Jason Cheek: First Login: A LitRPG and GameLit Series. (The World Book 1)

To see how the story continues This was a good start Some of the ideas were taken from other lit rpg series but at this point of the genre they have become accepted tropes Lots of action of the hack and slash variety combined with magic It appears that crafting may also become important to the mc s playbook The story flows well but there is some infodumping that those new to the genre may find useful An interesting plot and uestline with a rival guild for extra inter group conflict I ll be reading the rest of the series I generally enjoy litrpg books as a light read I have played plenty of computer games as a background to my review I uite liked the main character but found the constant explanations of game play tedious in the end If it is full emersion that let it read that way without constant breakdowns of the characters superior techniues It s almost like the author is trying to be a tutorial at times The storyline is fine but in my experience there are a lot better reads available in this genre Honestly I read this out of sheer curiosity Some reviews from trusted reviewers had pointed out some blatant plagiarism going on and yes I felt some moments of j vu while reading But you know what I still loved it The story may have been influenced by other top stories in the litrpg genre but it still felt new and exciting The MC while OP felt real and your with him every step of the way as he progresses You get fighting crafting pvps guilds and much There is a need for a bit editing as there are some obvious spelling mistakes and unneeded words left in here and there but seriously they are easy to ignore as you Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek do become engaged to such an extent that youon t really notice them So yes give this series a go I m off to buy the next two books in the series based solely on how much I enjoyed reading this book. Ing women Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography digital prostitution exsanguinations women playing men references to science fiction literature and television references to gaming playing MMOs for too many hours straight government surveillance jellyonuts inappropriate gaming names player abuse interrogations and torture adult situations grocery store misconduct talking on a cell in public magic misconduct fangs general misconduct voyeurism heavy petting insanity random violence promiscuity werewolves and vampires that like to kill evil gnolls and goblins good orcs and bad orcs too much At the Italians Command drinkingismemberment abuse of authority abuse of popularity electrocutions freeze blasts arcane explosions Oh Baby! destruction of property annoying escort uests rezzing and resurrections castle sieging city ransacking role playing crazy ex girlfriend flashbacks nutshots and eye poking pick up groups fast moving zombies hunting for food and xp troll hating camping griefing justified vengeance biting backstabbing clawing trash talking open mindediscussions bitching close minded hate personal opinions and other fun things Read at your own risk newly edited on February 27 2019.

summary First Login: A LitRPG and GameLit Series. (The World Book 1)

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Very good book nothing especially uniue but it is solid Needs some work using commas aka the Oxford comma As far as the plagiarism issue goes i Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, don t see it It certainlyraws heavily off a few books the The Maid of Lorne dragons wrath and ascend online in particular but having read both of said books ion t agree Having similar building mechanics and book start oes not eual plagiarism Could the author be a little originals yes Did he plagiarize to any significant extent beyond a few ideas and sentances no Great Story Love itStory is so good i love the crafting and ingenieringCant wait for the 7ook But not perfect While I get that a lot of people will read this and go yeah this is just like Dragon s wrath or Ascension lets be honest how many litrpg books are really original All of them have atleast one aspect that is in in all others if not Yes it would have been better if the author tried a little harder but to be honest I ont really care The story is good I would have given it 5 stars if the antagonists were a bit 3d and I would have liked it if the latter 100 pages wiuldnt feel a bit random the if I How to Become a Virgin dont tell were the money comes from I can pull whatever amount righ out of my ass trick isum But overall I enjoyed myself and I will read the next one so mission accomplished author Loving the series so far Sorry but it s not a good look when the Author apologises about mistakes in the preface This has the potential to be a really good book but readers shouldn t be used as proofreaders Freuent mistakes Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, detract from the flow as a reader and if you want people to pay money for the book you should have it in a better state before publishing My rant aside this story has all the right ingredients to be a fast pace uality LiTRPG 4 12 StarsMy personal rating system1 Star Couldn t finish the book2 Stars Didn t really like th. After playing online together for years Jason and his friends are excited about the possibilities of the emerging technology of Full Immersion Virtual Reality aka FIVR Preparing for the release of The World Jason isetermined to help his friends realize their ream of being pro gamers Choosing a Nightmare start to get ahead of the wave of new players starting the game Jason finds himself alone in the wilds tasked with saving a group of refugees from goblin invaders Although he manages to save the survivors that's just the beginning of his trials as he esperately fights to bring them back from the edge of annihilation Jason is uickly swept up in the adventure as he struggles to build a home for his guildmates and the NPCs that hes saved As the trouble heats up he uickly iscovers that marauding goblins are the least of his concerns WARNING This is a LitRPG story and contains violence explicit expletives cussing and swearing nudity explicit hacking and slashing betrayals pant wetting improper use of motorcycles general speeding theft arson power leveling twinking PVP ogling of emi humans ogling of humanoids ogling.

E book but was interested enough in the story to finish Skipping great chunks3 Stars The book was okay finished it and will consider reading from the author4 Stars Really enjoyed the book will check out others by this author4 12 Stars Loved the book will immediately check out others by author if asked will recommend book5 Stars LOVED the book will immediately check out all others by author will pre emptively recommend book to ALL my book friendsI loved it and expect I ll be rereading it again in the future This book is a solid 4 and a half stars which I ve bumped up to five as Command Performance doesn to half stars I Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, do have one uestion about the book what is with the names The authors name is Jason and the MC is Jason fair enough but then the MC s in game character is Start m Ironwolf and the MC of Jason s second series is Start m Ironwolf Time for Jason to come up with some new namesIn all seriousness I liked this series enough that as soon as I read all 3 books available I immediately started in on Jason s second series good To sum it up this is in my top 3 series of litrpg for when is the next book out And i read lots uesting battles and setlement building Give it a go Overall a good story at times a bit annoying as the character reminisces about old girlfriends sorry but who cares alot of references to WoW if you haven t played it it can be a bit tedious I wanted to see of the main uest savingrecovering the house he is a part of and the cityvillage building maybe they will be in the next book Ends in a cliffhanger not my favourite type of ending the whole section with the mine seemed to The Perfect Blend drag a little Also all the main uests have a time limit on them but the MC justecides to go ungeon iving halfway through the book for some reason But good potential overall beginings of a cool story Will be getting the next book. Of monsters PVE spawn camping Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss dwarf throwing cell phone hacking lesbian relations account hacking attempted rape adult situations violations of civilian rights aire wolf with an attitude infidelity relations with Orcs Goblins Trolls Beastkin Gnomes Dwarves Elves and monsters MMORPG style violence allusions to nonconsensual relations consensual relations wolves and bears as pets naked raids murder attempted murder atheist rationalizations man handling Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] decapitations pirate on pirate violence gossipingefenestration rationalizations unusual morals NPC relations player relations stalking looting womanizing mansplaining bribery LAN parties fantasy Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, depictions of mages and warriors risu fantasy gaming tropes personal rants assault and battery stabbings cannibalism general mayhem specific mayhem immolations explosions siege weapons of massestruction existential Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm discussions controversial topics of sci fi fandom real world relationships relationships playing the fieldisrespect for authority womansplaining in game relations realm invasions mind control fears bad tempered marines conspiracy theories cohabitation men play.