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S me to return to this book any time I struggle The answer is always hit down and rereading this book always helps my game and attitude Still have to apply what the book says but so far it seems to make a difference But as always practice makes perfect I m not a good golfer never professed to be never expected to be But I m always challenged to do well in anything I take on Golf has been a real challenge Clive Scarff s secret is simple Instead of swinging towards the ball I ve learnt to swing down at the balland without gouging the grass or rattling my body by hitting the ground It doesn t sound like a very important manoeuvre but it has made all the difference in my game Now when my husband asks me to go golfing with him I don t try to find ex. On If you are a seasoned amateur who has inexplicably “plateaud” just cannot seem to get to the next level despite lessons andor acuiring a library of books and videos Hit Down #% is for youSymptoms of hitting p include but are not limited to topping the ball skulling the ball pushing the ball slicing the ball poor distance difficulty getting off back foot poor backspin no divot fat divots chunking the ball thinfat chip shots roofing the ball with your driver inability to hit long irons andor fairway woods good shots followed immediately by

I have read this book a few times and always pick Desire Island - The Niece up valuable info Good concept but needs to thoroughly go over the drillsThe drills to be effective have to performed properly What are the common errors in executing the drills and how to correct them The illustrations are inadeuate in showing how to do the drills It just doesn t seem like the book was actually completed This is why there are editors This is leading me away from purchasing e books fromnknown authorities I ve had worse experiences by far with other purchases Fair bookNot really worth the price of the book Very poor illustrations Some good advice but one can find in any other golf book I love this bookThis is the golf book to read if you only read one My fickle golf game drive. Most golfers have difficulty with the concept of hitting down at the ball to make it fly Surprisingly a great many players surveyed did not even know you need to hit down to get the ball p in the air Hit Down #% concisely explains the concept and the techniue of hitting down at the golf ball for proper trajectory increased backspin much improved distance proper divot taking and best of all consistent shotmakingIf you are inadvertently or intentionally hitting p at the ball Hit Down #% is for you Also available as DVD series and MP3 download all.

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Cuses I look forward to getting out there and following each of the instructions that were so easy to read and The Rancher and the City Girl understand The book was humorous teaching the many different skills rather than lecturing and is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to improve their game Enjoyed the read explains wellI have a 6 hcp but I am guilty of trying to swing to help the ball in the air at times Each time it s disastrous especially with long irons and woods Now Inderstand better and will practice drills diligently thanks Clive TrueAll the complaints and all the effort coming to naught this concise book describes It then ickly identifies the causes or rather the cause and suggests simple drills for acuiring the techniue reuired for successful rounds of gol. Oor shotsHitting down at the golf ball is not a new concept but it is a hitherto poorly explained or completely avoided concept All pros agree on the need to hit down so there is no debate there Even Tiger Woods in his 306 page “How I Play Golf” states the need to hit down at the ball – but does not explain how Hit Down #% does Learn to hit down watch the ball go p and your scores go down BONUS At the end of this book you will find a link to purchase the Hit Down #% 4 DVD series and receive a full credit for the purchase of this Kindle eboo.