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This is probably one of the most visually appealing gardening books I ave read The pictures are beautiful and plentiful I found the information to be vague It tells you when to plant everything but does not go into much detail on Reiki And The Seven Chakras how or the differences between certain zones This is not a book for a beginner as it would not give you the information you need to start out Lots of pretty pictures but nothing new for someone whoas gardened before Another DK success This book is layed out perfectly in my opinion It is not a dry text It is relatable and very easy to understand It Turning the Tide of Battle has a monthly schedule of what to do in your garden and what to plant or what toarvest It gives advice on all kinds of things that I Curse the River of Time help your garden and your own gardening skill thrive Just love it Beautiful pictures and month by month guide to gardening in all seasons would be great for those who live in the appropriate climate This is the American edition of a British publication so I assume the author mainly refers to planting in Great Britain There are no specifics about climate given or any real advice onow to adjust the given calendar to other climates For example in the spread on Growing Under Cover ie in cold frames or unheated greenhouses the author states It is particularly useful if you live in a cold area where spring comes late and fall comes early Of course cold early and late are all relative termsThis book is an introduction to gardening year round and certainly the calendar view is Once I Was a Princess helpful but many beginners are going to need information on planting dates for their specific climate Overall this book might be good for ideas and inspiration but the information is vague Niki Jabbour s The Year Round Vegetable Gardener is a better resource for beginners with some good information on cli. Backyard Harvest is a light bright new gardening title with a big promise it sets out to deliverome grown food from the plot pot freezer or pantry every day of the year That's easy enough in the summer when kitchen gardens and allotments are awash with peas beans leafy greens and soft fruit but not so straightforward in midwinter when

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Eason leeks summer onions lettuce broad beans cut and come again greens and early peas and radishes For tending I should be amending my soil keeping an eye on my stored fruits and veggies for signs of rot pruning some of my fruit trees and picking up fallen leaves from Court the Night (Blood Bonds, hardy winter brassicas so they don t cause rot at the base of the plants The feature for the month is building a seedbed both raised and non In January I should bearvesting celeriac early broccoli the aforementioned Belgian Endive and spring greens Another feature for the month is sprouting seeds for use in salads Each of these categories gets its own two page spread the monthly features occasionally getting four or It s a lovely really useful book and one I HAD to own after getting it from the library It will be getting Greed, Seeds and Slavery heavy use in the coming months I m sureWhittinghamas written or co written three other books Vegetable Gardening and Grow Vegetables before this book and Simple Steps to Success Fruit and Vegetables in Pots after The latter appears to be a combination of the first two in a new format but I could be wrong So I m not sure I d recommend any of those three I Demons, Deliverance, Discernment haven t read them but Backyard Harvest is awesomeYou can find all my reviews at Goddess in the Stacks I totally loved the book So organized andelpful I am going to buy my copy soon I found this book to be the most Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide helpful of the 20 books Iave picked up about gardening It s our first year gardening in any capacity and we know diddly suat about what to do This book would Well Meet Again have come in SOandy in terms of ow to plant seeds to transplant when to sow when to transplant It was especially andy because it told me at what temperature seeds are If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham happiest In CO it isard to know when to sow things because our last frost is as last as May This Arvest Advice is given on winter polytunnel and greenhouse crops and indoor seed sprouting citrus plants and Firebird herbs in pots toelp bring fresh tastes to the table in winter The result is a year round manual for productive kitchen gardeners with plenty of growing projects for raised beds and pots to allow smaller scale gardeners to take pa.

Mate and Eliot Coleman s Winter Harvest Handbook will provide even specifics This is a great book for knowing when to garden your plants including a month by month walk through to explain what to plant A Night on the Tiles harvest etc It is great for all levels of gardening andas tons of information I definitely recommend this book Visually fantastic But it didn t apply well to growing seasons in Canada It touched lightly on each plant something a simple Google could do but didn t dig into the relationships between plants fertilizers for each sunwater Nor did it provide any insight on laying outorganizing a garden plan It was merely a picture book for timings The tips for post The House That Jesus Built harvest storage and seed collection were probably my most enjoyed section Lovely pictures Organized month by month which makes following along easy Focused on an English climate so not uite accurate for nee England but useful nonetheless Backyard Harvest is set up by months which makes for a uniue and absolutely essential to me a beginner book In every month it tells you what you should be eating provided youad planted it previously what you should be planting what you should be pruning or transplanting or otherwise working on and usually a few pages on a seasonal appropriate subject A section on apples and apple trees in November for example The layout is gorgeous the instructions are easy to understand and I feel like after a few years of following this book I ll be eating from my garden every month of the year with easeFor January for example if I Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist had these things plantedarvested or stored from last year I should be eating pickles stored root veggies newly lifted Salsify forced Belgian Endive and winter radishes among other tasty looking things I should be sowing indoors to transplant after the last frost early He ground may be frozen solid Success lies in the planning and this book is written as a continuum with sowing planting and growing advice for each month to keep the crops comingThere are also features on arvesting storing freezing and preserving crops to enjoy later in the winter months and the early spring gap when little is ready to