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Came recommended by Melanie Jones a Goodreads author whose book L Amour Actually is one of my 2013 avourites Anything recommended by Melanie has to be worth a look and I was not disappointed RMR is a romp of a read 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents funny engaging thoughtful and witty with laugh aloud humour and enough zany madness to keep me turning pages well after midnight I have lots to do but could not put this book down Thanks Mel you have restored myaith in chic lit Fran Macilvey author Trapped My Life With Cerebral Pals. Ning to think that 'cosy' isn't all it's cracked up to be Bridge parties have never really been her thing and it would be nice to eel beautiful just once in a while Enough is enough It's time to get her life ba.

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Uite amusing Laugh out load Wicked, Sinful Nights (Raised to be Bladesmen, funny and an easy read I have read this book a number of times and will almost certainly read it again Is it believeable and serious No Thank goodnessor that Sometimes it is good to read something which is entertaining and Ali Pashë Tepelena funny like comfortood Little Fiery One for the brain If you are lookingor a searing insight into relationships this is not the book The Sacred King for you but if you want aunny sometimes sad but always entertaining read then this is ideal This is a light Milking the Dogs, Part 1 frothy and uite. The gorgeous novelrom Sunday Times bestseller Catherine Alliott 'Well What could I say If he was smitten then I could be too and I sank back into the whole cosy relationship with a monumental sigh of relief

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Witty read Of all the chick lits I read in my wayward youth this one is one that sticks out because of the humor I doubt I ll re read it the only chick lit author I ve re read in recent years is Marian Keyes and to be honest it bugs me that she s labelled as a chick lit writer because she s so much If you want an easy light enjoyable luff read Keisaramörgæsir for the beach you could do worse than this Rosie Meadows Regrets by Catherine AlliottIt is a long time since I read any of Alliott s books but this one. Didn't have to try too hard didn't have to be too witty too amusing too beautiful It was like landing on aeather mattress after all those years of being Out There' Two years down the line however Rosie's begin.

Catherine has written fifteen bestselling novels and is translated into eighteen languages She has sold over 3 million books worldwideThe first of these novels Catherine started under the desk when she worked as an advertising copywriter She was duly fired With time on her hands she persevered with the novels which happily flourishedIn the early days she produced a baby with each book but