Daniel Yergin: The uest Energy Security and the Remaking of the Modern World

Tter The book is very informative very educational very comprehensive and could serve as the text for a very interesting course on the topicSo much has happened in the last few decades that makes for interesting subject matter Wars in the middle east the Arab spring the advent of fracking the rise of renewables the electric car etc All of these events are discussed in the book in the context of the big picture that includes energy politics and economics The first lesson I took away from this is that nothing happens in a vacuum It is a bit scary how much the lobal economy is built on energy of one form or anotherFor me I can honestly say this book was dense and it took me a long time to complete In true academic style it is full of references and footnotes for each chapter But it was not dry and the author did make efforts to follow a narrative through each chapter so that it at least had some flow I did find it enjoyable to read I thought the author did a Go-Go-Go! great job of telling the story of Edison and Tesla DC vs AC and how those event shaped our present Similarly the author did well to incorporate many other histories that are less well known but eually relevant to the current state of various energy sources Solid enough to read once The book is most interesting in its first four parts which is just aeneral history of energy and its effects up to around 2011 It s blanked enough and I learned uite a bit about energy in Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook general The book does tend to be repetitive covering the sameeneral Reine Mädchensache ground over and over for each energy source Thatot old and the last two parts which covered renewables and the future was pretty unreadable Same issues same Animal Babies generalround just different technology In short this book could have used better efficient organization It could have. Ring an unprecedented history of how the field of climate study went from the concern of a handful of nineteenth century scientists preoccupied with a new Ice Age into one of the most significant issues of our timesHe leads us through the rebirth of renewable energies and explores the distinctive stories of wind solar and biofuels He offers a perspective on the return of the electric car which some are betting will be necessary for a Offenders and Detainees growinglobal economy The uest presents an extraordinary range of characters and dramatic stories that illustrate the principles that will shape a robust and flexible energy security system for the decades to come Energy is humbling in its scope but our future reuires that we deeply understand this lobal uest that is truly reshaping our world.

Y poor countries are becoming middle income they want to consume energy The prime example is China the Chinese have been buying new automobiles than the Americans for a few years now So the world s engineers who are mostly concentrated in the rich countries have to figure out how to run the civilization manufacture chemicals transport people to work and back on less energy as indeed they have been doing Everything you could ever want to know about how energy affected the success and failure and rowth in various countries and the lobe at large How did Russia become a superpower in energyoil supply how did that affect the power dynamics in other countries as well as what are the conseuences of different energy sources Conflicts over how useful energy is v how harmful its waste products are think about pollution in Beijing the place that other countries outsource their jobs to in order to et around the pesky laws that reuire the use of filters that are better for health and environment Yergin also examines our historic and current ideas about how sustainable each energy source is Will we run out of fossil fuels There is also much discussion of climate change As I understand it the author was an academic who earned his PhD in International Relations at Cambridge Based on his academic work he wrote a Pulitzer prize winning book titled The Prize in 1990 which was about the Dead-End Road Mysteries global oil industry and its effect onlobal economics and politics This book The uest picks up where The Prize left off It also Hear the Wolves goes beyond oil to incorporate every other major and minor form of energy both renewable and non renewable Tying all of that in to the evolution oflobal economics and politics during the last few decades is no easy task but I can t imagine anyone could have done it be. Rity of supply the conseuences of use its impact on the Valors Measure global economy and theeopolitics that dominate it continues to profoundly affect our world Yergin tells the inside stories of the oil market and the surge in oil prices the race to control the resources of the former Soviet empire and the massive mergers that transformed the landscape of world oil He tackles the toughest uestions Will we run out of oil Are China and the United States destined to come into conflict over oil How will a turbulent Middle East affect the future of oil supplyYergin also reveals the surprising and sometimes tumultuous history of nuclear and coal electricity and the shale BFI Film Classics gale of naturalas and how each fits into the larger marketplace He brings climate change into uniue perspective by offe.

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A bird s eye survey of today s world of energy Most of the discussion is centered on oil which is Yergin s specialty The world seems to have used up 1 trillion barrels of the stuff since the modern oil industry appeared in the late 19th century there are 4 to o Much of the oil is hard to obtain in Canada and Venezuela it is mixed with sand off the shore of Brazil it is under 2 kilometers of water and 5 kilometers of salt Yet Yergin is dismissive of peak oil theorists each decade new technologies have appeared to both discover new oil fields and extract oil from the already discovered ones and this innovation does not seem to be ending There is also natural as which is mostly used for heating and not transportation it is liuefied at the well transported in tankers and converted back to وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله gas on arrival a field under the Persian Gulf between atar and Iran has a uadrillion cubic feet of the stuff Improvements in hydraulic fracturing technologies have led to a boom in naturalas in the United States Yergin thinks that on the whole this techniue is safe for the environment others are not so sure The 2008 spike of oil prices was caused by an increase of Chinese demand for oil problems with supply in Nigeria where insurgents attacked foreign owned oil platforms shortages of petroleum engineers Fiend geologists and materials necessary to build new oil platforms Yerginives financialization as another cause but does not Voice of Conscience give a convincing explanation of how contracts to buy and sell oil at aiven price in the future affect its price in the presentThe remaining parts of the book talk about nuclear power wind power electric and hybrid cars and other energy related topics There is nothing there that is not in hundreds of other books and blogs The leitmotif is that as the formerl. Selected by The New York Times Book Review as a Notable Book of the Year In this PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) gripping account of the uest for the energy that our world needs Daniel Yergin continues the riveting story begun in his Pulitzer Prize winning book The Prize A master storyteller as well as a leading energy expert Yergin shows us how energy is an engine oflobal political and economic change It is a story that spans the energies on which our civilization has been built and the new energies that are competing to replace them From the jammed streets of Beijing to the shores of the Caspian Sea from the conflicts in the Mideast to Capitol Hill and Silicon Valley Yergin takes us into the decisions that are shaping our futureThe drama of oil the struggle for access the battle for control the insecu.

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Daniel Yergin is the author of the new bestseller The uest Energy Security and the Remaking of the Modern World which has been hailed as “a fascinating saga” about the “uest for sustainable resources of energy” and “the book you must read to understand the future of our economy and our way of life” not to mention “necessary reading for CEO’s conservationists lawmakers generals spies