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Every person who attends church needs to read this book Every person in a position of authority elder deacon pastor in a church needs to read this book Ted Bigelow has written an excellent book on church polity which has given me much food for thought Will be going through this a second time to closely examine his arguments and scriptural support The only reason it didn t get 5 stars is because the publisher needs to fire their editor From discussing the basis of a church to the background of the church history from Matthews to Galataians The Titus Mandate is an insightful look into what a church is and isn t that everything from the new Christian to the veteran follower of Christ would be interested in readingIn the era of mega churches the small hometown church to home churching The Titus Mandate will help the everyman nderstand the importance of fellowship with fellow believers while at the same time providing knowledge of what is a fruitful church and what is sometimes a church that is both not fruitful but in some cases can also be harmful and what to look forAs the author Ted Bigelow sharedThe church is supposed to be the safest place on earth for Christians so why is it often a place of deep dissatisfaction Many Christians suffer from difficult church situations and are nsure how to live and worship with such st. It sounds like a spy novel only its biblical Thousands of real churches perhaps yours have been infiltrated by dangerous men Your only biblical escape is The Titus Mandate the apostle Paul's timeless rescue plan for you and your church that brings spiritual safety blessing and nityAs detailed in the New Testament book of Titus if today's Christians will be rescued they will need to nderstand what happened on the Mediterranean island of Crete back in the days of the apostles There Paul directed his protege Titus to go toe to toe with the wolves carrying out God's very public mission that rescues Christians and the churches they love from spiritual dangerThrough The Titus.

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Ress let alone grow in the midst of it Much of this pain comes from being nder poor church leadership Going to church shouldn t be stressfulit should be about growth and fellowship but sadly many find themselves either as new followers who are Saints and Misfits unable to find or know how to find a church home or who have been going to a church that has been less about following our Father either way The Titus Mandate is a must read for annderstanding of how a true church should beThere is no such thing as a perfect church but there is such a thing of a church that instead of strengthening and encouraging its followers can hurt their followers as shared in this one story from The Titus MandateHaving lived apart from Christ all her years Sheryl first assumed this was a normal part of church To some extent it felt familiar but at the same time she felt scared and even powerless Some in the church tried to calm her fears by explaining that occasional spats and disagreements are marks of a spiritually healthy church But she knows better now because the church ended p breaking her heart Without anybody really meaning to the people grew loveless They passed each other in the hallways with only a nod and sat apart from each other on Sunday mornings The freuent church meetings exposed frustrations as people vented disappointments and differences. Mandate you'll be euipped to spot the wolves and protect yourself and those you love from Satan's most prolific and least discussed form of spiritual dangerWhat others are sayingThe Titus Mandate is good news that can deliver the next generation of Christians from nauthorized church government Bon Appetit, Yall unto the Lord's gracious plurality of Christ'snder shepherds Ted offers a breath of fresh air to the oxygen deprived world of American church polity Inhale this biblical truth deeply and as you exhale Dr thank the Lord for men like Dr Bigelow Mike Abendroth Senior Pastor Bethlehem Bible Church West Boylston Massachusetts USA Author Jesus Christ Prince of Preachers I highly recomme.

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Then all too I Do, Two uickly it seemed people just began to disappear In The Titus Mandate it continuesMaybe the simple truth has been there all along but we have ignored it because we only wanted a comfortable church not a holy one Or it could be that we have a hard time seeing spiritual danger when we getsed to it week after week Some of She Weeps Each Time Youre Born us aren t the brightest sheep in the fold Too often it seems it is only after we are deeply hurt that we stop long enough to ask the rightestions and really pay attention to what God says in ScriptureLike Sheryl in her earlier days we may be ignoring the warning signs in our church Warheart (Sword of Truth, unresolved conflict practicing politics and appointingnualified leaders Even with our eyes wide open we find ourselves the gibson unable to resolve church tensions Or worse we feel powerless to do anything constructive about it Sometime we are told that conflicts are an important and even necessary part of church life But in fact they are disturbing warning signs that expose the enemy s foothold Worse they directly violate God s Word To counteract these problems Christians all over the world are going back to Scripture and implementing The Titus Mandate in their churches Is your church practicing Titus 15Read The Titus Mandate to find out what to look out for and thenderstanding of what the fellowship of believers is like. Nd this book particularly to churches in crisis so that they can find out for themselves if leadership is their nderlying problem Chances are it is Dr Dave Deuel Director The Master's Academy Missions The Titus Mandate transforms churches into the biblical caring and God honoring families they are intended to be Steve Plodinec Professor of New Testament Christ Seminary South Africa If the Church is the most important organization on earth and it is and if a local assembly will almost never rise above her leadership and they rarely do then all believers should be vitally interested in what Ted Bigelow has to say Brian J Kinzel Church Planter Word of Grace Church Kiev Ukrai.