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Cable uncaring snob seem sexy uentin will never oin the ranks of my sexy hero book shelf Never That s mainly because his indifference to Gina s plight rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning uentin clearly did not get the memo that the days of serfdom are long over even though at times he tries slyly to act like the droit de seigneur with Ginauentin was such a loser as an employer and I use the word employer carefully He knows Gina and her dad are living on his property because of an arrangement between his father and hers but when his dad dies he fails to inspect the said property He is therefore stupidly unaware that Gina lives in a hovel with no running water no electricity and earns no money even she works her ass off helping to care for his horses Even the fcking horses are living under better conditions than Gina My dogs sleep in better beds than poor Gina and they have shampoo too Gina doesn t even have money for shampoo Wtf is wrong with this picture The downtrodden heroine even has to bathe in the freaking cold lake Is this guy really Margaret Pargeter s idea of a hero Or did she write this after going on an all girls vacation with Lilian Peake and Anne Mather uentin makes Charlotte Lamb s heroes seem like angels and cherubs I hated uentin so much I wished he would die Seriously He was cruel to a sweet beautiful selfless and kind young girl like Gina I hated how he mocked her lack of refinement and her tattered clothing and treated her abominably while his pretentious diva bitch of a girlfriend looked on and laughed mockingly Even when Gina s dad died and uentin discovered how abominable her living conditions were he still treated her as a slave He brought her into his house and gave her a Dead Boy job as a maid while his mother looked at her disparagingly Then things suddenly improved for Gina when her long lost maternal grandfather came into her life and saved her from the cruelty and drudgery uentin wasn t pleased because he loved having his little slavemaid running around and mooning after him adoringly I hated how Gina worshipped this bastard while he treated her like shit He would often kiss and fondle her but still treat her as a servant all the while dating his ice bitch girlfriend It was only when uentin saw that he was losing Gina that he realized his true feelings for her It was too late by then because her grandfather took her away to spoil and pamper her The next part of the novel deals with Gina being taught to be a refined young lady and she also unfortunately becomes a bit cynical about life Her new exposure to all that life has to offer also teaches her that uentin had merely been amusing himself with her Gina is out for revenge Kudos for Gina This was well done on the part of the author It was fine time that a bastard hero was made to pay for the way he had made the heroine suffer The reunion between Gina and uentin was a bit anti climactic because Gina deliberately acts like aaded and bored socialite One would think that would be the type of woman he was used to but these new changes in Gina are upsetting to uentin The emotional sadist misses the sweet little innocent who would have licked his boots for free What follows is another ourney into angst emotional torture a sexless marriage of revenge lies crossed lines of communication a lot of hurt pride and unnecessary fighting Gina even thinks at one point that uentin is trying to defraud her grandfather At this point I was glad the novel was coming to an end It was not my idea of a romance novel but I was slightly appeased by the fact that Gina got to get her little bit of revenge against uentin That was only fair for the way he had treated her in the first part of the novel That s the only reason this gets 2 stars instead of one. Gina was older now with beauty and status of her own The wounded heart she bore was a woman's heart and now in turn with a woman's wiles she wanted to hurt uentin.

Amazingly i liked the book yes amazingly because the hero was such an asshole my he behaved abominably how could gina go on loving him if i were in gina s place any love i had had felt for uentin would have died and left only a profound disgust i don t understand the harleuin books somtimes is love based on lust only because she was greatly attracted to him they had lust between them so she goes on loving him personality count for nothing 35 starsMay decguardian ward ish type story where the hero treats the much younger and dirty heroine like an disgusting underling but then goes for her hot and heavy when she comes into an inheritance and gets cleaned up Juicy OW stuff and some get even The heroine totally pee od me at the end with her gullibility Totally thought she got what was coming to her Decent enough read Medium on the wtfery Ah My first HP read in uite awhile and luckily it wasnt half bad I have had this on my TBR for uite awhile and I dont even remember why nothing new with most of my TBR though I liked both the Hh even though the The Loving Slave is the story of Gina and uentinWhat No How this went from being a delicious angsty revenge drama to a soppy doormat cleaning service baffles meOur heroine is a young 18 year old who works as a horse groomer for the much richer hero He treats her like dirt poverty shaming and ridiculing her dirty appearance His mother and staff are also dismissive her When her alcoholic father dies the hero attempts to throw her out of the estate while simultaneously kissing her and being ashamed of himself She somehow ends up as his mother s maid and soon finds her rescuer in a long lost rich grandfather He comes and whisks her away to a life of effluence but in her heart the heroine has vowed vengeance against the man who treated her so callouslyBasically until this point the book was great The hero was a piece of shit treating the much younger heroine like garbage yet not hesitating in using his influence to try to seduce her I was hoping that when she returns into his life she would make him eat dirt But does that happen Nope She immediately gives in and even when she finds multiple upsetting facts she cannot deny her wild love for him He continues to datekiss OW while apparently being in love with her I wish she had ended up with the kind vetI m not a fan of this book the second half was boring and underwhelming Very abrupt and unsatisfying endingUnsafe25 all the stars for the angst DNF I ust couldn t with this book I totally got that the hero was wildly and inappropriately attracted to the heroine in the beginning He was cruel to be kind how could he a snob and old enough to know better hook up with a dirty stable girl The hero I could understand but the heroine good lord If you look up TSL in the romance reader s dictionary her dirt covered face would be next to it From swimming naked in the lake to learning nothing except for how to wash her hair as she romps through Europe with her grandpa I had some hopes for her But then her stupid stupid revenge plan Our TSL heroine needs to take notes from Anne Hampson s A Man to be Feared now that is heroine revenge done right even though it backfires I ll try this again when I m feeling patient Sometimes it s not the book it s me Very vintage feeling MayDec tale of a young and extremely sheltered h who works as an unpaid stable girl for the lord of the manor H This would have worked better as a Regency She is in love with him he acts mostly like an exasperated and arrogant older brother to her until our 18 year old dirty faced urchin starts to bloom and all the boys around start to notice Then he is struck as is she by the irresistible forces of purple passion The h lives in a hovel on his grounds with her alcoholi. When did love turn to vengeful hateYoung Gina hero worshipped uentin Hurst but to him she was ust a child a dirty tomboy who helped in his stables with the horse.

