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The best dress up scarecrow and when two characters walk into a cafe one mentions to the other that it s just down the road rom where her mother works had me thoroughly engrossed in her London Tangle fictional worldKara Thomas is now my top current author in the YA mysterysuspense genre as well as the ueen of the high school setting and I will be racing to pre order her next book Five cheerleadersrom Sunnybrook High School have died Five years later Monica whose sister committed suicide is not convinced that these deaths were random Her Kitty Learns the Ropes (Kitty Norville, fun loving sister Jen never would have taken her own life of that Monica is certain While snooping in her stepf I had high expectationsor this book and while it was an okay read I definitely House of Night and Day felt there was something missing The style of writing confused me at times I didn teel any of the emotions the characters should have been Morgan and Yew feeling and even the mystery surrounding the cheerleaderselt like a let down A 3 star read This book is epic so Desires Command far So good I thoroughly recommend The only thing is I wouldn t buy this book if you don t like books that swear It annoys me that is swears a lot as. D is starting to unravel There are the letters in her stepdads desk an unearthed years old cell phone a strange newriend at school Whatever happened Invisible (Invisible, five years ago isnt over Some people in town know than theyre saying And somehow Monica is at the center of it allThere are no cheerleaders in Sunnybrook but that doesnt mean anyone else is safeMore Praiseor Kara ThomasGripping Pier Head Jump from start toinish with twists that left me shocked VICTORIA AVEYARD #1 New York Times bestselling author of Red ueenYoull be up all night tearing through the pages BUSTLEThis deliciously deceptive thrilleris a must have SL.

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There s been no cheerleading suad at Sunnybrook High Make Your Own Pixel Art for the pastive years TABU following three separate tragedies involving cheerleaders Bethany and Colleen were theirst to die killed in a car accident when their car hit a tree Then Susan and Juliana were murdered strangled by Susan s neighbour who was stalking her while the girl s were home alone the neighbour then subseuently shot by police Finally Jennifer who was supposed to be at the sleepover the night Susan and Juliana died but Parinamam ennal പരിണാമം എന്നാല്‍ fell ill at the last minute unable to come to terms with herriend s deaths commits suicideJennifer s sister Monica living in the shadow of her perfect sister is trying to move on even though her life eerily mirrors her sister s Mistakes (Mistakes Trilogy, five years ago she s popular has two bestriends and is a member of the dance team the club that replaced the cheer suad But the past won t let her go and upon discovering an ominous note citing a connection between all the cheerleaders deaths Monica starts to unwittingly look into her sister s past But unravelling the truth is a dangerous game one she just might not surviveBack in April I was so impressed wi. Sharp brilliantly plotted and totally engrossing KAREN M MCMANUS New York Times bestselling author of One of Us Is LyingA crafty dark and disturbing story KATHLEEN GLASGOW New York Times bestselling author of Girl In Pieces A little bit Riverdale and a little bit Veronica Mars RILEY SAGER bestselling author of Final GirlsA Goodreads Best Young Adult Book of the Year NomineeFrom the author of The Darkest Corners and Little Monsters comes an all new edge of your seat thriller set in upstate New York about an eerie seuence of seemingly unrelated events that leaves ive cheerleaders deadThere are no che.

Th Little Monsters that I promptly pre ordered The Cheerleaders and then waited impatiently or the 31st July to roll around And I m pleased to report that this one was just as good suspenseful tense shocking and emotional Have to say I was definitely led down the garden path on this one The author did something different and clever that I totally The Cruel Collection fellor that still has me thrilledChapters were told in the present Got Parts? from Monica s POV as welllashbacks in Jennifer s POV Timelines set Divine Grace (Divine Creek Ranch, five years apart meant there were two sets of students since Monica was only in middle school when Jen was in high school so there were uite aew characters to keep straight But that s what I love about Kara Thomas s books is that her characters don t live in a bubble they have parents Kept familyriends acuaintances renemies teachers aculty Camp Tiger friend s parent s parent sriends most only get a mention or a small role but this high calibre of attention to detail really bring her characters to life And not just her characters but the setting and lay out of the town as well like how every October the businesses on Main Street compete to display. Erleaders in the town of SunnybrookFirst there was the car accident two girls dead after hitting a tree on a rainy night Not long after the murders happened Those two girls were killed by the man next door The police shot him so no one will ever know his reasons Monicas sister was the last cheerleader to die After her suicide Sunnybrook High disbanded the cheer suad No one wanted to be reminded of the girls theyd lostThat was Eddie five years ago Now theaculty and students at Sunnybrook High want to remember the lost cheerleaders But The abbots house for Monica its not that easy She just wants toorgetOnly Monicas worl.

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Kara Thomas is a true crime addict and the author of THE DARKEST CORNERS LITTLE MONSTERS and THE CHEERLEADERS all published by Delacorte Press You can find her on Twitter karatwrites Instagram karathomas or at wwwkara thomascom