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I devoured this 300 page book in one day I could not put it downCole Langston is a former Navy pilot and current commercial pilot who made a eroic landing of a commercial airplane when the pilot suffered a Gender Is Fair Game heart attack landing the plane safely and savingis friend life He Wybór wierszy has done months on the Hero s Circuit and life is getting back to normal Heas been known as a womanizer with a different woman at each stop overOlivia Robison is 27 years old and works at the airport News Shop part time and is a part time college business student On 11 Before 12 her breaks from work she wanders the airport and sketches often making drawings of people and givinger work away Her dream is to be an artist but POISONS D'AVRIL her Motheras convinced The Theory Of Industrial Organization her thater sketches are nothing than scribblesCole LAbyssin has a short layover in Regan National Airport He is waiting in line at the News Shop to buy Mentos foris next flight when Promise of Power he notices the man in front ofim being rude toward the clerk Olivia Cole taps the man on the shoulder and in return the man turns around and punches Cole Ever Dark he fallsitting Christian Faith 101 hisead on the display case and all goes black Cole wakes up and sees a pair of gorgeous eyes looking at The Math Workshop him she touchesim and feels a jolt Olivia feels a jolt too Before being taken to the Babys Bathtime hospitale is able to find out She Left Me the Gun her first name Olivia thoughts ofer fill Alorns Treasure (Griffin Pirate Stories Series 2 Book 20) his mind as Cole is recuperating atome in Chicago grounded for two weeks because of a concussion On Its Just Been Glorious his next flight into Regane is determined to find Olivia and see if the jolt is still thereThe Love Story and yes it is a Love Story that follows is wonderful I loved Cell how Cole could just give intois love for Olivia with Bloody Acquisitions (Fred, the Vampire Accountant, his wholeeart and make some of Fusiliers her dreams come true Not only does this bookave a fantastic Love Story that makes your The American Nurse heart warm itas great supporting characters many who would make great Dangerous Desire heroes in their own books Sadly at this time they do not star in their own booksI didn t want the book to end Iave reread it multiple times and I only discovered this book six months ago I found this book at a Used Book Store but will probably break down and buy it for my Nook so it will always be with me This book is in my top 5 favorite books of all time And Cole and Olivia are in my top 3 favorite fictional couples As Caty said dude was way too perfect It was nice reading about a The Little Book of Puns hero who wasn t a bad boy rogue rake pirate vampire were creature or even just uber alpha I feel like I just woke up from a fairy tale I did need the fluff fix and this made me smile almost the whole time I read it Since I am physically incapable of smacking our leading lady upside theead I was tempted to toss the book across the room and scoff in disgust towards the end you ll know why when you read it but I was pretty much expecting it Love at First Flight ad a very similar plot twist and I use that term uite wronglyAll in all a lovely bit of brain candy that will make you smile and sigh and roll your eyes just a few times Not enough to give you a eadache sea sickness or toss the book aside in a diabetic coma This is a review of the audiobook Nicely narrated by Tanya EbyThis wasn t as bad as I feared after reading some reviews The Complete Idiots Guide to Rumi Meditations however it wasn t as good as I d anticipated way back a year ago when I pre ordered it from audiblecom in 2013 Nothing new under the sunere and some of it was too much of the same old same old I liked the characters well enough yet while rooting for them I thought their relationship was zooming forward too fast and at times uneven in pace Some parts were excellent I really like that the Das Restaurant am Ende des Universums (Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis, hero encouraged theeroine s artistic ability nevertheless I found it surprisingly easy to set aside when a buddy read was moved forward Then due to the angst y ness of their relationship reluctant to pick back up when said buddy read book was finished I guess that says a lot However that angst could make it just your cup of te. Fame as its perks Reluctantly famous First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight as its advantages until e meets Olivia Having women throw themselves at im everywhere e goes becomes a se.

