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S she can produce And I find her narrative voice pleasant and soothing which makes a cozy mystery like this great end of ay listening Like many series that become popular and The Pursuit of Mary Bennet demand a new book every year the Royal Spyness stories are getting a little sloppy While it was a great relief to have a lot less ueenie and less of Georgie s casually cruel comments to her there is an awful lot of exposition repetition tiresome hand wringing and just general wheel spinning in this story Very little happens and the one small moment of potentialanger is oddly minor and greatly overblown There are some sweet new characters and the change of scenery is a pleasure so Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, definitely a pleasant way to spend half an hour or so before bed But Io hope the next book will be better plotted and tightly written I found myself getting very impatient the fifth time somebody reiterated the same specious reason why the obvious culprit couldn t have Shooting for a Century done it This will be my last read of the Royal Spyness series Just give up What used to be fun light reading about a usually engaging heroine has simply turned into silly Georgieoesn t act like a woman growing in independence and intelligence and Darcy is a stock figure I was groaning I, Partridge during the first chapter and skimmed the rest of the book till the finally end I realize Rhys Bowen will continue to churn out edition after edition because of her fan base Next installmentue out in a few months By the time Georgie matures or finds an interesting way to react to her life if ever I will not be reading or caring I truly love this series It is one of the very few that I would buy in hardcover because I couldn t wait until the paperback came out But to tell the truth it s gotten a bit long in the tooth There isn t much sleuthing mostly running around from one scene to the next because that s what books Shadow of the Templar do Itidn t feel well plotted And through much of it things were blindingly obvious that the characters acted oblivious to In the end there were a couple interesting plot twists but too many strings were too conveniently tied up I wouldn t be surprised if this is the last But maybe not If there are installments I will happily snap them up I hope the uality returns to it s previously high standard I have been a fan of Rhys Bowen s books for a couple of years and I always look forward to new releases All of her books are lovely but I must admit that her Royal Spyness series is my favorite If you re not familiar with this series here s a brief explanation the books take place in1930s England and Georgiana Rannoch is 35th in line for the throne She is an astute young woman and she ofte. Hat he isnt planning to introduce her to the pleasures of sinning in secretas she had hopedbut to make her his wifeOf course shell need special permission from the king to marry a Roman Catholic Though he will inherit a title Darcy is as broke as Georgie Even his familys Irish castle has been sold to a rich American

Another entertaining episode in the Royal Spyness series but the price is ludicrously high What are the publishers thinking of I always enjoy the Georgiana stories and this was a good one set in Ireland I love this series and the latest book is one of the bestHow Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light do you set about proving a man s innocence when even he thinks he sone it Leave it to Georgie with a little help from her friends I enjoyed this a lot Zou Zou was great But whyyyyy Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, do we need to have sexual assault as a joke WHY Heaven knows why These stories revolving around an aristocrataughter of a Scots Duke and her now fianc e Darcy are entertaining and light hearted In this novel an elopement is held Six Days in Leningrad due to a blizzard and then cancelled when it is found that Darcy s father has been arrested for murderFirst Darcy and then Georgie go to Ireland to support the father and to investigate the murder We are introduced to an exotic Polish princess who is both beauti Rhys Bowen has many of the characters and characteristics you want in a well The Darkness drawn rather old fashioned British style mystery The heroine is proper and the hero is honorable and they stumble into the mystery through the actions of the hero s father the local lord who was forced to sell his birthright and has subseuently turned into an embittered recluse There s a shifty butler and aelightful village and a Big House It s raining all the time and mud is everywhere Did I mention it takes place in Ireland So there s a nice pub too The heroine is plucky pluckier than the hero who is worried about his Flyboy dad the embittered recluse and fears the worst In the end there s an American connection gangster style and justice is restoredI read this book on a cold and rainyay and it brought a ray of sunshine into my living room I knew the series had been in A Dark Sicilian Secret decline but I needed a light read fast and bought this outing Ugh it wasn t even good for falling asleep It was so repetitive that almost the exact wording was used just pages apart toescribe Darcy s attitude Darcy was flat Georgie was flat ueenie was a new person Zou Zou started out being interesting but when the author lost interest in her clothes she too turned as flat as an old glass of champagne Actually the plot and the characters were hokey gangsters from Chicago Is this what readers are looking for And in the end the story was predictable and terribly Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek depressing at the end the only person who had any money at all was the person who had it to start Zou Zou Kathrine Kellgren is a remarkably talented voice artist It s worth listening to any book she narrates if only to marvel at the range of convincing characterization. Lady Georgiana Rannoch knows nothing is simple when youre thirty fifth in line for the British crown but her upcoming marriage proves to be the ultimate complication in the tenth mystery in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness seriesAs Lady Georgianas beloved Darcyrives her out of London she soon iscovers

