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On I tell youSorry Can tStop 45 a little confused Stars SpoilersI have been looking forward to Hawke and Sienna book since book one Annnnd I was not disappointed I knew going into this book that Hawke s mate died when they were children and so he is not suppose to be able to mate again As wolves only get one mate So my only problem with this book was the confusion over Hawke and Sienna s mating I was prepared for Hawke to just love her or for him to figure out that Rissa wasn t really his mate I was looking forward to finding out which scenario it was going to be but instead Nalini Singh s just kinda glossed over it Sienna and Hawke did mate but he still talked about Rissa like she was his mate so wtf Was Rissa his mate and because she was too young and they didn t claim ach other he got a do over Did I miss something as I was listening to the audiobookthat could totally be the case as I had a house full of kids and I had to keep pulling my Where My Heart Used to Beat earbuds out to yell stop picking your nose or kicking your sister or breathing your brother s air lol I totally felt Hawke and Sienna s love forach other but the unanswered uestion about the whole mating and the following confusing left me feeling annoyed Overall I still loved this book I started my re read and have only one thing in my mind for thisThis book just blew my mind Bye Bye brain After waiting through 9 books to get to this one yes freaking 9 freaking although fantastic books I have to say IT DIDN T DISSAPOINT Kiss of Snow is one of the best books I ve read not just this year P it deserves atleast a 100 of these guys After dancing around The Truth (Discworld, each other for the last nine books nine Hawke has reached the limits of his self restraint and Sienna s control over her abilities is virtually nonxistent when she s around him She s no longer a teenager defected from the Psy she s a member of the wolf pack and trained as a soldier What few know is that she s the most powerful Psy that Mr. Perfect everxisted A X Psy rarity in itself she s a cardinal with powers beyond measure Hawke is the wolf pack s alpha And when I say alpha you can imagine the most alpha male you ve Secret Suffragette ever read and multiply with a 100 He is intense his inner wolf is almost always at the surface wild posessive and sexy as freaking hell The chemistry between them was bursting all over and when he finally decided to go for it finally finally oh boy that caused my total meltdown They are both strong personalities Hawke of course being alpha and Sienna being trained as a child to be the perfect killing machine They fight all the time and flirt all the time and the sex scenes HOT Amazingly HOTThose two aside I loved all the other litte stories in here Sascha had her baby Walker and Lara had a lovely romance we get to see almostvery couple from the previous books Judd having a slightly bigger role here did I mention I just love him 3 and The Ghost helped him with Sienna Who the hell is that guy So this was such a great book from page one I was like this mixed with stupid sensless giggling and grinning and clutching my 7 Secrets of the Goddess e reader and basically acting like a crazed teenager hahahahah I guess the anticipation got to me Some of my favorite scenesview spoiler Sienna asking Hawke not to touch her when Hawke went to the bar to pick them up oh how he went wild Hawke and Sienna dancing by the car I think this one s my favorite just beautiful their play in the forest when she set traps for him the second time Hawke went to the bar oh I couldn t stop laughing at that one XD the strip poker the sex in the cabin one of the best sex scenes I vever read Just wow when he finds her in the forest after she view spoilerruns away hide spoiler First off let me say that I m completely biased when it comes to Hawke so don t Indianomix expect this to be a sensible and impartial review Hawke alone deserves 5 stars and I ll just be honest and say that I d love this bookven if the plot was utter crap which it isn t of courseI became obsessed feel in love with Hawke the moment I met him in Slave to Sensation the first book in the series Hawke was muscular and he was lethal A predator to the core His My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, eyes were the same icy blue whether he was in wolf or human form his hair a thick silver gold that had nothing to do with age Itchoed his pelt Of all the changelings Lucas knew it was Hawke who resembled his beast the most in humanity Lucas the hero in that book was yummylicious on his own way no uestion about it but it was Hawke who grabbed my heart then I d been anxiously waiting to read his book Doglands ever since but I knew it would take some time before he was ready Sascha took a breath and let heryes flutter shut The wolf s Riveted (Iron Seas, emotions struck cold terror into her heart She d never felt such pure unadulterated rage Dark and violent it was a scar across his soul Hawke could function could rule but this man would never love not so long as he was blinded by the red veil of blood and deathCold dangerous ruthless tortured Is it any wonder I fell hard and fast for him sighsSienna was introduced in that book too and I immediately sensed she would become a major