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Not a man of words I m just not I want to say them to you but I guess I just feel ike an idiot trying to be all poetic His smile was crooked almost wistful I want to be the man who saves you when you re drowning Rose when Beyond the Snows of the Andes life overwhelms you And I want you to be the woman who does the same for me I can t make you believe me I can only tell you that I m standing in front of you very much inove It s up to you whether you want to et Whitney take our ives from us Rose Kane you really are silly sometimes You re the kindest most gentle man I ve ever met You re not at all The Patriot Bride like you think you are I reallyiked Rose She is a nice blend of Kick ass soldier and soft woman She wants Kane wants a family and to give their son a oving normal safe ife but she is fearful to hope that she could have her dreams She doesn t push Kane away or run from him She accepts him into her Inventing the Future life and tries to make them as much of a family as they can be with everyone after them She is all in with Kane and Iove that I hate yo yos She is very good to Kane seeing the best in him She is very protective and wants to help and pull her weight with the team I made the choice before you ever came to my room Kane she admitted I watched you for weeks and maybe became a Understanding Women little obsessed with you I d never seen anyoneike you before Maybe our time together wasn t memorable to you but I remember every single detail I remember the way you touched me how your skin felt against mine how careful you were with me I hear the sound of your voice at night and it comforts me Nothing has ever made me feel the way you did If I only had that one night with you it was enough for me I m scared too Kane she admitted I thought you were a ogical choice for the father of my baby A slight smile welled up You re very good ooking and you have strength of character and integrity There s no cruelty in you No subterfuge I thought we d Verdammt verliebt live together and be happy and comfortable I m not above putting you over my knee She went up on her toes to cover the scant couple of inches needed to find his mouth with hers Sounds intriguing she murmured against hisips She brushed kisses back and forth across his mouth But you d better really enjoy it because once you The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, let me up Il have to retaliate just for the sake of all women across the world I really enjoyed this book Kane Rose and Sebastian make the cutest family Kane and Rose together are so very sweet but they are very passionate too I Inverloch Volume 4 love that this book connects all the Ghostwalker teams and gives you another peek into the sick mind of Dr Whitney This book also reveals a no good traitor to the Ghostwalkers OMG Javier and Rhianna had sparks flying everywhere Please Please Christine Feehan I need Javier and Rhianna s book Please Great addition to this series Below Ieave my favorite sweet family moments I The Good and Beautiful God ll teach you son everything youl need to know to keep yourself alive and free of our enemies And how to keep your mom safe He nuzzled the boy s head We l never tell her that part it will be our secret That s my woman Scare the crap out of the bastard He cleared his throat Don t use that word son Especially never in your mother s presence She d probably stick a knife in my gut He cleared his throat again Don t ever repeat our conversations to her either I m fairly certain she wouldn t be happy with anything I m saying to you We won t et him get his hands on you son he promised softly He very gently aid his hand on the boy s head Your mother and I wanted you Whatever else happens know you were wanted by both of Who’d do anything to take her child Of all the Ghostwalkers enlisted to hunt her down Kane is the only one she can trust But as their passion reignites the stakes are raised Because Kane is now a wanted man as well And together they’re about to face the most desperate challenge of all staying together and staying ali.

Independent she knew when she needed help and wasn t too arrogant or too stupid to accept it when Kane offered it Alright alright when Kane forced it on her what else would you expect These are the epitome of Alpha Males after all They re GhostWalkers Ruthless Game is an exciting romantic and super sexy story and easily one of my favorites of the series 5 Super baby Stars some spoilers I l just have to sit here fantasizing about taking a The Horse in Celtic Culture long wild ride on your very enormous hard on OMG Iove this book Ruthless Game is the 9th book in the Ghostwalker series and this series is just as strong as ever I am such a sucker when it comes to babies in ove stories and this book gave me tons of swoon worthy moments This series rocks and I am a huge Christine Feehan Fan girl I was there I saw what he was doing I risked my career my ife to expose him to the Senate I can t make you believe in me Rose I can only tell you that you re free If you want to walk out that door I won t stop you but if you choose to stay with me then that gives me every right to protect you in any way that I deem appropriate What this book is aboutKane Cannon is a member of Ghostwalker team 3 He allowed Dr Whitney to make him a part of the breeding program when Dr Whitney told him Rose who he has been watching and wanting from a far has chosen him to be her mate and the father to her child Rose hates the breeding program but she knows that Dr Whitney will send someone whether she Every Boys Dream likes it or not She has been watching Kane for a while now and she is very drawn to him She is not only attracted to him but she can see what a good and honorable man he is So she tells Dr Whitney she will have Kane if he will pair them After Makingove to Rose Kane finds out that she was pregnant with his child and helps her and the other women in program to escape Dr Whitney It s been 8 months that he has been Starflight Zero looking for Rose so he can help protect her and his child He finds her while on a rescue mission in Mexico Rose has enemies coming at her from every side and she is getting to close to birth time to keep running Can Kane get her to trust him and his familyteam to protect her and their child Kane Fuck Whitney and what he thinks he knows You trusted me to make a baby with you You trusted me to deliver our child and to get you both out of trouble You can trust me with your heart God knows I gave you mine completely You walk away and you take it with you Iove Kane He is so sweet and understanding He tries to give Rose what he thinks she needs not only to be safe but to be happy He is A Succession of Bad Days loving and treats her with such respect Kane has a goofball playful side and a solemn super soldier side Cool under pressure He is very protective of those heoves OMG the way he is with their son I melted Nothing is Sexier than a good father I wanted him too Rose I will admit I didn t The Multi-Orgasmic Man like the way he was conceived but I wanted you to have my baby I know you think my attraction to you is all about Whitney pairing us together but he can t make me feel admiration and respect for you He can t control my other emotions through physical chemistry You re so damn sexy soldada hermosa especially when you go all blow things up and scary on me She pursed herips and made kissy noises Just a gentle reminder He The Grave Of The Right Hand laughed outoud Just so you know I m the jealous type Her eyebrow shot up Fine time to tell me I thought I was going to get to take The Great Passage lots ofovers Guess not Damn right you guess not Don t ruin my fantasy honey I m the knight in shining armor and you re my beautiful princess I Ared him for anything But his newest assignment to rescue hostages in Mexico plunges him into a hot zone he never anticipated the hiding place of Rose Patterson fugitive ex The Beast House / After Midnight lover a fellow Ghostwalker pregnant with his childRose is in flight from the insidious experiments that stillive in her dreams and from the madman.

