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Tainly go on reading Will Carver and this series with the hope that book 3 s a little less frenzied Of course like I said The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, in the beginningf you are a fan of the supernatural maybe this will be to your taste Could not understand The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus it or getnto t n any way after about 200 pages I just skimmed the rest The Two The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, is the secondn the Detective Inspector January David series and the follow up to Girl Four which I thoroughly enjoyed Blurb Five lie dead brutally murdered the first taken on the night of Halloween and as autumn bleeds Inishowen into winter ritualistic murders are discovered January must battle his demons forn his mind lies the clue to stopping a ruthless murderer But his worst nightmares have literally come true when he discovers there s not one but two twisted killers on the loose Even though I d read the first book and was familiar with the characters and the authors uniue style of writing etc t did take me a while to work out what actually was going on Having loved Girl Four I didn t find this one. He clue to stopping a ruthless murdererBut his worst nightmares have literally come true when he discovers there's not one but two twisted killers on the loose.

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Having really enjoyed Girl 4 I was left frustrated after reading the next January David Will s obviously a talented writer but the Zombacter infuriating length and frenetic jumping arou Okay firstly I need to point out thatf you aren t La muñeca asesina into the supernatural element then this book may not be for you But having said thatt s still clear that Will Carver Risking It All is a great author and one that I want to carry on reading despite the fact this wasn t maybe my favourite type of book If you plan on reading book one first which I would recommend then don t read on as the review willnevitably contain spoilers January David The Housekeeper and the Professor is the lead character andn the first book n the series and we meet him once again following his harrowing case from book one In this second book ts clear he The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary is still battling demons and coming to terms with the things his mind portrays to him The synopsis makest clear that January s chasing two killers however the leading few chapters can be a little bewildering If you go with the flow eventually the. They Kill Without Mercy Disappear Without A TraceThey are The TwoAnd now the stakes are raised once for Detective January David5 lie dead brutally murdered the.

Reader sees the distinction between the two but ts certainly not easyThe writing as with the first Asian Bites is fantastic and I really like the unusual style Carver uses As the reader we get to see the chapters written from the first person whether that be the killer January himself or the victims Theres something very refreshing about this style of writing and I thoroughly enjoyed Perfect it The parts I didn t enjoy so much were the sometimes muddled descriptions of January s visions and the supernatural elements certainly clear to see n book 2Because of this and the fact that this sn t my favourite type of story Avengers it maybe lessened the enjoyment for me That aside I really like reading about January and you feel like hes trying to find his way Jan s two colleagues Murphy and Paulson return as well adding to the continuity of the series The book certainly had talent and pace but The Princess and the Goblin it felt like the story jumped around too much andf I m honest I didn t feel that American Prince it was anywhere near as good as the first story I will cer. First taken on the night of Halloween and as autumn bleedsnto winter ritualistic murders are discoveredJanuary must battle his demons for n his mind lies

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