Jun Mochizuki: Pandora Hearts 12


Eyes Elliot is warming up and we re getting closer to inding out who the Headhunter is I m satisfied Awh I just love Xerxes and Sharon They are so sweet But what does that ending mean You can t leave me hanging like that Seeing Vincent s shocked Arduino Development Cookbook face is just a star on its own This volume was a little lighthearted an effective way to relieve a bit of the tension and a deep breath before the events coming up the ueen of Hearts is here to take our heads Break and Sharon s scene was so beautifulprecious and heartbreaking Break won t be able to see herace ever again 355 stars. ?安らぎの記憶。願うことでこの時が、永遠に続けられるかのように。.

Friend and shares a touching moment with Oz while Leo Mastering Gephi Network Visualization faces his own monsters in the background And to lighten the mood Alice and Oz have a moment on the dancefloorPandora Hearts is going to ruin me should anything happen to my characters I proudly admit to crying during Break and Sharon s moment I was dreading it knowing it had to happenand it was so bittersweet So much good stuff going on in this volume Theirst half was a bit annoying because it The Canadian Regime featured the two characters I really can t stand Ada and Vincent But the second half was great Breakinally told Sharon about his. ??オスカーが催したささやかな休息。銀塩に記されし想いは、忘れえ?.

My heart just crackedI can t seemy lady Before I noticed itSharon was right beside me Before I knew ityouhad becomesuch a strong woman To lose your vision that is my greatest Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space fear I rely on it so much and to have it takenrom me I don t know what I would do Break obviously has come to care or Sharon so much than he himself realizesand he can never look upon her again And this ballroom scene it broke my heart He realizes he needs to tell her after aking his blindness and when he does he ears it will cause her anguishand yet it plays out so beautifullyElliot accepts Oz as his. 汚して、堕として、僕だけの玩具にしてやる。封印の在処を探す日々?.

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望月淳 Mochizuki Jun is a Japanese comic artist manga ka best known for the fantasy shounen series Pandora Heartsパンドラハーツ