Fannie Tucker: In the Biker Gang's Sex Pit

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Enjoyable In the darkest depths lies the greatest ecstasyWhen a year of wild partying costs April her college scholarship she needs cash fast Unable to pawn her only valuable possession a vintage guitar given to her by her father she becomes desperate enough to try anythingIn an outlaw biker gang's clubhouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles the notorious Gila Monsters Mo.

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Nd well wort. Torcycle Club has created a sadistic challenge called Thirty Minutes in the Pit Any woman who can endure for a half hour can make thousands of dollars but in the Pit anything goes and in the company of depraved outlaw bikers anything can mean uite a lotSoon April finds herself in a sexual free for all and theburly bikers pile on top of her the slower time craw.

H the price. Ls Can she make it to the thirty minute mark or will she crawl out early ravaged without a penny to show for her humiliationThis 8800 word erotic short story contains explicit adult content including intense and graphic descriptions of a young woman faced with several members of a biker gang intent on using her slender body to sate their wildest carnal desires.