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Hallenges have a special place in my affections The bible thumper half of town gets up in arms about a fantasy book series and their book banning is the frame for a young man s journey through freshman year Homophobia rural drug use and single mom anxiety all make an appearance Keep your eye on secondary characters they seem to pop back up later The characters here are mostly one dimensional A little balance would have pushed this one higher An enjoyable though not perfect read We re so excited to be publishing this book for banned book day It s got small towns and censorship and ids working in the library and helping their community Oh and girls in shop classWhat could you ask for I thought this book was good It was also heavy handed on the issue of censorship Instead of taking an issue and letting the reader decide what they think. Ontent and heresy Something has to be done and it looks like uiet shy Neal is going to have to do it With youth services librarian Charlotte Murphy at his back Neal finds himself leading the charge.

By showing all sides the perspective is from that of the author and the author gives us what to think I am against censorship and I am for free speech There was no nuance about this issue I Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition know there are people out there like this but only showing them in their small minded selves doesn t really help I like that the book is a fantasy Harry Potter like book A mother goes crazy over the book as her son is a teenager and no longer listening to her The library leads a charge toeep the book from being banned This After the Rubicon kind of stuff drives me crazy When a group of people think theynow what is best for everyone and they try and control ideas It really pushes my buttons I think it was a good story and I think it could have nuance and perspective Still I m glad that Freedom prevailed in this story A needed break from all the chaos in the world. To defend the mega bestselling fantasy series that makes his life worth living This funny gripping and relatable tale of life and local politics in middle America is currently being serialized onlin.

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Excellent story which just takes a hold of you and will not let go until the very last page The life of a fourteen year old isn t an easy thing especially when you need to stand up and support the thing you like most in this case a book series reading and libraries Maybe the religious people were a bit overly lunaticly portrayed but still the situation they caused rang very true unfortunately though those inds of things don t happen in here at that level fortunately Anyway one of the best graphic novels I ve read for a while and finally I had the chance interlibrary loans I love you and time to read this one even if it was recommended to me a long ago Worth 5 stars and multiple re reads read it twice already before writing this Not that I m biased or anything but books with cool librarians who try to fend off overly religious book Neal Barton just wants to read in peace Unluckily for him some local Christian activists are trying to get his favorite fantasy series banned from the Americus public library on grounds of immoral

MK Reed is a cartoonist currently living in Brooklyn NY Her book “Americus” drawn by Jonathan Hill is currently being serialized at SaveApatheacomShe also is a contributor to The Beat and Publisher’s Weekly