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Ng down to a 3 because I didn t feel the characters communicated enough t was thoughts Fat in the Fifties in their heads andt was hard to believe love blossomed as uickly as Kent Island it did What a powerful faith filled book Loved this story so so much Thiss a story about Zoey Decker a former wild child ten yeas earlier She leaves home ten years ago because of a tragic. Ever appear on the town matchmakers’ list of possible wives for him But Matthew has his own list with only one name – ZoeyWelcome to Mirror LakeA small town where dreams of finding home come tru.

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The periodical comments OEI enjoyed this book a lot As Christians we need to have forgiving hearts We should realize that we are all human and we magistrates but who farewell judge I liked these characters and storyline much than I thought I wouldand I read t n one sitting Oh small town life This book hit home because something similar happened. The Troublemaker ReturnsAfter ten years away former “wild child” Zoey Decker returns to Mirror Lake to care for her ll grandmother It seems no one will let her forget her teenage rebellion –.

In my hometown errvillage when I was n high school It opened my eyes to how my community treated the girl exactly like Mirror Lake s community and my heart asks forgiveness People can be so mean and judgemental without knowing the whole story and some never want to hear the story because they d prefer to stay on their high horse I knocked my rati. And the tragic conseuences Except Matthew sees the kinds caring Christian Zoey has become But spending time with her could hurt Matthew’s reputation n the close knit community And her name will

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Kathryn Springer winner of the 2007 Write Touch Reader’s Award long contemporary grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin where her parents published a weekly newspaper As a child she spent many hours sitting at her mother’s typewriter plunking out stories and credits her parents for instilling in her a love of books – which eventually turned into a desire to tell stories of her own