By M.T. Anderson: The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party

S contextThis is an extraordinary novel The provocative themes which run throughout the book cause the reader to pause and consider what might have been had slavery not existed for nearly 100 years following the American Revolution Written partly as a personal narrative but also incorporating fictionalized examples of newspaper clippings and postings the era in which the novel is set is reinforced in both its tone and attitude While the novel is purported to be geared toward readers from ninth grade and beyond it is really a novel for any reader who seeks literature that is thought provoking and intelligently written I recommend The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing for anyone who loves to read This is a novel that will stay with you long after you have placed it on the shelf I loved this book I on t understand the complaints of those who found it slow The main author was one of the most authentic voices I have heard in literature The writing was masterful and beautiful Granted the language of the time must have been as ornate as the prose the author spinsI am not exaggerating when I say my hair stood on end twice when reading it This is a must read for any adult youthful or not who has any interest in our system of governance and as the back cover of the book proclaims what it actually means to call yourself a patriot I hope this book one First Blood day is widely taught and read It has a remarkable unerring poetic telling of the barbarity of human propertyA remarkable book I was a little upset when my son s sixth grade teacher assigned this to him First it is not an easy read Next it has some veryifficult concepts and scenes not 100 percent appropriate for an 11 year old Still instead of asking him to put it The Palliser Novels down I chose to read it with him out loudThank goodness for the Kindle because we BOTH needed to look up. S to open a forbiddenoor Men And Gods In Mongolia does he learn the hideous nature of their experiments and his own chilling role in them The first of two volumes thiseeply provocative audiobook reimagines the past as an eerie place that has startling resonance for listeners tod.

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It s an ebook and you get it right away Process was easy enough Nicely written but a bit of a slog to be honest Arrived on time and in perfect shape Was a great read No complaints I read Feed by MT Anderson years ago and loved it I hadn t read anything else of his until The Pox Party so I was very excited I loved the story the plot and the characters My only complaint is that the second part of the book told from multiple points of view via letter moves a bit slowly especially after the first part It s a good idea and it got better as it went along but I found myself scanning and moving forward without actually reading It felt a bit sluggish although as I said I appreciate the artistry in the approach I enjoy well Hunter Killer (Pike Logan done historical fiction and this is certainly wellone I m looking forward to the next book in the series This is really a good bookabout the Black American Slaves and those who were free Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, during the 1770 s and the Revolutionary War and their participation in the Black Brigades But it there is mor Octavain and his experimental upbringing and the conseuences thereofreally interesting I am now reading Volume II and wentirectly from Volume I to continue Octavian s life adventures and where it will lead him Fascinating I will read of MT Anderson s books if they are of the same uality The circumstances surrounding Octavian s childhood are mysterious He is a Prince his mother a ueen and is being raised in a home in Boston with scientists who study his every move As you learn about his life you get The Friend Zone drawn in and into hist story Then the heart breaking truth is revealedSet just before the American Revolution this truly astonishing tale is told from Octavian s perspective as someone whooes not know the results of the war Although the reader has the benefit of hindsight Octavian Flying Scotsman Manual does not and his journe. National Book Award Young People's Literature 2006 He is a boyressed in silks and white wigs and given the finest of classical educations Raised by a group of rational philosophers known only by numbers the boy and his mother a princess in exile from a far.

Y takes many twists and turns as he tries to Alpha (Shifters, discover the true meanings of liberty and patriotismAs a history lover I am obsessed with this book and Volume II A Kingdom on Waves Perfect for anyone who loves history then perhaps you are nothing M T Anderson s fine novel The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing allows the reader to explore this premise through the eyes of Octavian Gitney a young boy who has not yet come to the realization that he is a slave Set in pre Revolutionary Boston The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing highlights the often ignored fact that slavery existed not only in the southern colonies but also throughout the northern colonies While these individuals may have been referred to as servants the fact is they were slaves owned by those who had purchased them The story is narrated by Octavian personalizing the work and making the events occurring throughout the text intimate and very intense much so than a third person narrative would haveoneOctavian and his mother are the subjects of an experiment being conducted by the Novanglian College of Lucidity a group of scholars The experiment seeks to Whalerider determine whether individuals of Africanescent are able to be taught and accomplish the same niceties as individuals of European ancestry Ironically in treating Cassiopeia and Octavian as experimental animals the College negates the possibility of proving whether the premise is valid or not Further Octavian his mother and the other servants are the only individuals initially who are referred to by name Members of the college have been assigned numbers which Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex dehumanizes those individuals in the same way they have attempted toehumanize others It is only as the novel proceeds and individuals begin to show some sympathy for Octavian that a name is given the particular individual within the story. Away land are the only people in their household assigned names As the boy's regal mother Cassiopeia entertains the house scholars with her beauty and wit young Octavian begins to uestion the purpose behind his guardians' fanatical studies Only after he are.