William W. Johnstone: Arizona Ambush

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Johnstone booksWould recommend to anyone who likes westerns Johnstone is the best excellent fast read must read for anyone who loves westerns. Et patched p Sam rides off hot on the trail of the Jardine Gang Sam finds the cutthroats selling guns to the Indians a move that will likely explode into an all out tribal war Outnumbered and outgunned the blood brothers aim to settle Zack Jardine's hash once and for all with a little luck a lot of bullets and the courage to shoot tru.

Another good western series by Johnstone This one follows the adventures of two brothers as they travel the old west Recommended I did enjoy The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century Young Matt Bodine and Sam Two Wolves became blood brothers on the day the rancher's son saved the half breed's life forging a bond no one could ever break As years passed a legend grew of the half breed and the white man who rode together and when the situation demands kill together In Ar.

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His book I did enjoy bringing in Stove Pipe and Wilbur the range detectives into this story A GOOD READDefinitely a great western just like all. Izona Territory you can't keep trouble from coming but when it does you don't have to offer it a chair And trouble always comes When Matt and Sam are ambushed by a violent gang led by the scurrilous Zack Jardine who has his own reasons for wanting the blood brothers dead Matt is badly wounded After leaving Matt in a Navajo village to

The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was