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Se 1005 Tanemura is really at the top of her skill here Characters are xpressive and the clothes are so detailed Dramatic scenes is where she Evolution As Entropy excels at but her comedy is cute too The panels are very full but I like a style with a lot to look at There s not much action in this volume but what there is looks fine tooHighlynjoyable uality fantasy drama that loses a little cohesion with many plotlines stuffed into only a few chaptersNo colour pages but this time the print looks great throughout the bookThank you to the publisher for a review copy Surprise surprise Aoba can be nice This series is so lovely And the art And the tension And all of it really Because Forging Gay Identities even drama can be wonderful apparently So in thend i went to the library and picked this up the very next day after finishing Vol 1 p And i must say i Forbidden History enjoyed Vol 2 a lot The characters were developed which slowly started defrosting my irrational dislike for them Asagiri was as always adorable and injoyed the new competition to win over Sakura There were some cute scenes between her and the Prince view spoiler Turns out he wasn t completely crazy after all but i still don t fully understand why he had to shoot her with an arrow p The author hints that Fujimurasaki will play a bigger role in the next volumes so i m looking forward to seeing how that spans out And finding out veryone s soul symbols o hide spoiler Honestly kind of a subpar story that doesn t seem to go anywhere and doesn t make much sense Not much redeeming about this while the art is pretty it s nothing special. Blood Cherry Blossom Sword Now Prince Oura has the power to kill the immortal Sakura with her own bla.

Beautiful art and a good story 455 stars Enju is too coolAhhhh That s such a mean place to leave the story I m so glad I dont have to wait for the next volume No idea about Enju s story but he definitely intrigues me The Togu acts like a brother than an uncle to Aoba Anyone lse think so The first volume was okay great introduction to characters and plot but I really love the character development of this second volume 3 It s been uite a few years since I read this series and I m so glad I decided to pick it back up this morning As always Arina Tanemura s artwork is gorgeous but the story and characters are lacking I think Sakura herself is stupid for still wanting to be with someone who wants her dead the male lead is generic I can t remember his name right now he just reminds me of the last Tanemura generic male lead Shizumasa Togu the alternative guy has no character development and the plot is ok Just a lot of we want her dead I really wish Tanemura would stop it with the automatic bias towards one character in a romance that supposedly HAS than one Princess Sakura learned of her heritage and powers in the first volume now she s adjusting to a life with these powers and Esteem Enlivened by Desire everything that comes with it Including feelings Lots of themReview of the FinnishditionThis book first deals with the cliffhanger of the vol 1 prince Aoba aka Oora but verybody keeps calling him Aoba still tries to kill Sakura because he considers her a monster and a threat but I think I can reveal he doesn t do that hah After that Sakura takes on her first mons. Sakura on the run after Prince Oura’s attempt on her life is taken in by the ninja Kohaku Prince Our.

Ter hunt assignment but this volume is actually very light on fightingmagical girl ing and instead focuses on Sakura s and Aoba s mixed feelings for ach other and their inability to communicate on the matter Drama it isAnd Tanemura is great at woving complex relationship drama I m all for Sakura getting her romance because that s what she wants but Aoba seems like the worst boyfriend material ver but that s a troupe so let s go with it I still think Aoba is the least compelling character of the bunch nobody knows what s his deal but it s only book two soOther characters than make up for it though Sakura s very determined and active heroine which I appreciate but she s also young and inexperienced and can t always handle verything which makes her uite human character or moon person character hah Sometimes her angry bursts don t feel authentic because they are played for comedy Asagiri is too cute for words I really really wanna know of her Kohaku is sidelined in this volume but I m happy Sakura has another female friend too and I hope their relationship will get panel time too Crown prince looks too good to be true and looks like he has his agenda on Sakura too The new villain also steps upThe story is a bit all over the place it s setting up so many things at the same time Sakura s mission her and Aoba s will they won t they Fujimurasaki s interest in Sakura new villain But the last chapter is really good and touching Oomi And it s still good on the whole but story is written less tightly compared to the first volumeAnd the art is of cour. A summons a demon to lure Sakura and Kohaku out and then turns into a wolf himself to steal Sakura’s.

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Name in Japanese 種村有菜 Tanemura ArinaWestern Zodiac PiscesArina Tanemura was born on March 12 1978 She's the author of Full Moon O Sagashite Time Stranger Kyoko Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross Sakura Hime Kaden and Her favorite hobby is Karaoke One song that she sings is Smile originally by Myco She has two cats named Riku and Kai She has one elder and one