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Hing criticism to modern astrology in a clear and direct wayIt s really a must read book Warning This book decidedly is not or modern astrologers who think nothing bad will ever happen This is Say Youll Stay And Marry Me for astrologers with a traditional bent Indeed Frawley who is blessed with excellent British wit deploys it against the thinking of the moderns I liked this book a lot but Iound it to give somewhat short shrift to natal astrology in Rafaellos Mistress favor of horary For that purpose his Horary Textbook can t be beat If you already have that one you will probablyind that you don t get much extra The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, from The Real Astrology Except entertainment of course. Logy and a detailed introduction to all the main branches of the traditional craft Accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the subject yet sufficiently through to serve as a vade mecumor the student or practitioner.

Preciso en su descripci n negativa ue si uno uisiera practicar astrolog a humanistica ste ser a el manual m s instructivo La contraposici n entre la interpretaci n moderna y ja tradicional con la carta natal de Hitler es espectacular ImprescindibleAhora bien El autor cr tica a CG Jung sin haberlo le do Y se nota mucho Se deja despistar por lo ue hacen los astrologos junguiana En vez de entende One of the best books on the subject For beginners I recommend to read The Horary Textbook Rascal first and maybe Lilly s Christian AstrologyThe Real Astrology has a wide cover in philosophical aspects of astrology and the author make astonis. E soamiliar is not the study that has Another Day of Life fascinated so many of theinest minds in our culture with its intellectual depth and practical precision John Frawley provides a searching and often hilarious critiue of modern astro.

It s a good book but too What Would You Like? filled with his polemic against Jungian astrologers though amusing and not enough astrology His chapter on Modern Astrology is worthless He gives aew case examples but they are hard to Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, follow A great reador traditional astrologyThat said I would have prefered if the author would have grumbled less about modern astrology and used those pages to give details on certain techniuesI Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, felt it lacking in the discussion of essential dignitiesaces terms and temperament Le puse una calificaci n muy buena porue es el libro ue mejor describe c mo es en la pr ctica la astrolog a humanistica moderna Es tan. Spica Award International Book of the Year 2001 The astrology that is ubiuitous today is uite different rom astrology as practised throughout almost all of its long history The dilute and distorted version with which we ar.

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A professional traditional astrologer author and lecturer Frawley has written several books on the subject of horary astrology and also sports astrology