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Discover that its actually Sara who secretly turned him onto the fetish carefully setting him up so that she can pursue her own twisted fetish well lets just say my mind wasnt the only thing that was blownSara is in complete control very step of the way but succeeds in breaking Johns spirit by granting him the illusion of control Time and time again she leads him down the path of temptation putting ideas into his head and then teasing him to the Die Neurobiologie des Glücks edge of arousa Her hopefullyxcellent writing skills and insights into the standard model male mind are so well composed as to transport one into the world she creates Fabulous A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings erotic reading Veryxciting no dull or unnecessary passages The love is the main thing without it the romance would be gone and it would be like all the other sexual literature purely decadent instead with the real love and mutual creation of new roles for their still monogamous relationship which she uses the archaic term cuckold sadly The detail of the sex is absolutely fabulous Thank You However it is 1 simply male dominance by violence replaced by female dominance by violence this is not good and does not lead to real happiness in short term role play for A New Philosophy of History excitement or in training for both sexes as in bodybuilding or skiing instruction a dominant submissive short term interaction is necessary but NEVER a permanent allncompassing control or happiness and harmony is never found 2 Degradation and humiliation of the males genitals to create submission does she want big she can get him to fist her no real man can match that and vibrators are incredibly is any mans penis going to stay hard forever and vibrate again this is only a tool of putting a person down which does not lead to happiness sexual or otherwise 3 She never gets with sexual liberation and becomes bisexual with girls so she is a hypocrite for making him bisexual 4 It is NOT necessary to have a conflict at all in a story Tension and Release can be very Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction exciting without a fight of wills ie read solotouchc at you ll be veryxcited without conflict 5 Where is the love of the other lovers They are just sex objects very inhuman no disease testing no thought of familychildren and real love with all concerned So if She were to read Sex at Dawn by Ryan and Jetha Sacred Pleasure by R Eisler Our inner Ape by Franz de Wall Sara could write seuels in which the bisexual polyamourous partnership can be created and the sexual and loving could be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME pS the breasts on males is a reality which does Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer exist now and will be a newvolution in males See trans and science lit on males breatfeeding children and getting breasts for beauty I love Sara too Very interesting description of the thought processes of both the domme and the submissive A little graphic for my taste and I am not really into sissification however I could not put it down Good book yuytujyjgyjg. Zing and loving accommodation of her husband to cuckoldry continues to grow and xpa.

Behaviour modification in a delightfully kinky manner This story is well written with a husband slowly falling into his wife s carefully laid trap The poor guy didn t know what hit him Each time he feels outrage his wife flips it around on him She twists his words until he s nothing but JulieThe sex in here is medium hawt It s good for the lighter foreplay with a bit of dub con cuckolding The milking cbt spanking and creampie are all nice This is a sweet story rather than a darker degrading cuckolding It is humiliating and beginning to the nd of Julie s marriage It would be nice to have a follow up to see how much Julie has changed Is Julie s oral skills better How about some anal skills How are his breasts now What other dastardly things does Julie s wife do to himThe story pace is good The build up of how the transformation begins and furthers is nicely done The wife is a naughty minx who could possibly step it up a notch A lovely piece of Big Little Man erotica for sissification spank bank AmazingThis is st of John who was always on the computer watching cuckold and submissive porn sites Then his wife Sara finds out and starts to transform him into the girl of her and his dreams Watch as John becomes Julie invery sense of the word with The Man from Beijing exception of looking what little cock he had to begin with This story has m to f Anxcellent work of domestic crossdressing and feminisation leading on to the cuckolding her poor unsuspecting husband Kept me reading from start to finish in one session Excellent The story is simple John s wife Sara discovers that her husband has been visiting cuckolding websites This intrigues her and she goes about cuckolding John John of course loves the idea at first but Sara keeps pushing him further than he Creating Lasting Value expected as she finds his limits and pushes him past those This shocks him and scares him and causes him to struggle with whether or not he really can accept the life of a sissy cuckold Throughout however Sara guides him with her dominance and her cleverness until she gives him what they both needThe writing in this book isxcellent There is strong interplay between the husband and wife and the reader is constantly aware of the subtle changes in their characters as the husband slips further away from husband status to something Understanding Markets and Strategy else The book is long too which is always nice And unlike some books which are simply long this one uses the space wisely to develop its characters The story is highlyrotic as wellTwo other things also work really well in this story First the story builds to a satisfying climax Some authors aren t patient Montana Dreams enough to build significant tension but Sara Desmarais is Secondly I like that the relationship between the husband and the wife is one of love This wasn t the type of book where the characters don t care aboutach other Immerwelt - Der Pakt except to hit plot points and that makes it so muchasier to care about th. A wife catches her husband looking at cuckold web sites She decides she may want tha.

Ese characters and thus to feel their Modern South Asia emotions I believe some of the reviews might be steered by their fantasiesNow my review here is for the kindle version on Perhaps there are others versions that are uite a bit betterdited That being said let s reviewSpelling and StyleThis was the first thing that I noticed when I started reading this book It is full of typo s misplaced words forgotten words horrid use of punctuation on Picture Theory every other page there is at least one obvious glaring mistake that takes you right out of the storyWritingthis is subjective and various reviewers here are really happy with her writing style But it doesn t convince me she is in a hurry to tell the story there is no build up of any kind no contextualization of anything Everything just happens What do I mean stories be it books movies series they hint at what will happen Wife wants to dominate Then a good story puts hints as you read It allows us the readers to contextualise what is happening and so that it doesn t happen out of the blue It is a crucial story tool because without a story will seem like an unhinged follow up ofvents And this is what happened here sexy Ancestral Voices events and they all followach other up but we re not giving any kind of context in which to place this storyStoryI will admit the story was nice Sara has uite a big imagination when it comes to femdom it s just a pity that not of it is fleshed out I followed the characters because I reaaally wanted to and because my fantasy was able to provide the necessary context But this is the author s job to make her characters come to life and not names on papers that do stuffconclusionIt s an oke read It will rub your little slave itch But a good read no and that s a shame I haven t found yet a good femdom book There is much to And Bid Him Sing enjoy in this book and I really didnjoy it It s not uite to the level of some of my favorites but I do highly recommend it Im not sure theres any such thing as the perfect Aristotle Detective (Aristotle erotic novel but Sara Desmarais comes damn close with A Change in Our Marriage I cant saynough good things about this read it aroused me amused me intrigued me and delighted me with Bones, Clones, and Biomes every virtual turn of the page Its clear that a great deal of thought went into this book both in terms of plot and theme which is a level of professionalism we see all too rarely inlectronic publishingNearly all of my favourite fetishes are Bringing the Empire Home explored here cuckolding forced feminization female domination humiliation mind control pegging cumating and forced bisexuality What makes it all work so well is the way in which Sara so careful develops the psychological coercion alongside the physical dominationRight from the start Sara manipulates John into heading down the path she has chosen for their relationship He thinks shes stumbled onto his cuckolding fetish and is so wracked by guilt that hell do anything to appease her rage When we. T too and starts to feminize her husband Through the story her dominating and femini.

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