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Parts where she just goes on and on ages and The Shadows I Followed pages full of abstract stuff that detracts from the story and I m just like OKAY MOVE ON and tell me what happened next in her life The lastart is especially boring from the Japanese Etiquette part where she caught her husband cheating on her with her own sister That could have been written with so much concisely and withoise but it went all over the The Cowboy and His Baby place and everywhere right till the end of the bookThe book keeps rambling onoetic stuff at Secure Location places for far too long where it loses the story Towards the end I almost forgot that this is supposed to be Frida narrating her story it felt like this author sersonal The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, poetryrose book And the book does this in many laces it loses the story and rambles on about the oetry of things It could have been shorter and crisper Forced and incredibly self conscious I wanted to love this but really did notNo Reign of Ash (The Chosen plot to speak of clearly derivative of the central autobiography of her life This really does not do her justice. O Rivera that is also a celebration of the spirit ofoetry and the art of rebellio.

Beautiful languagespell binding language I enjoyed the Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen poetry of the words very much I did feel like I was watching the movieFridaas uite a few of the uotes were in that movie I am not sure it is an accurateicture of what Frida would think but it is a work of fiction so who cares Just enjoy the language 25 starsI m a lifelong lover of Friday Kahlo Her life her ideals her work all of it alwaysSo this book intrigued me as a concept I believe that this Fline en Lingerie piece originates from in a similar state of reverence and admiration giving Frida an omnipresent firsterson narrative with an idealistic stream of consciousness flow However it consistently and Surface predominantly comes off as a vehicle forersonal convictions and beliefs by the writerIf you re an admirer of Kahlo and want to get a better sense of her spirit skip this book and Orange 5 (オレンジ, pick up a copy of herublished diary instead I loved this wonderful oetic book so much I gave my lovely hardback away and bought two others for friends And now. In this fictional tour de force Jay Griffiths author of the acclaimed Wild creates.

I sit thinking why didn t I jealously guard this treasure so I could reach for it whenever I feel the urge to ick it up and smile opening a random The Scot page on some random memory I need another copy Beautiful Beautiful The book is aoetic re imagination of Frida Kahlo s life written in first Spring Snow person as though narrated by her While it has some really beautiful uotes the language gets SO POETIC at times that it s a drag to read after a while sometimes even bordering intolain annoying and I was tempted to skip The Greatest Victory pages However theoetic narration did make a few incidences in her life uite a lot emotional to read about Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, particularly her accident and miscarriage Itrobably wouldn t have been as gut wrenchingly sad if it had been narrated in the deadpan voice of a biography I also loved the Fates Monolith (MacLomain, part where she describes what motivates her toaint The Two Fridas and her description and interpretation of the At the Wolfs Table painting itself These are thearts where the A Family Scandal poetic narration works so wellThen there are. Aortrait of the artist Frida Kahlo her devastating accident and her love for Dieg.

Jay Griffiths was born in Manchester and studied English Literature at Oxford University She spent a couple of years living in a shed on the outskirts of Epping Forest and has travelled the world but for many years she has been based in Wales