Vicki Edgson: The Food Doctor Fully Revised and Updated Healing Foods for Mind and Body

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Keeper It is broken own in so many ways It also has a great sampling of recipes in the back The only The Touch drawback is the nutrition count is not there So I ll have too some math before I try the recipes But it oes explain in English so many of the symptoms we have and how to eat them away This book is about how you can eat well and get fit with food mentally and physically It could also be used to educate yourself to make better choices about what you choose to eat and how you should split up the meals It is written by two nutritionalists The writing is brief and fact. Ter on eating for one’s individual metabolic body type and lifestyle Written by two nutritionists the pages are packed with nutrition advice case studies.

Mostly good nutritional science with cups of common sense scattered liberally with advice you can use Plus recipes I picked this book up a few months ago and found it interesting It explains how ifferent foods and their nutrients effect our bodies Interesting and imformative It was a really good informative book It Different Class didn tiverge into old wives tales but stayed with the facts for that time in which it was written The only reason I The Essential Good Food Guide don t give it five stars is because it was short The info was useful but brief I usuallyon t keep my books around But this one is Now fully revised and updated this edition of the ever popular guide to eating well has all the latest research new and inspiring recipes and an entire chap.

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Ual but not ry The layout is nice and has lots of photos There is a list of the 100 most nutritious foods Has some recipes at the end Lots of great info on the healthiest foods and their benefits As my children get older and smarter they constantly challenge my commitment to healthy family meals In this war in which I am outnumbered 4 and sometimes 5 to 1 it s nice to have this resource that I can pull out and uote from I idn t uite finish the book because I lost it I found it a few ays later in my 10 year old son s room Every evening we talk about what he s read. And food “cures” Find simple foods with amazing healing properties; check out the efinitive list of the top 100 foods for health vitality and happiness.