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Ainst Maleev s artwork The stories in the anniversary issue were not memorable ither and the golden age art is ugly IMO I simply do not like that type of art After reading this arc I definitely wanted to read of Widow and Devil s tandem The art is fantastic and very classical Italian Renaissance I don t know what This storyline also delivered what I Revived expect Murdock to be the sexy hero he is that Netflix Daredevil had sold me This is amplified by Natasha s assured temptation and allure But Matthew is really sexy hereThe tension in the story is incredible withvasion and combat I think is well suited for a live adaptation So Milla files for annulment on account of Matt s mental problems being thefalse pretenses under which he married her and Matt torments himself torn between his reverence for the sanctity of marriage and love for Milla and respecting her Student Research Projects in Calculus enough to give her what she wanted Meanwhile Natasha Romanova aka The Black Widow is on the run from her own agency and decides to hide in plain sight With MattPublished as a 40th anniversary special for Daredevil it works because it doesn t necessarily have that big sort of celebration feel to it it s very much still in tune with the tone of Bendis run on the comic somber dark and semi realistic but stylish artwork and that oftentimes rapid fire banter between the characters There s plenty of action with DD and Widow running around having adventures and it does have a great sense of funAnd herein I realized my biggest problem with the way Milla was being written she s held in too much reverence to banter with Matt the way Foggy and Nat are she s too serious and her scenes far too weepy and tense and it s seemingly made her lose all of her personality It wasn t that way in the beginning but she s suffering from the curse of the good girl being held as anxample of what men should aspire to instead of being any sort of fully realized and complex characterSpoiler Matt grants her the annulment because he does really love her and she s shocked and presumably realizing that they re still in love ven after telling him that she could live without him I know it s that If you love someone set them free aesthetic but it seems particularly shallow hereThe collection nds with a series of vignettes by different artists all written by Bendis of how other characters in the Marvel universe reacted to Matt s being outted as well as a few missing scenes They re well done but nothing necessarily to write home about They add texture and they re well written they weren t a chore to read but they ultimately added very little 2 One towelsheet pull away from complete nudity Widow AwesomenessWidow is still cool though Natash Romanova aka the Black Widow is in trouble so she comes to Matt Murdock aka Daredevil Also an annual I think is thrown inFirst lets begin by. S clean But why is she really back One of Marvel's greatest love stories takes an interesting turn and.

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Saying that the run still hasn t gotten its tone back save for that one spread page where the many tiny panels design reminded me of the first couple of volumesSecond I wanna talk about the Black Widow storylineIt was Love for Imperfect Things entertaining and the art was as always good Though it wasn t anything wow The annual It wasn t goodMost of the art was just pathetic the storylinesven so Though it had some good stuff like the Spider man story art which was really something and the really cool after credits thingSo still hoping that the Bendis run will return to what it used to be but The run s almost done so maybe I shouldn t get my hopes too high A four issue interlude featuring Daredevil aka Matt Murdock teaming up with his A Heart of Stone ex the Black Widow aka Natasha Romanova and bookended with Matt dealing with a reuest for annulment from his currentstranged wife Milla Donovan Matt and Natasha angst flirt as they go up against Jigsaw and a strangely chatty sniperThis short volume seems to be a nice Taking Instruction (Taboo, excuse to bring Black Widow into the BendisMaleev run and show how Matt reacts to someone he has a good history with when trying to sort out his feelings about his admittedly failing marriage Matt and Natasha clearly still have a mutual attraction and Matt struggles with succumbing to the comfort she offers ultimately view spoilershowing resolve and commitment to his marriage though Foggy makes things clear for him by thend by convincing Matt that if he loves her he ll give Milla what she wants hide spoiler Madame Hydra is captured in Bulgaria but the local authorities won t give the Avengers the collar unless they give them Black Widow in Language and Linguistics exchange The US government uietly sends someone out to capture Natasha who decides to hide in plain sight with Matt Murdock who also has a big target on his head now that he s the Kingpin Ah uiet reunions are never a thing betweenxes anyway Daredevil Volume 10 The Widow is an ok read but it feels like Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev have stopped trying at this point The public hounding of Matt Murdock continually asking if he s Daredevil feels really played out and the main storyline is Divertimento entirely tension free Will Daredevil and Black Widow defeat No Name Assassin 398 and Jigsaw a D list Leatherface cosplayer Exactly hardlydge of your seat stuff That said it s a well written and Love Is a Fairy Tale entertainingnough read it just feels like a bit of a pointless storyline Speaking of pointless the Daredevil 40th Anniversary issue was Promise at Dawn even so It s full of uninteresting short stories like Matt meeting with Nick Fury and Captain America neither of which go anywhere and there are addendums to scenes fromarlier in the series which are needless and feel repetitive The Widow is a readable and mildly fun volume but it s an unremarkable and unmemorable addition to the series Not bad not great not much of anything. All in the horrible face of JIGSAW Guest starring Nick Fury and the AvengersCollecting Daredevil #61 66.

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BMB and Alex Maleev continue to hammer out gems with this series and The Widow issues 61 66 is no xception This arc features Black Widow returning to Hell s Kitchen There she teams up with Matt Murdock the self proclaimed new kingpin of the Kitchen and the duo cleans up the streets a bit Matt s life is one giant complicated mess and the addition of the Black Widow only makes things Bangkok Wakes to Rain even messier I m consistently impressed by the artwork of Maleev and thexcellent plotting of Bendis Easily recommended The Black Widow is a fun character The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery especially for this series where the tone can sometimes get so bleak but I really felt the pacing was a little off here With all the crazy stuff that was going on with Matt Murdock s life at this point in the run devoting 6 issues half a year to anyone reading monthly to Natalia s visit seemed like a bad case of writing for the trades That said the Bendis run as a whole was just bananas and there is no reason not to read the whole thing straight through including this volume Bendis and Meleev bring us yet another winning volume in which Matt Murdock s wife of less than a year Milla Donovan reuests an annulment she s learned that Matt may have been in state of personal crisis during their courtship and marriage and therefore doubts his love is sincere when who should turn up on his doorstep but an old flame Natasha The Black Widow Romanov is anx Russian spy and agent of the peacekeeping agency SHIELD Her life is on the line becausewell it s a lot to xplain but let s just say that there s a lot of secret stuff going back and forth and powerful people are conspiring to take her down So she decides to camp out with her old beau and together they do some crime fighting which seems cathartic for both of them Great stuff as usual although most of it doesn t really move the plot forward xcept the scenes between Matt and Milla This volume has a bonus feature by Bendis and illustrated by a variety of artists It gives us a bunch of info on stuff that happened off panel during the Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? events of the run andven back as far as Kevin Smith s run filling in the cracks so to speak And then there s another bonus feature a story from an old silver age Daredevil comic book that tells of the first meeting between old Horn Head and his gal pal Natasha It s an xample of how weird comics could be back then Honestly I m not sure what s going on in the story but the narator keeps saying things like And we move back to that ten second point and we change our scene to a nearby wharf and Andwho are we to make judgements sic We only set the scene This book was uite ok the story about The Widow was ok the dynamic between Matt and Natasja was great However the anniversary issue was something that spoilt this book for me Although some artists showed great art others do simply not hold up ag. Daredevil's fiery reheaded x partner returns to Hell's Kitchen to help the new Kingpin keep the street.

A comic book writer and erstwhile artist He has won critical acclaim including five Eisner Awards and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics For over eight years Bendis’s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales chartsThough he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series he shot