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Taking placeGou is the story of Oeyo niece of Oda Nobunaga The manga traces her ife and the various upheavals she has to go through including three political marriages as she becomes an unwilling pawn of HideyoshiIt s a 5 volumes series D daughter of the daimyo Azai Nagamasa who was married to the sister of Oda Nobunaga One of Gou's

Nd while the initial books are okay enough the story becomes interesting ater on with several new characters and political conflicts It does gloss over private details of certain characters but those details are hardly relevant to the plo. Lder sisters was the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi while the other married the daimyo Kyogoku Takatsug.

The art is good The author keeps the story simple doesn t go too deep into the minor characters backgrounds and sticks to only giving the necessary details which is a very good thing in a historical story with several concurrent episodes. The story focuses on the ife of Gou a wife of the second Tokugawa shogun Hidetada Gou was the thir.

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