player in the seriesven though she only had a few lines I didn t see any sexual spark between Hawke and her thank the gods because she was only seventeen back then but it was clear that he let her get away with than he normally would The tension between them became An Officer and a Spy evident in Visions of Heat the following book in the series and I began to wonder what Ms Singh had in store for them Hawke s description of Sienna was almost like a declaration of love Sienna s so damn much trouble I m starting to think the brat s a she wolf in bloody disguiseAww comparing her to a she wolf High compliment coming from a wolf don t you think The tensionscalated in Caressed By Ice and I had no doubts about their pairing Sienna could make Hawke lose his cool faster than any other man or woman in the den Hawke s face darkened Keep that damn brat away from me she s trouble than a pack of rabid catsYup it was true love LOLNaturally Ms Singh had to throw another major obstacle in their way Can I ask you somethingHawke rubbed a hand over Brenna s back Go onWhy haven t you taken a mateHawke didn t respond for a long time She was two years old when we met I was seven I knew she was my best friend straight away As I got older I also knew she would grow up to become my mateBrenna didn t want him to continue a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomachShe fit me in a way no one Fates (Fates, elsever will And she died when she was five and I was tenA single tear rolled down her face She wished anything that she could turn back time and save that life because mating was a one shot deal Hawke had found the woman who was meant for him That didn t happen twiceNo no no What kind of future Hawke and Sienna could have if she was never to be his mate the one and only woman in the world meant for him Oh the painMs Singh who must be a sadist I say that with love LOL did nothing to soothe my poor nerves in Mine to Possess as neither Hawke nor Sienna made a single appearance in that book Big bummerFortunately Hawke and I didn t have to stay apart for long as he was back on the scene in Hostage to Pleasure Sienna was still MIA but one particular dialogue between Lucas and Sacha made me perk up and smile like a ninny That damn wolf He sent you a present last weekSascha smiled at the thought of Hawke s flirting The SnowDancer alpha did it only to jerk Lucas chain I never saw any present What was itHow the hell should I know I stomped on it and threw it into the deepest crevice I could find Lucas smirked Then I called him to ask how Sienna was doingShe burst out laughing Wicked wicked man Everyone knew Sienna Lauren was the short fuse on Hawke s temper The Psy teenager appeared to have made it her mission in life to get on his last nerve What did he sayThat she s planning a party for her Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, eighteenth birthday The laughter in Lucas s tone told herxactly what Hawke had sounded like as he shared that tidbitWoohoo Sienna was turning ighteen and Hawke wouldn t be able to hold her at arm s length any But what about the darn mating bond they could never share Oh the agonyAs xpected Primal heart of him OBaby even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolfThen Sienna changes the rules and suddenly there is no distance only the most intimate of battles between two people who were never meant to meet Yet as they strip awayach other's.

Favorite uote You sure you want to play with the wolf baby Favorite uote 2 The crowd was chanting kiss kiss kiss when Hawke walked insideThat was when Sienna learned the meaning of the term alphaFavorite uote 3 Scared Hawke s smile Unpopular opinion alert after waiting forever for Hawke s book this disappointed me actually I never said I was sorry Don t put words in my mouth you lunaticAnyway why didn t I like itFirst there was a secondary love story going on between two of the possibly most boring beings on the planet Their story was like watching paint dry And not the fun kind of watching paint dry Plain white wall paintSecondly it had a creepy feel to it in a pedo bear way yes PedoBear I mentioned your name Now go away You re creeping me outHawke was at least 30 maybe Nerds even older because his hair has silver streaks in it and Sienna was 19 Over and over again the book tries to justify the age difference by saying how she is older than her age Grown up too uicklytc Because of her great powersUmmm no She s still a 19 yr old virgin that this old guy is aggressively pursuing to take as his lover Eww Just Zack (Areion Fury MC ewww All I can think of is that Saturday Night Live skit I m grossed out and laughing at the same timeAnd Hawke is super aggressive with her He tells her that he is going to take her as his lover and then asks her if she is scared When she says no he tells her that she should be Really He tells this young inexperienced girl that she should be afraid of sex with him That s his pick up lineI did however like that this psy war that we have been waiting for like forever finally had some action And I liked SiennaOther than that kind of a let downI need a break from this series for a bit Too much alpha male overload at the moment Anyone have any recommendations of something with an actual decent nice guy Update and it s as good the x time as it was the