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E passion in him that Blake doesn't know if he can keep under control Hook Line and Shotgun BrideAs a lawman Shane was known for No Limits (Brutal Master remaining calm cool and professionale.

Lock Stock and Secret BabyIt's Blake's mission to protect pregnant Eve from a psychopath But his soldier instincts are put to the ultimate test when she stirs an intens.

Gardless of the situation But when it came to the danger his best friend's widow Angela and her precious little boy found themselves in things became incredibly persona.

Cassie grew up in a small town at the very tip of southern Illinois A tomboy she spent most of her time outside and got into big trouble for breaking the trellis while climbing out her second story bedroom windowWhen her family moved to LA major culture shock ensued She discovered that grapefruits grew on trees television offered than two channels and all the other girls had breasts