Summary Everyone Loves a Heroand that's the problem

A Wow Loved ever minute of this book I found I couldn t keep from smiling while readingUpdate 2020 re read Still totally enjoyable but really of a 4 star read It s official Karen Marie Moning s Fever series as ruined all other books for meIf you re lucky enough to understand that statement then good for you If you aren t then well what a Threat Vector: INSPIRATION FOR THE THRILLING AMAZON PRIME SERIES JACK RYAN (Jack Ryan Jr Series Book 4) (English Edition) huge tragedy that is I advise you to stop reading this review and jump onto While reading Everyone Loves a Hero I kept fantasising about wondering when Barrons was going to burst through the door and show Coleow it s done Am I right ladiesTo be fair The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler had I not recently been forever ruined by KMM s awesomeness I mayave enjoyed this book than I did But probably not a whole lot There just wasn t enough tension Or perhaps it was that view spoilerthe two professed their undying love for each other after two days Yes TWO DAYS And that was about a third the way through Done Papyrus and Tablet hide spoiler Everyone Loves a Hero is my first read by author Marie Force and I thoroughly enjoyed it I was instantly drawn in and felt a kind of kinship with theero and The Reckoning: the electrifying new novel from bestseller John Grisham heroine It was the fun easy to read feel good story that I wasoping forFirst Officer Cole Langston is the epitome of a reluctant A Foxs Love (American Kitsune hero Exactly what dide do to become so famous view spoilerHe saved the lives of everyone on board a passenger plane when the Captain The Provocateur had aeart attack in flight leaving Cole to land the plane in a blizzard and then perform CPR in order to save the Captain s life Trading Christmas hide spoiler What a great good old fashioned contemporary romance Iad a Never an outbreak hard time putting this one down Everyone Loves a Hero was filled with plenty of detail lots of sometimes steamy dialogue passionate love scenes well developed characters and some problems for the mostly likable and believable characters to overcome I loved every minute of it even when the sometimes stubborn Hh disappointed meer with Pride her neediness and mistrustim with Men his impatience and temper I still wanted to knowow things would work out between them These characters seemed real to me they weren t always perfect and maybe that s why they Isotopic Carbon held my interestThe plot Thirty six year old Cole Langston former Navy pilot and now commercial airline pilot based in Chicagoas been living in the spotlight of fame for the past year view spoilerHe The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) heroically landed a plane in the middle of a blizzard after the captain of the plane collapsed from aeart attack Not only did Cole land the plane safely but Step Out of Your Story he performed CPR on the captain and savedis life The Eyes of the Dead hide spoiler 5 STARS REVIEWI am completely and utterly speechless I justave no words to describe Rules for a Lady how much I adored this book And it s gonna be tooard to write a review worthy of it specially as it is not out yet and I can t give any spoilersThis is a book about a girl meeting a pilot in the most funny way ever poor guy was just waiting in line to get to the counter when Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles he noticed the man right in front ofim was behaving in a very rude manner towards the woman who was assisting ABC him Whene tried to interfere Odd Man In he just got KO for it And that sow this amazing romance starts between the two of them meaning the girl and the one who got knocked outLOLIt s been a long time since I got this excited about a contemporary romance I think o Too cheesyI m not sure what exactly made this book s dialogue sound odd unnatural or even awkward But what I know for sure is that it really put me off There were tons of filler that bored me to tears and although I already skimmed through countless pages nothing interesting came up Too much stuff that didn t contribute anything to the main plot whatsoever To be Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale honest this book couldave been cut down to Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children half its lengthThe story was romantic I can t argue with that But somehow it was waaaaaaaay too cheesy for my likingJust not my cuppa Yikes Wow this was a disappointment How to count the ways I really wanted to love this one but Rious problem whene's trying to convince Carlyle Marney her she's the oneAnd its price Oliviaas trouble trusting a guy like Cole and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run But e's the only man who's ever seem.

Hat didn t appen In short this read like a bad B grade TV movie You know the type It always starts with an entertaining idea then the producers butcher it into something so lackluster and choppy you wonder why you sat through it Everyone Loves a Hero is a story of two people who fall madly in love at first sight and the trials and tribulations that appen when said couple move waaaaaaaaaay too fast into a seriously committed and long distance relationship And while it started with much potential and ad some great one liners it uickly sank as the relationship went into nauseating overdrive and the romance turned into a dysfunctional relationship Cole is the famous Captain Incredible from Chicago a co pilot who landed a jet airliner in a blizzard while saving the pilot from a Sacred Landscapes heart attack Heas met the President made the cover of People magazineetc Moreover Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, he is an uberandsome chick magnet that Gold Rush has no noticeable flaws Seriouslye s borderline perfect in every way I think Girl Reporter he mayave been the inspiration for those Porn for Women calendars that were so popular a few years ago He meets Olivia at the airport when Hunted he tries to stop an unruly customer from verbally assaultinger at Gingerbread Heart her store He gets knocked out cold then minutes later wakes to Olivia s beautiful face sparks flying and little blue birds flying arounder ead OK not really No blue birds I made that part up But yes to the sparksOlivia is a beautiful and ighly insecure neurotic 27 yo business student she works part time at the Washington DC airport and lives with Mom and Dad And you guessed it she is also a virgin But it gets better She is also an uber talented artist but only Biz Talk-2 her dad and a cousin know abouter brilliant skill with pencil and paint When Cole and Olivia reunite weeks later Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, he was wheeled away in a stretcher soe didn t get A Historical Atlas of Tibet her number bute thought about The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, her constantlye finds Italian Warships Of World War II her sketching passengers in the airport lobby and convinceser she is wasting Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) her time in business school They make a first date that sets their relationship into serious overdrive and unleashes all of Olivia s pent up insecurities and neuroses Why is she so insecure you ask Cole isit on everywhere Critical Social Theory and the End of Work he goes Women rudely dismiss Olivia throw their phone number atim and make suggestive sexual comments He is always the gentleman and dismisses these ladies but it gnaws on Olivia At times the relationship between Cole and Olivia was entertaining and there were some great one liners between them and even a few The Traps hot sex scenes But I never understoodow Simple Wicca he could fall forer She was neurotic needy and whiny Her woe is me bit got old FAST In real life these two would likely burn out the relationship in only a few weeks when reality checks in and replaces all those fantasy illusions they Protect Your Purity have of each other The sex scenes come every other chapter on average Some scenes felt mechanical but others wereot as shy Olivia becomes uite the aggressor in their bed play This was another oddity to the story But I get it Sex sells The rest of this book can essentially be summed up with the rinse and repeat cycle of I love you gushing followed by the I don t trust you Theatre Histories how can I compete with the women and your fame angst ending with the apologetic the last thing in the world I want to do isurt you Then the cycle repeats again with I love you gushing Over and over Seriously most of their conversations are either Waterloo him trying to convinceer to trust Yobo him or just gooey smoochy lover talk We also get a crazy ex girlfriend who messes with Olivia now that was funny and an eye rolling trip to San Francisco where Olivia s artistic dreams come true Iad igh opes as many of my reading friends Sanctuary (The New World Series, honestly enjoyed if not loved this book Iave also read great things about this author so I was excited to read a book by er This book did not work for me on many levels but I will read the author again one day Pinky swear. Ed to understand er as an artist and as a woman Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that Lion Boy Trilogy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy: The Chase (Book 2) and Lion Boy: The Truth (Book 3)) he's serious buter deep seated mistrust and is entourage of unwelcomed fans may be than they can overco.

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