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As inte. A vivid overview of Man Ray’s multifaceted practice and photographic legacy It traces Ray from his artistic beginnings in New York through to his central role in the Parisian avant garde where he featured in the first Surrealist xhibition with Jean Arp Max Ernst André Masson Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso and produced such now iconic works as Noir.

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Book Man Ray 1890–1976 was a polymath modernist working in painting sculpture film printmaking and poetry But it was his work in photography with nude studies fashion work and portraiture that saw him pioneering a new chapter in the history of camerawork and artWith a wide ranging collection of both his famous and lesser known works this monograph gives.

Resting. E t blanche and Le Violon d’Ingres Through numerous xamples of still life portraiture and beyond we see how Ray constantly xperimented with new techniues pushing photography out of its documentary domain into thereal poetic xpressions through multiple xposure solarization and the particular brand of photograms he wittily termed “rayography?.