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Seuence Sometimes he s too serious and he s only 3 I m going to give this book to him and hopefully I ll remember to record his response to the story This is a great example of a book with only a few words some awesomely expressive pictures added together to make a wonderful story Thing about tennis ball houses is they are bigger on the inside apparently Great simple book that is easy for kids to follow along in and start to read with A great starter book. Ows the bugs through their endeavors until their house is finished and they're happily ensconced  .

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I learned what the word admire means It means to be proud A simple book with great pictures Has been read SO many times in our homeWe are missing the very first pageand have yet to find another copy to satisfy our curiosity really How o I read this book I m trying to read it This book has been a staple for all 3 girls in their toddler years A simple yet excellent vocabulary builder with fun pictures to engage This is a very easy read for those beginning. Illus in full color What happens when a group of industrious bugs finds a iscarded tennis ball They.

Readers with only two to four words per page This book has a uniue picture for each page matching what the text says making it easier for beginning readers to use to guide their reading I am not much a fan of bugs but efinitely like this book for preschool and kindergarten age kids My three year old niece really loved this book About a group of bugs who build a house out of a tennis ball My nephew likes to think through processes in a step by step logical. Think they plan they raw up bluprints and begin to build a snugly bug house Ultra simple text foll.