first time after another reread I m happy to say I just love Hawke and Sienna This is HANDS DOWNS the BEST BOOK in the Psy Changeling seriesIt deserves 6 starsKiss of Snow wasverything I hoped for and so much Finally finally after nine books of waiting Hawke and Sienna finally had their HEA Nalini Singh had us waiting for a long time and it worked The anticipation almost killed me But the delivery just amazed meAfter many teasers tidbits and rumors Hawke finally wrestled his demons misgivings and listened to his wolf and went after what he really wanted Sienna As the pack alpha such a decision was not Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, easy and his struggles werevident and raw The age gap was a huge consideration on his side a hurdle that felt as deep as a chasm His concern was understandable but Sienna so mature for her age kicked that notion to the curb pretty uickly And I just wanted to stand up and applaud herThat girl was something ContamiNation else Sienna was strong down toarth knew Taxi ins Glück exactly what she wanted and was prepared for the outcome as well for whatever the future held and threw into her path She would conuer it allThe sexual tension was literallyxplosive The wait for Hawke and Sienna s HEA was as xcruciating as rewarding Both needed time to accept the fact that they were missing pieces to ach other s happiness They completed one another With Sienna Hawke could just be Hawke and in contrast Sienna didn t have to be afraid letting go They complimented Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas each other in the best of ways And filled the missing pieces to their happinessKiss of Snow is the best book she svery written and as a bonus Hawke and Sienna s story continues in Tangle of Need One and a half books of Hawke and Sienna how PERFECT is that Hawke Snow SnowDancer Alpha and Sienna Lauren Psy Except I never had a prayer when it came to you You re in my The Magic Rolling Pin every breath andvery thought intertwined so deep inside me that love s not a strong Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, enough word you have my devotion your name branded on my soul my wolf yours to command A hundred years It ll never benough I want Not Without a Fight eternity Tears slow and uiet ran down Sienna s cheeks He wasn t finished You have the power to tear me to pieces to wound me so deep and true that I ll never recover I am super happy with the story of the imposing and dominant Alpha and the much younger but powerful psy girl Their story was building since several books until now In the previous books Hawke was always trying to avoid Sienna and Sienna always seemed to want something from HawkeTheir book starts in the same manner Sienna now is an adult who is playful and happy she likes having a good time she has good friends and she is balanced with her powers Moreover she likes teasing Hawke secretly hoping that at some point he will breakHawke tries to resist by running away all the time and by punishing Sienna all the time for little things while he has vowed to stay faithful to the ghost of his intended mate He never succeeds to get her Sienna of his head The funny thing is thatveryone has realised his feelings Some Garden Bouquets and Beyond even tease him without taking into account that he is a scary Alpha wolfI loved the fact that Hawke and Sienna dance and play aroundach other It is like they have started a mating dance without realising itThe problems that they need to face are two The Unseen Wonder except the memory of a dead girl of course1 Enemies who want to destroy the Snowdancer pack and who keep attacking 2 The finite of Sienna s life As her powers grow stronger Sienna does not have much time leftBut Hawke will never let her go Ah baby you know I do what I want Rubbing his chin on her hair he sueezed her hip Man and wolf we both adore you No way am I letting you go after the hell you ve put me through over the years Besides the story of Hawke and Sienna there is also the secondary story of Walker Psy and Sienna s uncle and Lara changeling and pack s healer in this book which I also found fascinating Who do you belong to Lara he asked uietly You It was a whisper Only you 6 1 11I m replacing my old review with this one as promised bc this one contains spoilers for the bookA little backgroundI picked up Nalini Singh s Psy Changling series on a whim back in 2006 with Slave to Sensationand when I was finished with that book I was immediately drawn to Hawke s story and my fervent hope thatventually A it d get written soon and B his HEA was Sienna Lauren who was 16 at the time Each subseuent book after that I read hoping for bits and pieces of Hawke s story and wanting to know what Sienna was up to Suffice it to say this was my most anticipated read of like foreverCut to 2011Ms Singh was kind The Management Bible enough to send me an ARC which I found out I would be getting during my birthday week which was the best birthday present ofver and I literally devoured this book when it came in the mailKiss of Snow is amazing It s amazing intriguing and delicious There s a lot that goes on 5 BLOWN AWAY STARSOH MY GOODNESS THIS BOOK THIS AMAZINGLY BRILLIANTLY FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN BOOK BLEW ME AWAY To say I m on a book high would be an understatement