C father Despite the fact that she has grown up at the manor no one seems to realize that she is working unpaid and living in a falling down shack with no electricity or running water And the staff are pretty mean to her when she s the scruffy hungry stable girl Who are these heartless people The H tells her she and her father need to go from a legal perspective he s probably liable for their living conditions He doesn t tell her until the HEA speeches that he was planning on finding them a place in the village He blows hot and cold with her mostly cold except for occasional lapses when he is overcome by hormones and can t help kissing her He comes across her swimming naked in a pond one night and they almost have sex very ambiguous if there was actual penetration or not but MP def gives the impression it went that far but he pulled back at the very last second Her father dies and his mother offers her a place as her fetch and carry girl so she becomes a servant at the house WthBut it comes to pass that she has a wealthy grandfather who lives nearby who discovers her existence so she goes to live with him and his sister for a year She travels and grows up a bit becoming polished and presentable Back from a year abroad she and the H reconnect and he rushes her into marriage She has some vague ideas about revenge for how he treated her and also because she thinks he is marrying her because she is an heiress so she refuses to have sex with him Unlike many an MP H before him he doesn t force her and she suffers from heartache and he from blue balls for a few chapters In the end though truth comes out and HEADated and fairly clean read with an arrogant and insulting H and a sometimes tstl h whom I excused a bit because she was so young and had grown up in a pretty rough situation It was obvious that the H was as smitten as she was uite early on but snobbery and some degree of conscience on his part kept them apart I actually enjoyed this one for old skool wtfery but it was pretty mild for MP and ust OK I liked both hero and heroine They were insecure and clueless but the angst kept me entertained When did love turn to vengeful hateYoung Gina hero worshipped uentin Hurst but to him she was Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just a child a dirty tomboy who helped in his stables with the horses His freuent snide remarks had been cruel but she d always forgiven himExcept for the cruelest cut of all his smiling indulgence of the elegant Blanche EdgarBut Gina was older now with beauty and status of her own The wounded heart she bore was a woman s heart and now in turn with a woman s wiles she wanted to hurt uentin Sorryust did not like this one I usually like the older manyounger woman theme in my HPs but this one fell short I found Gina to be beyond pathetic during the first third of the book while her hero uentin was being callous and seemingly cruelHer revenge was appropriate for her age of 19 years ill informed and poorly planned and executed I ust had to go spoil my happy Xmas heart by reading this crapfest didn t I Maybe it s because I have a love hate relationship with Margaret Pargeter and couldn t help myself when I was cleaning up my storage room which contains lots of very old harleuins I inherited from my favorite aunt I was sure that I had read this before but I was soon proven wrong after looking at the first page How could I have missed out on this drama filled emotional and psychological sado masochist type of romance story Seriously this novel had a hero that I hate almost as much as I hate Scott Brady from Born Of The Wind by the same author However uentin even comes close to Carl from The Odds Against when it comes to the servile and demeaning way he treats poor Gina I LOATHED uentin No amount of good looks can make a despi. S His freuent snide remarks had been cruel but she'd always forgiven himExcept for the cruelest cut of all his smiling indulgence of the elegant Blanche EdgarBut.

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Margaret Pargeter was a popular writer of 50 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1975 to 1986