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N receives royal reuests for help Of course one cannot refuse the ueen of England Georgie has all sorts of adventures and solves mysteriesCrowned and Dangerous is the 10th book in the Royal Spyness series When we last encountered our heroine Georgie she was attending the wedding of her cousin Prince George to Princess Marina As the story begins she has been swept away by her enigmatic beau Darcy O Mara who after several years of casual ating intends to take her to Gretna Green and marry herAlas fate intervenes and Darcy sees a newspaper bearing grim tidings his father Lord Kilhenny has been arrested for the murder of the wealthy American man who bought the Kilhenny estate several years agoDarcy rushes off to his father s side and informs Georgie that she is to remain in England and her involvement in the case would be too scandalous Those familiar with the series will know that our Georgie is not easily At the Italians Command deterred and so she ventures over to Irelandetermined to stand by her beloved and to prove his father s innocenceThe mystery portion of the book is rather interesting because Georgie and Darcy Oh Baby! do not really have access to the crime scene They have to rely on the facts of the case and the prognosis seems rather grim since the accused claims he wasrunk and Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, does not really remember anything Georgieoesn t The Maid of Lorne do nearly as much sleuthing in this book as she hasone in the past and she practically stumbles upon the solution through luckfateDespite this Crowned and Dangerous is a lovely book Bowen evotes her time to building up Georgie s world Most of the book takes place in Ireland but it was nice to receive updates as it were on the friends and family who have appeared in previous books It was also uite lovely to meet some new characters like Darcy s Aunt Oona and Uncle Dooley as well as the ebonair Zou Zou And of course what Royal Spyness book would be complete without Georgie s maid ueenie She plays a minor role than she has in the past but she still manages to steal the showI would recommend Crowned and Dangerous If you are new to the series I recommend starting at the beginning and reading the books in order This is a solid entry in the series with some nice set up for the next book Although there is a murder to be solved this is a light book infused with humor Georgie is a How to Become a Virgin delightful protagonist her manners are impeccable but she is kind to everyone regardless of their social position She s clever and she s funny and I always enjoy her adventures Now that I have read the book I suppose that I am going to have to re read the rest of the series while waiting a year for Georgie s next adventure. Ho now employs his fatherNothing willeter them from their missionexcept perhaps the news that Georgies future father in law has just been arrested for murdering the rich American With the elopement postponed they head for Ireland where the suspect insists hes innocent and its up to them to prove itfor better or wors.

Rhys Bowen is the New York Times bestselling author of two historical mystery series as well as the #1Kindle bestseller In Farleigh Field the international bestseller The Tuscan Child and three other historical novels including the newly released THE VENICE SKETCHBOOK This story takes a young woman to Venice to discover her great aunts secret lifeIn Farleigh Field was nominated for the Edgar Award won the Agatha award for best historical mystery as well as the MacAvity and Bruce Alexander Memorial Awards Rhys was born in Bath England and educated at London University but now divides her time between California and Arizona Her books have been nominated for every major mystery award and she has won twenty of them to date including four Agathas She currently writes two historical mystery series each very different in tone The Molly Murphy mysteries feature an Irish immigrant woman in turn of the century New York City These books are multi layered complex stories with a strong sense of time and place and have won many awards including Agatha and Anthony There are 17 books so far in this series plus three Kindle stories The Amersham Rubies Through the Window and The Face in the Mirror a great way to introduce new readers to Mollys spunky personalityThen there is Lady Georgie Rhyss latestand very popular heroine Shes 35th in line to the throne of England but shes flat broke and struggling to survive in the Great Depression These books are lighter and funnier than Mollys adventures They poke gentle fun at the British class system about which Rhys knows a lot having married into an upper class family rather like Georgies with cousins with silly nicknames family ghosts and stately homes The thirteenth book in the series Love and Death Among the Cheetahs was published August 2019 Two books in the series have won the Agatha award for best historical mysteryThe series received the Readers Choice Award for favorite mystery series and Rhys was nominated for career achievement It was also voted one of Goodreads top 10 cozy mysteries The books have been translated into many languages and brought Rhys fans from around the worldHer most recent achievement has been the big World War 2 stand alone novels In Farleigh Field and The Tuscan Child as well as The Victory Garden a novel of WWi and Above the Bay of Angels a young woman becomes a chef for ueen Victoria They have enjoyed impressive sales world wide and brought Rhys many new readersAs a child Rhys spent time with relatives in Wales Those childhood experiences colored her first mystery series about Constable Evans in the mountains of Snowdonia 10 books including the Edgar nominee Evans Gate She has lived in Austria Germany and Australia but has called California her home for many years She now escapes to her home in Arizona during those cold California winters When shes not writing she loves to travel sing hike paint and play the Celtic harp and hear from her readers