Oh how I LOVED Zu schnell every single minute spent reading this story It wasverything EVERYTHING I knew it would be and MORE I hesitate to say much about this AMAZING book because I don t want to accidentally give spoilers that could r Re read 92415Just as good Every Single Time10 MILLION EPICALLY FUCKING AWESOME STARSHoly shit this was good And thank FUCK Because I had been lusting pining and rendered almost UN functionable during the wait and build up for this books release So much so in fact that I was worried that my too high Sleepless (Bird of Stone, expectations would doom the book to failure But silly me I should have known Nalini Singh would blow me away as usual Seriously she is the alpha PNR goddess I LOVEDverything about this book specially since there had been so much build up between Sienna and Hawk up to this point These two rocked my world and I have probably re read this book at least 5 times since its initial release And YES Yes I AM going to show as many pictures as possible of my Sienna and my Hawk getting jiggy with it together Because HOT My Hawk Drumroll pleaseMy main man Taylor KinneyI mean Jesus ffi n Christ How hot is this foolSeriously it s ri goddamn diculous And my Sienna Purty ladyBut seriously though how awesome are these twoPerfecti. Since the moment of her defection from the PsyNet and into the SnowDancer wolf pack Sienna Lauren has had one weakness Hawke Alpha and dangerous he compels her to madnessHawke is used to walking alone having lost the woman who would've been his mate long ago But Sienna fascinates the.

Eighteen year old Sienna proved to be dangerous but not only to Hawke A Cardinal Psy with undisclosed powerful abilities her conditioning and shields were crumbling putting verything and veryone around her in danger I m the horror in the closet Sascha the nightmare Invisible (The Curse of Avalon even Psy hide fromYour uncle hasxtremely powerful abilities he s learned to control them So will youI m not like Uncle Judd I m worse You know it and so do I One slip and boom I take out the Yummy Supper entire denSascha held the girl closer disbelieving Cardinal Psy with furious combat abilities were beyond deadly Sienna could possibly take out the SnowDancer den if she lost her grip on her powers You ve been trying to manage itI shut upverything inside Everything I thought if I could hold it just hold it it would be fine But it s notWhy she asked Why are you losing control this badlyThe answer when it came broke Sascha s heartHawke It was an almost soundless whisperSo another obstacle was thrown on Hawke and Sienna s way As a Psy with a strong and virulent ability she couldn t xist without Silence But she couldn t hold on her conditioning and be around Hawke at the same time ither Darn Wasn t the impossibility of a mating bond between Hawke and Sienna bad Deep Listening enough poutsTo my dismay Branded by Firended with Hawke and Sienna apart It looked like their story was over specially after she started hanging around with a gorgeous loyal charming DarkRiver cat HmmmOnce again the sadist in Ms Singh kept me on the verge of a breakdown when neither Hawke nor Sienna made an appearance in the following book Blaze of Memory They weren t ven mentioned That was cruel I needed to know if they were really over if Sienna had found a new lover and if Hawke was free to be mine MineBonds of Justice seemed to cement their separation They were still MIA but at least they were mentioned Kit would be the better choice for Sienna Lucas said in a uiet tone that did nothing to hide the depth of his concern for Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature everyone involved Hawke isn t going to beasy on any woman he takes as his own And the fact is he lost the girl who would ve been his mate as a child I don t know if his wolf will allow him to accept another female on that levelAs much as I wanted Hawke to be mine I can t say I was happy with that Despite all the obstacles I still wanted Hawke and Sienna together but I began to wonder if Ms Singh was laying the ground to introduce a plot twist like Hawke s mate s unexpected resurrection Silly silly me Play of Passion put things back in place again Hawke and Sienna were definitely meant to be together yay The stubborn man was still trying to fight the unwavering pull but his wolf was tired of waiting and ready to claim what he saw as his he surrendered to the wild hunger within and headed out for a run in wolf formHe d barely cleared the doorway when he caught a scent that instantly ruffled his fur the wrong way She smelled like autumn fire and some rich Lara and the Gray Mare (Hoofbeats: Lara and the Gray Mare, exotic spice Far too potent a scent for someone so young someone from whom he should keep his distance Instead he drew the spice laced air into his lungs and ran at a ground devouring lope that brought him to a small rise from where he could watch his preyHe should step back should move in the opposite directionHe shouldHe turned and angled down through the trees until he appeared on the path beside her instead Jerking back in surprise Sienna stared at him with wideyes When he did nothing but wait for her she continued on the trail shooting him small looks filled with suspicion until it became clear he was intent only on keeping her companyThen