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Ave reported her intentions This installment of the Anna Pigeon series works well as an audio book The mounting threats and tension keeps one listening I igured out part of the Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights final solution but the author created one twist I did not expect I m glad I decided to pick this series back up where I left off 35 stars This was a wonderful story on audio cassette that I listened to en route to my daughter s house It was exciting realistic and it showed Anna the Park Ranger as resourceful smart and tough She was posing as a waitress toerret out information Secret Baby, Surprise Parents for two people who d disappeared in Yosemite She goes into the park alone not a great idea and encounters much than information Also is going on at the restaurant that is affecting Anna A great read It started off as appealing wondering how the scraps of information would lead to aabric that the protagonist would put together but there was a lot of supposition going on and it Mystify (Mystyx, felt rushed sloppy even After a while itelt as if the author had contempt The New Baby for city people that come to parks and ruin them which I get but it came off as condescending and I could not get over that characterization Having been to Yosemite I expected to experience a sense of Nostalgiaor the camp but it never came across Perhaps that s my own disconnect perhaps the author s At any rate the book simply Wild Streak felt rushed and the characterselt P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, forced It s a mystery so I can t critiue the ending without spoiling it so I ll just say I wrapped up the bookeeling underwhelmed. E snowy wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas is a nightmare of death and greed and perhaps her inal adventur.


In this novel but both were only a couple of sentences long and moderately applicable as well as being appropriate or the character to Rafaellos Mistress feel Unlike Dana Stabenow who while a good writer is judgmental on really silly things Her main character has proclaimed that a woman who doesn t provide her child a light on the nightstand to read by is a bad mother and clearly doesn t respect herself if she doesn t make her bed Men on a week long backwoods hunting trip carrying in backpacks byloat plane don t care about their The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, families if they don t also bringramed photographs of their loved ones Who takes a Rascal framed photo camping I don t even take them to a hotel But I digressI like Anna because she s a little of a curmudgeon but she knows it and itits with the character She doesn t expect people to like her much but she knows there s a reason She s a real 3 dimensional character What s she s in law enforcement and acts like itIf you like mystery thrillers and the wilderness I think you ll love Nevada Barr Anna Pigeon goes undercover as a waitress in Yosemite National Park to Another Day of Life find what happened to three hikers She must spend time getting to know the various persons in the park and being chummy is not one of her strengths She does manage toorge some trust but most people think she s a company spy of sorts Adding to the confusion the chief ranger is called away during Anna s investigation and she does not know who was named acting chief This causes her to do some lone wolf adventures when she should Yosemite National Park to investigate the disappearance of What Would You Like? four young employees What waitsor Anna in th.

I have been into these Anna Pigeon novels Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, from the start She s a smart and resourceful National Park Ranger who author Barr has movingrom one USA National Park to another with each book This book Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, finds her in Yosemite National Park and I liked the premise that Pigeon can t use most of her ranger skill set because she is stuck as an undercover waitress trying to see whetheroul play was involved with the disappearance of Friend Foe four people including another waitress in the recent past Barrinds ways to make this assignment interesting while giving us readers some of the behind the curta Damn Nevada Barr The Longevity Diet for writing books I can t put down so I don t get enough sleep I should know better than to start one of her novels in the evening Nevada Barr is one of those people who write so well Iind myself slowing down to make sure I capture every word It s kind of necessary as her prose isn t the light and simple Grassroots Innovation fiction oneinds in the average mystery novel High country is tight ast paced interesting and ull of content While that last may be an odd description I m tired of mysteries that use a lot of pointless banter or heroine in grave peril Architecture and Utopia for no discernible reason just toill out the pages As she s gotten older she s gotten opinionated and I expect conservative But the writing is so good I ll orgive her defense of profiling this once I d like to remind her that the second largest terrorist attack on American soil was perpetrated by a white Christian American Her opinions did bother me twice. Alternate cover edition ISBN 0425199568National park ranger Anna Pigeon goes undercover as a waitress at.

Nevada Barr is a mystery fiction author known for her Anna Pigeon series of mysteries set in National Parks in the United States Barr has won an Agatha Award for best first novel for Track of the CatBarr was named after the state of her birth She grew up in Johnstonville California She finished college at the University of California Irvine Originally Barr started to pursue a career in