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Hing I would buy and like to see a revised edition since some of the new drugs on the market ave been removed or are now considered common The author writes with passion and I find The Letters to the Thessalonians his research and insights very reliable I liked all the referenced resource materials I mappy I found this book and I went through it in two days It will be on my shelf for a lifetime and used as a reference and I ighly suggested for those of you with low testosterone levels. Started testosterone replacement therapy in 1993 as a desperate attempt to survive and overcome wasting syndrome Testosterone gave im Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, hisealth back which propelled Ivory (The Ivory Saga him to become an expert on its use After years of trial and error and self empowermente is ready to share Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, his knowledge with the world With a chemical engineering degree countless ofours in scientific conferences and memberships in several metabolic research and wellness groups The Temple of Death he was been able to digest scientific information on the subject to translate it in laymans terms for all to benefit He is the co author of the book Built to Survive A Comprehensive Guide to the Medical Use of Anabolic Therapies Nutrition and Exercise for HIV Women and Men and the founder the non profit organizations Program for Wellness Restoration PoWeR and the Body Positive Wellness Clinic in Houston Texas Heas given over 700 lectures in English and Spanish in the United States and abroad about testosterone nutrition exercise aging and general wellness to men and womenFor updates on this book and to join Nelsons email list visit ExcelMaleco.

I wish I d started with this book Hope the doctors will read it as the medical world seems very uninformed Thank you This book was really Venus Blueprint helpfulI struggled to find any reason for everything that wasappening to me and this book Shame On Her Volume 3 helped make sense of it all Since then I vead to pay through the nose for private therapy the NHS is light years behind in this area but life is much betterAs someone with a scientific training I particularly appreciate all th. Testosterone A Mans GuideAre you experiencing fatigue and low or no sex driveDo you seem to Bisk CPA Review have less mental focusDo youave less tolerance to stress and feel downIs your body getting softer while you are gaining fatHave you been exercising for months or years without improvements in your bodyYou do not A Crazy Kind of Love have the problems mentioned but you want toow to keep your testosterone within ealthy rangesThen this book may be for you You may be one of the 15 million men in the United States that are suffering from testosterone deficiency and who are suffering needlessly by not knowing it This book will explain in clear and practical language the symptoms and treatments of testosterone deficiency to elp determine if you are a good candidate for this therapy Testosterone replacement therapy TRT can dramatically boost sex drive and function strength energy levels mood mental focus and lean body mass while decreasing fat in men with testosterone deficiency syndrome ypogonadism However it is not a therapy to start without proper knowledge about potential side effects and their management There ar.

E work Nelson Vergel as done both Backlash here in this book and onis forum A must ave book for any man regardless of age but especially for older men My physician recommended testosterone replacement therapy and it pays to get all the knowledge you can prior to making the decision Don t just take your physicians advice Knowledge is power Although this book is a little dated what is true back then is still true today and it didn t feel like I was missing anyt. E several options for testosterone replacement available by prescription but many men do not know ow to decide which is best for them This book reviews all options from the authors point of view as an educated patient who Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, has used all available options andas researched the current scientific data Al myths and misconceptions surrounding testosterone are fully explained and resolvedAfter reading this book you will knowIf you In Defense of Food have low testosterone blood levelsWhat your best TRT option is suitable for you if you need oneHow to avoid the main mistakes that men make when using TRTHow to identify and treat potential side effects before they become a problemHow to talk to your doctor about getting TRT orow to find a doctor who prescribes testosteroneWhat foods and medicines can lower your testosteroneThe truth about non prescription testosterone boostersHow to apply for financial assistance from testosterone manufacturersWhat compounding pharmacies are and ow they can customized TRT options for youAbout the Author Nelson Vergel BsChE MBA is practicing what scientists can only theorize He.

Stay in touch with Nelson and all new developments by registering on wwwExcelMalecom and visiting his wwwDiscountedLabscom site He also has a few videos on YouTubecoms ExcelMale page Nelson Vergel is a chemical engineer who started his search for cutting edge health knowledge when he was diagnosed with HIV over 30 years ago Instead of giving into the hopelessness of the deadly diagnosis he pushed himself to explore therapies to combat wasting syndrome to save his life and those of his peers He reviewed medical literature and attended numerous health conferences eventually becoming an advocate member in the National Health Institute NIH pharmaceutical research committees and FDA review panels To spread survival knowledge he has given health related lectures providing over 700 of them since 1987 Nelson has created popular health forums with over 55000 members and has networked with many progressive clinicians He has been a speaker for 14 pharmaceutical companies on hormones side effect management and healthy aging He is the author of “Testosterone A Man’s Guide” and co author of the book “Built to Survive”; the founder of the nonprofit organizations Body Positive Wellness Clinic and Program for Wellness Restoration in Houston; and the aging expert at TheBodycom ExcelMalecom one of his latest projects is uickly becoming a leader among information exchange platforms for men’s health To remove barriers for self monitoring Nelson created DiscountedLabscom to provide low cost blood tests to people in most of the United States He is the co founder of Clinic Optimizers an integrative medicine educational company that provides reference backed information to physicians about compounded formulations used in hormone replacement weight loss sexual health dermatology and other uses