is a wonderful character who even in times of struggle and anger seems almost angelic She persevere in a way that most heroine s don t An inner strength that is shown and not told And her son even without speaking was able to light up the pages with his charm Between the three of them a story of healing unfolds and Cougar finds the one thing he wasn t even looking for love I was surprised how much time we spent in Cougar s POV during the story Don t get me wrong I enjoyed it being a super hero lover myself but I would have liked to have seen a smidge of Celia I felt like I didn t now her as well as Cougar And since she was a heroine that didn t annoy me I would have liked to Mastering Gephi Network Visualization know her With that being said what I didnow of her was enchanting and strong I enjoyed this story and the sweetness of it This is what Harleuin Special Edition is all about And the author did an amazing job of SHOWING us all the emotions and feelings of the characters without bombarding us with those annoying romance cliches Her skill as a writer was evident I ve only got one beef with this story the ending Sure it has the standard romance HEA where the hero and heroine make plans for the future But there were a lot of other aspects of the story her son s injury her crazy ex and a horse competition that I would have liked to see cleared up Not to mention that Cougar still isn t fully healed himself Hmm maybe there s a seuel in the works One can hope My rating 4 Yummy Purrs Two haiku reviewHis PTSDConnects with her damaged sonAnd the horse they shareAgain abrupt endDefinitely unfinishedI m finished with her This eBook courtesy of NetGalley and HarleuinFavorite uote THE NAME S COUGAR JUST COUGAR ONE NAME IS ENOUGH Behind the bravado was a complex man War hero Indian cowboy Walking wounded in search of answers Cougar needed to build a new life and he d start with what he loved most Horses Which brought him to the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary And into the orbit of ranch volunteer Celia Banyon and her very special son The boy had suffered an unspeakable accident and his mother felt unspeakable guilt But something about Cougar brought her back from the brink He represented her chance to be a woman again Now suddenly one name wasn t enough for what they could have if they d just let themselves Healing Love Family Forever In fact the possibilities were endlessI love Kathleen Eagle s books and she s done it again with this oneCougar is one of the best heroes I ve read in a while he has lots of problems but he isn t afraid to admit them and he s definitely working on them He has a big heart because as many problems as he has to work on he doesn t back down from helping others too I love watching the connection develop between him and Mark and Flyboy Cougar is afraid to take a chance with Celia he s unsure of what he ll do but the appeal of a lovely woman a The Canadian Regime kindred soul in the body of a horse and a wonderful little boy just might be what s needed to heal them allCelia suffers terrible guilt over Mark s accident She also suffers the pain of custody visits by her ex who shenows is fighting for a big settlement to be gotten by his ambulance chasing attorney The less she sees of her ex the better off both she and Mark will beSo if you want to read a feel good romance with a wonderful cowboy hero this is for you Look forward to reading on the home on the Ranch series of books One Brave Cowboy by Kathleen EagleHarleuin Special Edition Oct 2011Once again Kathleen Eagle doesn t disappoint This story will grip your heart and hold tight to the endWounded warrior Indian cowboy Cougar comes home to South Dakota from the war in search of answers But home is no longer what it was Horse therapy his love of wild horses and his need of a new start bring him to the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary There he buys a wild mustang and meets teacher Cecelia a divorcee survivor of domestic abuse and her son Mark a deaf mute child who lost an eye in a horrible accident Mark instantly bonds with Cougar and the mustang he names Flyboy Cougar s deal to exchange building repairs for space for his trailer and horse seems ideal for them all But Cecelia s jealous ex husband causes trouble How they deal with him and how Mark and Cougar bond with each other and the horse and thus begin to heal make a heartwarming story Then Kathleen throws in love between Cougar and Cecelia to make a special story greatEdna Currywwwednacurrycom. R brought her back from the brink He represented her chance to be a woman again Now suddenly one name wasn’t enough for what they could have if they’d just let themselves Healing Love Family Forever In fact the possibilities were endle.

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Ently sweet romance with a few truly wonderful moments I liked Cougar uite a lot His PTSD was well developed in the narrative without overwhelming the whole of his character and he was a strong romantic lead with the sort of strength of character and uiet intensity that fit well with his role His self doubt his struggles with his past and his concern for his future provided an inner conflict that added depth to his character in the bookCelia was less appealing to me as the female romantic lead She fit well as Mark s mother but the chemistry between her and Cougar felt a little tepid to me She felt a little tepid to me in general actually Scenes that could have illustrated her spirit and strength which any single mother has in spades even without raising a child with special needs instead made her seem too non confrontational especially those in which she faced off with her ex Because of that she came off as a shadow than a siren in the romance arena There s nothing inherently wrong with that I guess but it gave her character a submissive feel that I don t care for in my female romantic leadsMy favorite parts of the book were the scenes with Cougar and Mark Cougar s calm presence and his subtle support of Mark were fantastic The way he drew him out and helped him find himself was beautiful to read Mark stole my heart in the book and he and Cougar made me smile watery smilesThe writing style gave me some problems The dialogue between several of the characters seemed oddly truncated at times and lacked a natural conversational flow The narrative too had a few passages that were sparse on explanation or description in some places Several conversations flew over my head because of it and I had a hard time grasping the full impact of some of the scenes In them there seemed to be a lot being said beyond the words and actions and I ve never been easy with that sort of subtext storytellingThe romance between Celia and Cougar wasn t as effective as I hoped either Lack of much chemistry is hard enough to look beyond but that problem was compounded by what seemed like a startling and sudden escalation in the relationship The attraction the characters felt for each other didn t get much acknowledgement before the word love was being batted around even if it was in internal monologue so it felt like I had to jump gears from first to fourth instead of being drawn along with a naturally evolving relationshipOne Brave Cowboy is definitely a sweet story and it touches on some serious issues in a nice way I enjoyed the idea of horse therapy and the attention drawn to the struggles of raising a child with special needs The dashes of culture from the Shoshone and Lakota nations were also nice to see and lent legitimacy to the characters I wouldn t say the book breaks any new ground in contemporary romance and I felt both the sanctuary and the horses were underutilized but despite the issues I had it was an okay read with some truly wonderful moments Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Harleuin Special Edition publisher Harleuin via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my own Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another The name s Cougar Just Cougar One name is enough This gives you an idea that just Cougar is a tough guyhe is a man of few words silent patient Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space knows horses deadly and looks great in a pair of jeans He is looking to find himself again after leaving the service learn to cope with PTSD He is readyind of for the next phase of his life Wham Little Mark enters the picture along with his pretty mom CeliaCelia is learning to cope with her very special loving son Mark in between trying to deal with her ex When this amazing cowboy enters her lifebringing love peace healingA very emotional read Well written sweet His name is Cougar Just Cougar He s the latest of Kathleen Eagle s strong stoic Indian cowboys who need love s healing touch Cougar is a former soldier recently released from a VA hospital where horse therapy helped him recover from physical and psychological wounds of war At the suggestion of his friend Sergeant Mary Tutan he s visiting the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota to check out the wild horse training competition run by Sally Drexler White HorseCougar meets schoolteacher Celia Banyon when he almost runs down her young son Mark He is drawn to both mother and son two wounded warriors even though their battleground has been a domestic one Cougar and Celia move from friendship to love and Cougar helps Mark bond with a horse The breakthrough when Cougar and Celia trust one another enough to admit their love is uieter but no less powerful than the breakthrough when Mark who has been deaf and mute since a horrific accident names his horse FlyboyThese are not showy characters but their vulnerabilities and their strengths make them deeply human They survive pain betrayal and broken dreams to discover a love strong enough to heal their wounds My only disappointment in this book was that it ended too soon making the HEA feel a bit rushed Some of the best contemporary romances being written are category romance and Kathleen Eagle s books are in that company I recommend not only One Brave Cowboy but also the other books in the series In Care of Sam Beaudry One Cowboy One Christmas Cool Hand Hank Once a Father and Cowboy Take Me AwayReview posted at The Romance Dish My TakeThis book follows Cougar a recently returned war veteran home as. Which brought him to the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary And into the orbit of ranch volunteer Celia Banyon and her very special sonThe boy had suffered an unspeakable accident and his mother felt unspeakable guilt But something about Couga.

THE NAME S COUGAR JUST COUGAR ONE NAME IS ENOUGHCougar ex army MP PTSD sufferer searching to find himself and Celia Banyon single mom of a deaf mute boy and volunteer worker at the South Dakota Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary Two unlikely protagonists it would seem but are they reallyOn the recommendation of fellow soldier Mary Tutan now Mary Night Horse Cougar finds himself headed for Mustang Sally s wild horse sanctuary in search of a mustang to heal him He nearly runs down seven year old Mark Banyon who s strayed onto the highway in search of his cat Cougar brings the boy to his mother assuring the distraught woman that little Markie is all right Something draws the two to one another not the least is Markie s sudden trust of the very sexy half Shoshone half Lakota Sioux cowboyCelia suffers terrible guilt over Markie s plight and disfigurement She also suffers the pain of custody visits by her ex who she nows is fishing for a big settlement got by his ambulance chasing attorney The less she sees of her ex the better off both she and Markie will beCougar is afraid to take a chance with Celia he s unsure of what he ll do but the appeal of a lovely woman a indred soul in the guise of a horse and a wonderful little boy just might be what s needed to heal them allI love Kathleen Eagle s stories especially those involving American Indian heroes or heroines Cougar one name s enough is wonderfully developed and a hero to die for Ms Eagle s story is superbly plotted and drew me in after the first couple of pages While there s not a traditionally consummated love scene there s plenty of interaction between Cougar and Celiaand a lot of tenderness Just a delightful story 4 12 stars Cougar just Cougar is a wounded war hero suffering from PTSD Seeking to rebuild his life this Indian Cowboy heads for the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary to do what he loves most work with horses However before he can get to the ranch he meets up with Mark and his mother Celia Banyon a volunteer at the sanctuary As a result of an accident Mark cannot speak or hear despite the doctors assurances that there was nothing physically wrong Celia blames herself for the accident and her ex husband adds to her guilt Then Cougar comes along and as her son and Cougar bond they both begin to heal But Cougar is afraid to take a chance with Celia afraid of the ghosts that haunt him in his dreams and afraid of who he thinks he has become One Brave Cowboy is a touching story of a single mother struggling with a son with special needs who meets a Veteran struggling with some special needs of his own The characters are honest and down to earth and they immediately draw you in As an Army spouse I am happy how she dealt with Cougar s PTSD and his feelings upon returning home She did an excellent job of representing soldiers The only fault I have with the story is it had too much description when it came to the intimate scenes for my taste While it was not anyway pornographic I personally prefer a sweeter romance emotion less details In addition there was some mild language Overall it did not detract from the story and was not so overpowering that I could not bear to read it If you are a romance fan this is a good addition to your bookshelf Learn about Kathleen Eagle and her other books on her website Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Has Some Lovely MomentsThe Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary is like a beacon of hope slicing through the dark morass of psychological trauma for war veteran Cougar The sanctuary could help him give him access to what he needs to try to calm the horrors and ease the ravages of the mental break he d suffered after serving his tours of duty It would let him work with horses again Cougar lived and breathed horsesHe hadn t even turned into the drive of the place though when the preternatural sense inside him rose up and collided with a flashback of hell He slammed his foot on the brake his truck stopping just before he hit the small boy who had dashed out from the side of the road and gone down in front of him Once his tremors were under enough control to let him move he opened the truck door and slid out straight into the lives of a young boy with his own traumatic past one that s left him deaf and mute and the boy s mother whose haunted eyes full of crushing guilt touch a place in Cougar he thought long eradicated by the horrors of warCelia Banyon could deal with her ex husband as odious as he is and she can deal with the responsibilities of making ends meet as a single mother She couldn t deal with the thought of her son suffering anything because of her When the man named Cougar just Cougar stepped into the barn and into her life she of course felt the stirrings of attraction but it was in the gentle indness he showed her son that Celia saw his heart and soul his calm compassion and his many many wounds She saw a man who should be lauded as a hero but who thought of himself as brokenAs they draw closer as their lives brush against one another in a way that fits so sublimely Celia will have to convince her brave cowboy that he s than what he sees in the mirror than the nightmares that rip him screaming and sweating from sleep For her for her son he is so much He could very well be everythingThis was a “THE NAME’S COUGAR JUST COUGAR ONE NAME IS ENOUGH”Behind the bravado was a complex man War hero “Indian cowboy” Walking wounded in search of answersCougar needed to build a new life and he’d start with what he loved most Horses.

Kathleen Eagle published her first book a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award winner with Silhouette Books in 1984 Since then she has published than 40 books including historical and contemporary series and single title earning her nearly every award in the industry Her books have consistently appeared on regional and national bestseller lists including the USA Today list an