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This is definitely my favorite book of the series Well so farI have yet to read the last three But this one is so great I couldn t put it downJoanne grows exponentially finally really starting to come into her own In regards to her relationships view spoiler I m sad that she and Coyote are starting to go their separate ways because I really like him a lot and I don t see how he is going to stay a part of her life now since they took it to the romantic level and he obviously wants to keep it that way Just being friends which would include him managing to converse with her in the spiritual realm is too intimate and personal I m interested to see how that particular situation is going to play out hide spoiler I have enjoyed the other 5 books in this series but this one was my favorite BY FAR What I liked1 More Morrison Woohoo2 The plot and mystery were great and kept me trying to figure out w Finally some resolution AND THEN NONE I ve loved this series because of the complex characterization that Murphy includes with Joanne Walker and Morrison They have been like oil and water from day one but now they seem to be oil and vinaigrette on a tasty salad The growth. For Seattle detective Joanne Walker spring is about new beginnings She's mastered her shamanic abilities mostly survived a cannibalistic serial killer barely and now she's facing the biggest challenge of her career—attending a dance concert.

Both exhibit has made the relationship believable and based on mutual respect attraction caring and perhaps love Like any good author Murphy gives s a mere HINT of the possibilities before flinging Jo back into the magical world that she has immersed herself in The growth that Jo has displayed from disbelief to grudging respect to Captivated by the Millionaire understanding and a deep respect to even love has been well paced and clearly shows a struggle and a learning curve I love it when that happens I love it when the author SHOWS me that a character can learn and grow rather than just coming out guns blazing and knowing everything That makes a character BORING Murphy never does thisThe spiritual paths explored andniuely molded for this world has been brilliantly done Giving those with no clue about shamanism not just a glimpse into that world but following Jo as she works through a change of soulThis series has explored and expanded in very interesting ways and I truly look forward to reading the next installment The exploits of rban shaman Joanne Walker Seattle police detective extraordinaire continue Once Walker s best planned intentions go astray creating havoc during a new mur. With her sexy boss Captain Michael Morrison But when the performance—billed as transformative—actually changes her into a coyote she and Morrison have bigger things to deal withAnd there's Homeless people are disappearing a mystical murder.

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Der investigation Sure she intuitively connects many of the dots of the case if she could only solve her own relationship challenges and inner turmoil this would be an added bonusAs Joanne herself explains I was bad at relationships I was bad at reading between lines at figuring out what people really meant if they didn t actually say it and at being charming or flirty or whatever I was exactly that women were supposed to do to attract men My skill sets lay along the lines of taking apart car engines drinking grown men nder the table and recently solving esoteric murders The death of a Native When I reviewed Demon Hunts Walker Papers Book 5 by C E Murphy I said that it was the best in the Walker Papers series to date Well as befits a series Spirit Dances Luna Books trumps its predecessor as the best book in the Walker Papers And the ending leads one to believe that there are better books to come The book opens with promise Joanne actually ends p albeit accidentally on a date with Morrison They are attending a performance of a Native American spirit dance which I expected to lead to a lot of exploration of Joanne s shamanic side I was surprised when her inte. Puts Joanne way out of her jurisdiction and with the full moon coming on it's looking like the killer is a creature that can't possibly existBut Jo could probably handle all of that if one ordinary homicide hadn't pushed her to the very edge?.

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