Kerby Rosanes: Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge

pdf kindle Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge BY KerBY Rosanes –

Pictures But then the rest of the book is ine I am going to go to a store to get a replacement with all the pictures and this time I can make sure they are there I will still enjoy the book but it sucks I have to buy another one Oh my god I absolutely love this book The artwork is outstanding definitely the best of Kerby Rosanes trilogy of colouring books Will take a very long time to inish this beauty The paper is slightly thicker than previous books but i would recommend using a layer of gesso if you want to use wet media Art basics do a smooth clear gesso but i haven t tested it on this book yet so be careful Or be very sparing with the waterpaint Slightly hard or my grandson who s Ring book eaturing mythical creatures that morph and explode into astounding detail Bring each imagination bending image alive with color and ind the objects hidden throughout the pages of this antastical coloring boo.


D ever think of are included The images seem to be bigger than they have been and while there is still much to colour you don t have uite as many tiny tiny spots The best part or me No of the complete yourself pieces I always jokingly whisper no Kerby YOU draw it I just want to colour when I come across those pages There are none in this book He s ully drawn and shaded every image in the book and it s WONDERFUL 1010 you need this book First off I was SO HAPPY to get this book I really like the art work The only problem was that it is incomplete The pages after the Medusa head are missing 9 pictures due to a binding error I suppose I have double pages and that caused the loss of the other. Ring addictsThe awesomely detailed style ans have come to know and love through Kerby Rosanes' New York Times bestselling coloring books AnimorphiaImagimorphia Fantomorphia and Geomorphiacomes to vivid life in this colo.

Totally his best book yet I m VERY pleased with this purchase I ve usually bought the British versions of his books due to line up issues in the American versions the ram whose nose is off the butterfly not lined up etc but I couldn t wait or this book and was pleasantly surprised that not only are the images just a 14 of an inch away rom the ditch in the book but they seem to be properly lined up as well Perhaps the printers are listening to comments eh Kerby s work has always been wonderful and I LOVE animals so I thought nothing could replace Animorphia even Imagimorphia which I also have but this one Dragons mermaids gnomes orcs yeti nearly all the kinds of mythical creatures you coul. Fans of adult coloring books will love the intricate imaginative illustrations of mythological creatures including dragons unicorns griffins and in this extreme coloring and search challenge bookthe perfect gift or colo.

Philippines based illustrator Kerby Rosanes works mainly with ink fineliners and markers to illustrate his “doodle” world He considers his art as a personal hobby which became his part time freelance work after being recognized by various design blogs international magazines and online art communitiesIn 2014 Kerby left his job as a graphic designer from a local company to finally pursue his passion creating art for personal projects and for clients while collaborating with other artists global brands and design agencies around the worldFollow him on Twitter KerbyRosanes Follow him on Instagram KerbyRosanesLike him on Facebook