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Review for Ruthless Games by Christine FeehanThis is a solid showing for Feehan not my favorite Ghostwalker story but still a good addition to the series I found the relationship between Rose and Kane not uite as intense as the other couples One of the things I Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) love about this series is the fact that the alpha Ghostwalker boys are sooooo over the top Over the top alpha warrior kick ass sexual dynamos hot for their gals will kill anyone who gets in their way etc etc You get the picture Kane and Rose have a new baby and they still don t seem uite as crazed as the other Ghostwalkers Which I guess is a good thing The best thing about this bookthe babies Oh holy crap how cool is the final scene at the wedding where the Ghostwalker next generation are sitting there in their onesies totally communicating telepathically and watching everyone with their super intel Meh I think I m done with this series I fully expect a Feehan novel to be overwrought and overwritten and while I usually find them entertaining you could easily edit out 10 20% of this one without noticing Also the subtitle of this particular book could be when inconsistencies become plot holesPlot While I appreciate the Feehan spends aot of effort on getting the fight scenes right I wish she s spend some of that energy on the actual romance The genetic engineering pregnancybaby insta I Walk in Dread love really bugged me Also the political and cultural analysis of what is probably Mexico was over simplified to the point where I really wanted to yell at the author to shut off the cable news and do some actual research That s probably just a personal annoyance though I think the biggest problem with the plotting is that the main storyline has changed so hugely since the beginning of the series that I don t think Feehan really knows where she wants to take it it s all over the placeCharacters Rose the heroine of Chinese ancestry is described as a porcelain doll andittle ballerina to such an extent that it was kind of fetishy creepy especially when she was being contrasted with the really huge Kane While they both made the occasional uestionable decision Kane s were so consistently moronic as to fall into TSTL territoryPacing I don t know After the first 50 100 pages I was mostly skimmingOh and a The Life You Save lesson to me to read the back of a book before buying it this is apparently a not so secret pregnancy story complete with graphic childbirth scene repeated descriptions of breast feeding and a super baby Really not my thing but if youike your romances based around pregnancy and babies you might be inclined to Tempting Meredith (Lovers and Friends, like this whole story than I did Wow Another fabulous installment of the GhostWalker seriesOur Hero and Heroine Kane and Rose met in theabs when they were part of Peter Whitney s experimental breeding program but even before they were paired they were drawn to one another When the opportunity arose Kane helped Rose escape the Inside MacPaint labs but thenost track of her Now 8 months Othello (Shakespeare for Everyone Else, later he s found her pregnant with his child and he s not about toose her again Ruthless Game is the 9th book in the series and has all the same elements as the other GhostWalker books do but for some reason this one stood out as being an excellent story Maybe it was the chemistry between Rose and Kane maybe it was just a better storyline or maybe it was a Fit For The Chase; Cars And The Movies little of both I don t know What I do know is that Ioved everything about this book and iterally couldn t put it down There were times I aughed out Luthor Huss loud at Kane s comments and his internal musings and Ioved that while Rose wanted to be. 13 hours 25 minutes A woman on the run with to Variante, Vol. 2 (Variante, live for than she imagined collides with a dangerethal than she feared in the all new Ghostwalker scorcher by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine FeehanGhostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male animalistic sexual protective instinctive and his past missions have prep.

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