Avery Aames: Lost and Fondue A Cheese Shop Mystery #2

I have given this series two chances and I m done with it The main character is completely unsympathetic the supporting characters annoying Charlotte has an obnoxious judgment about everything and everyone not to mention her offensive nicknames for her neighbors In addition her main argument in defense of the presumably wrongly accused is that I now this person she s almost like family therefore she can t possibly be guilty is weaker than over cooked pasta I m willing to suspend my disbelief for the small town that can unaccountably support expensive niche retail establishments but this one really pushed the limits of plausibility The tacky fundraising event for potential donors for a new college Sad Also if the abandoned wineryestate had really been shuttered for as long as suggested it would take than some light cleaning and staging to make it useable Just saying Charlotte Bessette and her cousin Matthew are partners in The Fromagerie Bessette or The Cheese Shop as it nown to the locals Charlotte handles the cheese shop and Matthew a former sommelier runs the wine annex They have been hired to cater a fundraiser for their friend Meredith at an. When a body is found in a long abandoned winery cheese shop owner Charlotte Bessett.

Abandoned winery that Meredith hopes to turn into a college campus Not everyone in town is happy about this as the winery has been the source of some wild stories including hidden treasure and buried bodiesThe fundraiser is going well people enjoying yummy fondue and wine and next on the agenda is a scavenger hunt that will send people running throughout the winery looking for certain objects It is a lot of fun until something that wasn t on the list is found in the wine cellar a dead body The body is identified uickly as one of the artists that had come to paint the winery He is also the b I have given this series a try and despite the wonderful recipes I have not found anything in the main character to motivate me to return again Adieu cheese shop mysteries After the first book I was hesitant to read this book but I decided to pace a hold on it from my library hoping it would get better Unfortunately the first half of the book was worse and I almost put the book down but the last half was entertaining and enjoyable Let s start with why I could not stand the first half First of all Charlotte was once again extremely unlikeable she thought she n. E trades in her fondue fork for a flashlight to clear a friend's niece of suspicion.

Ew everything and had to give her opinion on everything she saw Secondly Charlotte s consistent thoughts of how the police chief wasn t doing his joba t one point she wondered if he should be having dinner with his mother and father when a murderer was on the loose That was the point I wanted to throw this book across the roomNow the second half was good granted Charlotte was nosy but the mystery was well put together and the ending surprised me It was smart Towards the end most of the problems in the first half were fixed but there were still two major things that weren t really major to the plot but allowed me anywayFirst every single time the love interest Jordan walked into the room Charlotte said something about how he made her feel like there were butterflies in the stomach or how sexy he looked in what he was wearing Now that would be fine if she only did it one two or even three times but no she did it literally every time she saw him Secondly it made me upset that she called the police chief by his high school nickname U ey instead of his nameOverall not a great book and if the next one doesn t pick up I probably won t continue this series. But as Charlotte starts to turn up the truth the iller starts turning up the heat.

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Avery Aames author of A Cheese Shop Mystery for Berkley Prime Crime is the pseudonym for Daryl Wood Gerber Daryl created the format for the popular sitcom Out of this World and has won awards for her screenplays She also writes short stories and suspense novels Not one to simply read and cook she tends to look for adventure She has hitchhiked around Ireland by herself and she has jumped