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I love her books and in a way I loved this one For all the hype that was oing for it because this had to be the most anticipated couplethreesome of all the books it felt way to short to me There were points that I did love I just felt that it didn t live up to hype I still recommend it because I love the threesome its about Maybe I putting my expectations to high I don t know it just didn t turn out to be what I thought I think that was probably because at 36000 words it was on the shorter side considering it literally only took me 45 minutes to read Maybe if it had been at least 40000 like the Brac Family Christmas then it would have been better I don t know I still loved it though just like all her other books And I can t wait to read the next book on Memphis and his mates This was book 7 in the Zeus s Pack This is my favorite book of this series Out of all the soldiers Bald Eagle suffered the most and the worst he has found his mate but he can t touch him without reliving all the memories and nightmares at the hands of their ex alpha Jackson Chey is an omega with a special ift he can heal he was rescued by his brother Torem in book 4 of this series Dr Maximus Max Samuel is a lonely lion shifter he meets Eagle at the hospital he works at and he misses him While at Theo s he meets Chey he can t believe that he has two mates and she he ki This story in line with the first six in the series focuses on one of the mentally wounded warriors in Zeus s pack of werewolvesBald Eagle has had it bad nobody will deny that But his fear of confronting his pain is one of his biggest problems since it will not let him move on It takes him a long time and lots of pushing from his newest mate to understand and finally act on it His recognition that there will be pain before things et better if key to letting him free himself from his demons and that is true for everyoneChey has been wanting Baled Eagle for so long knowing they can never touch because his mate isn t ready to move on that he cannot imagine it being different He is also an omega so it is hard for him to push At least until the dynamics change when they find their third mate that empowers Chey as much as it does Bald Eagle When Max a doctor and lion shifter storms onto the scene everything changes for Chey and Bald Eagle While Max. From afar knowing he can never touch his mate for fear that the healing Eagle would o through might very well destroy him But knowing he can never touch his mate is slowly destroying himDoctor Maximus Samuel is thrilled when he finds Eagle and Chey He's tired of being alone But there are issues between Eagle and Chey that he has no clue about The two men have a bond betw.

Takes his time to understand the situation before he starts pushing he is relentless once he ets oing I thought it was interesting that he also has his own insecurities that was nice and stopped him from being a total dominant a holeIf you like shifter stories dynamic three way relationships where the need for three partners is psychological as well as physically hot and if the story of Zeus s pack interests you you will probably like this book Bald Eagle is a story that I have been looking forward to This is the seventh story in the Zeus s Pack series For some unknown reason all of the warriors in Zeus s Pack seem to have two mates and Eagle turns out to be no exception The problem is that Eagle has some of the worst scars that were inflicted by the crazy dead ex alpha Jackson Bald Eagle was the one Jackson punished for all sins real and imagined Eagle was physically beat raped and mentally broken Eagle has no idea what a normal life looks likeEnter one of his mates Chey Chey is an Omega who can heal both physical and mental scars but the one being healed has to WANT to be healed and Eagle isn t sure about that because he knows that Chey will also absorb his pain and humiliation Eagle and Chey dance around each other for a while both long Bald Eagle is a story that I have been looking forward to This is the seventh story in the Zeus s Pack series For some unknown reason all of the warriors in Zeus s Pack seem to have two mates and Eagle turns out to be no exce 35 stars rounded down because I thought Max was a total d bag for the way he dealt with Eagle He was a dick no two ways about it I didn t like his character and I felt Eagle deserved someone a little less bossy instead of dickhead Max who had no freaken heart and pushed Eagle to deal with issues he was already coming to terms with The way the author wrote Max s attitude towards the situation could have derailed all the crap Eagle was already working through and for that this book ot a lower raiting Oh and I wanted to punch Chey in the throat for moving on to his other mate without oing to Eagle first I also find it hard to believe that after being beaten until you re almost dead and brutally raped repeatedly for years that Eagle would be so willing to let someone top him AT ALL or even want to be dominated mate or not. Een them that he might not be welcome inWhen Chey is kidnapped Eagle and Max set out to bring him back but what started out as a rescue mission for Chey turns into a journey for Eagle that he wasn’t ready to take Can they find way to work together to bring Eagle through his nightmares or will they lose the future they could have because their fears are working against th.

Yeah it is finally hereI had been waiting for an Eagle story since I read about him for the first time many months agoI was looking forward to reading this book badly and Oh boy it was worth the waitI liked Max as he was perfect for this threesome I was so used to reading about Chey and Eagle that sometimes I forgot that a new mate was oing to be part of the story and the Author did Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference great with Max he wasn t the odd man out at all such a charming characterAgain we see some of the other members of the pack I love that the author keep doing thatI cried reading about Eagle s abuse l laughed out I had high hopes for this one and I don t know whether it was me that found the characters entirely average The build up for Eagle and Chey through the series has shown them to be rounded intersting charactersI wonder whether it s a lack of three dimensions of the characters in this book that has made it feel mediocre or if it was that the complexity of the emotional healing that needed to be addressed in the plot which just could not be sueezed into so few pages I would like to touch upon editing problems not plot ones I have read three ebooks since yesterday not all by this author and they all had the same issue things like skipping the word I in a sentence using the word by instead of buy and things like that I spend most of the work day reading student texts uni level and I am very forgiving of this sort of mistake but it is driving me nuts today Totally worth the waiting LovedEagle s story 2012 ReviewBetterI d been looking forward to this one for a while and what Iot out of it was one awesome character and a pretty decent storySure the extent of Eagle s past torture was unexpected although it really shouldn t have been The scarecrow given how everyone kept hammering the point home since oh book two or maybe even book one of that particular subseries Anyhow Chey s healing thing ended up being appropriately harrowing so that s cool Max was the somewhat new character I liked He s a doctor and like Nicholas intelligent That just feelsood No crazy or regressed Elizabeth Cady Stanton guy in this triad I sort of liked all threeuys 3Okay Max s bouts of insecurity were jarring but then again they probably were supposed to contradict his nature view spoilersince it was the influence of those hounds whatever hide spoiler While. Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove Erotic Alernative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMM werewolvesBald Eagle suffered a fate worse than death at the hands of an insane alpha When his mate Chey comes into his life he is unable to claim him Doing so would force him to relive each and every terrifying moment of his pastChey craves Eagle like his next breath and watches him.

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Lynn Hagen loves writing about the somewhat flawed but lovable She also loves a hero who can see past all the rough edges to find the shining diamond of a beautiful heartYou can find her on any given day curled up with her laptop and a cup of hot java letting the next set of characters tell their story