Elvi Rhodes: The rainbow through the rain

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The Brogdens were one of Chalywell's most important families Old Jacob had started the family antiue business when he was nine years old going round the big houses and buying small items of bric a brac for ennies Now Brogden's was famous for its beautiful furniture and ictures But the most beautiful and valu.

Able thing in Jacob's life was his granddaughter Lois for Lois reminded him of the daughter he had lost so tragically many years agoWhen Lois fell in love with John Farrar the whole family were dismayed for between old Jacob and the Farrars was a deep and abiding feud that could never be mended Lois conscious.

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Of the storm clouds of war gathering over her future was determined that nothing and no one should come between her and her beloved JohnBut as war broke out as families were torn apart Lois found her life changing irrevocably Loyalty love tragedy and hope were to direct her into a future she had never dreamed.