her stride relaxed and they walkedIn silenceSweet Call me crazy but I can t resist a stalking hero LOL And as soon as I finished reading Play of Passion I started counting the days until the release of my beloved Hawke s book Oh the anticipation Four and a half years that s how long I had to wait for it What if it didn t fulfill my sky high Trajan expectations I d die I m such a drama ueen LOLThen to my surprise and utter joy I was able to get anarly copy of this coveted gem Kiss of Snow Finally I d finally get the answers to the uestions that had been plaguing me Would Hawke be able to claim Sienna as his mate or would they have to settle for a regular relationship What would happen when she was no longer able to keep her destructive Psy abilities under control How would the Psy Council s dissolution affect the world Would there be anything left after the Pure Psy unleashed their massive attack on the changeling packs Did the book answer all those uestions Well you know I can t won t tell you But I ll let you know this the series is definitely not over and I can t wait to see what will happen nextAs with almost all the books in this series there isn t much I can say here about the continuing story arc that started in Slave to Sensation without giving away spoilers so I ll keep this short Unlike some of the previous books Kiss of Snow showed that the Psy weren t as weak as the Changelings and I had thought By weak I mean that as much as the Psy had been presented as ruthless and deadly before I d never fully felt a real threat to the Changelings That changed in this book as it was shown that the Psy could take down the Changelings Plotwise Kiss of Snow marks the Bunnys Book Club Goes to School end of the original story arc of the series I m sure all the major players we ve met over the years will still be around in the next books but the series main focus is likely to change after the latest developments in the Psy Changeling warConsidering Hawke and Sienna s history Kiss of Snow is filled with sexual tension They had been dancing aroundach other for a long time and it was time to set things right Hawke the man and the wolf had reached the breaking point He still tried to convince himself to let Sienna go thinking she deserved better than a man who couldn t give her the mating bond but the thought of seeing her with another man was The Peculiar Pig enough to drive him insane He couldn t let her go not after he claimed skin privileges You want to dance Husky words that stroked along her skin like the softest furShe noddedThen we dance Reaching out he switched on the vehicle s sound system and input a selection before stepping outHer door opened as a slow smoky ballad began to play ComeNot sure this wasn t all a dream she placed her hand in his and fighting the wild rush of sensationngentlered by his touch and his scent allowed him to tug her around to the front of the vehicle Arms around my neckThe command released her voice I thought you weren t being alpha hereI m not OhAs she raised her arms she realized her boots gave her Cherry Ingram enough height to cup his nape with one hand while she placed the other on the muscled warmth of his shoulder When he shifted position so that his jaw rubbed against her temple her heart began to thud fast as a jackhammerTeeth nipped at herarShe jumpedPay attention A rumbling growlSienna A deep murmur against her skin his lips brushing her temple This can t be You know thatNo she said Not tonight She wanted to dance with him be a woman in the arms of a man who made The Mermaids Shoes every part of her awaken in a hunger she d neverxpected to feel and who for this magical moment was hersHis jaw heavy with stubble rubbed against her temple again as he shifted his hold to press her closer Then as the music played as the night grew softer and uieter they danced Oh Hawke you romantic beast Call me baby chase me bite me mark me You ve ruined me for other menAs for Sienna her maturity came as no surprise to me She was only nineteen but she was no teenager Sure she had a couple of hissy fits that could be labeled teen ish but she was mostly old beyond her years due to the life she d had before her defection from the PsyNet So the age issue Hawke was thirty four was never a problem to me She was strong level headed unafraid to go after what she wanted and willing to cut loose if that was proven to be out of her reach She was done hanging around Hawke and waiting for him so he Untameable Rogue (Bennett either claimed her or stopped acting possessive about her Good for her If only she had time before her deadly Psy ability took overview spoilerSienna unleashed hide spoile. Secrets in a storm of rawmotion they must also ready themselves for a far vicious fight A deadly The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, enemy is out to destroy SnowDancer striking atverything they hold dear but it is Sienna's darkest secret that may yet savage the pack that is her home and the alpha who is its heartbe.

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I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating uniue characters love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There's no other job I would rather be doing In September 2002 when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted t