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Page turns tc difficult than necessaryThis is the best Hans Zimmer collection I have seen available and thoroughly worth he money The collection of songs was poor Han has soooo many good songs that the selection chosen for the book was disappointing If you like pirates buy that collection or Batman but that one buy this is not his greatest compilation Need to rip out the pages if you want to play from it Needs coil binding Bought for wife s birthday She wanted it because of a couple songs it had to play on her new piano Has some amazing songs in it It s in book form so it doesn t real stay open when playing It be better if it was in a binder format A fine collection of songs by Hans Zimmer Right now these songs are a little above my playing level which is beginning middle intermediate bu If you love the music in the movies he scored and can play piano WELL you ll love this collection It s NOT A Fairly Honourable Defeat easy to just sit down and play unless you are an ACCOMPLISHED pianist but if younjoy his music in the movies you ll njoy learning to play your favorites in n this collection Realize level of difficulty is subjective but doesn t have all the fullness of chords notes had hoped for Admit. Ce of Egypt Can You Hear Your Heart Winter's Tale Cheldorado The Road to Eldorado Chevaliers de Sangreal The Da Vinci Code Corynorhinus Batman Begins The Dark Knight Overture The Dark Knight Days of Thunder Main Title Days of Thunder Discombobulate Sherlock Holmes Doomsday Is Family Time The Simpsons Movie Dream Is Collapsing Inception Drink Up Me Hearties Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End Driving Miss Daisy Driving Miss Daisy Homeland Main.

This is an xcellent collection Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoyed playing some pieces straight away but will have to work up to otherscertainly to play them at the correct speed Bought this book for my higher grade pupils however not many of the arrangements werengaging The Man Without a Face enough toven use in lessons Currently playing my favourite tunes with this incredible book I would say that some of the pieces are challenging for pupils under grade 5 But worth getting I probably should of read the contents and seen that none of my favourite Zimmer songs werein the book silly me You would think that the awesome song from interstellar the main theme and theold Inception sound track Time would be amust I am sure the other songs are good but just not my favourite Zimmer songs Great collection and most of the arrangements are really well put together I d say it s good for intermediate up players ABRSM Grade 5 The pieces are well selected works of Hans Zimmer covering a wide range of his worksI wouldn t say it s a great techniue or learning book other than the njoyment of playing the pieces some of them would go well in a concertThe Editing and printing uality is generally good a few publishingprinting money savers making. Hans Zimmer's film scores are bold and unmistakable Over the course of his prolific career he has provided music for some of the world's most beloved films including Disney's The Lion King and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight This collection features faithful arrangements of some of the best known titles by this brilliant composer Titles 160 BPM Angels and Demons Ah Putrefaction Sherlock Holmes All of Them King Arthur The Burning Bush The Prin.

Biased having some pieces in other arrangements much truer to the original score Some reviewers indicated this book for advanced players just don t see that Suggest if you like a piece here but feel like it s missing something try the same song in a different complex arrangement Appears that one may have to purchase some pieces individually to get a complex arrangement While these relatively simplistic arrangements don t replicate the full dynamics of Hans Zimmer s compositions some may njoy these arrangements Missing songs from Interstellar only one song from Pirates Several pieces are duplicates of Gone (Gone, each other so that s a pretty cheap move from the publishers If this is supposed to be the definitive collection it falls short by a mile The couple memorable pieces that ARE in the book are good there s just too few of them Too many themes from lesser known movies that were probably cheaper for the publisher to buy the rights to It s a thick book but it s stuffed with filler and redundant pieces several that are just different versions of the same themes Definitely seems like a halfffort cash grab by the publisher Not recommended a complete collection can probably be found lsewhere. Title Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Honor Him Gladiator In the Beginning The Bible It's So Overt It's Covert Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Krypton's Last Man of Steel Life Goes On A League of Their Own Maestro The Holiday The Nativity The Bible Now We Are Free Gladiator Roll Tide Crimson Tide Tennessee Pearl Harbor This Is Clark Kent Man of Steel This Land The Lion King What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World Man of Stee.

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