Doreen Virtue: Le Tarot des Anges

Virtue Doreen; Valentin.

Le tarot des anges Avec.

78 cartes Oct 11 2013.

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PLEASE NOTE DOREEN IS NOT SELLING NEW AGE PRODUCTS OTHER PEOPLE ARE SELLING THEM ON AGAINST DOREEN’S CLEAR REUESTS TO STOP SELLING HER CARDS PLEASE DON’T BUY DOREEN’S CARDS OR NEW AGE BOOKSDoreen has renounced all of her new age products and asks that you don’t buy them Doreen is not selling new age products Other people are selling them against her express reuests for them to stop Since giving her life to Jesus as her Lord and Savior in 2017 Doreen has renounced her old work She asks that people stop buying her cards as they are not spiritually safe Doreen now only writes scripturally even though some of her previous writing is still being sold by her former publisher Doreen has asked her former publisher to stop publishing her old new age products to remove her name from co written productsDoreen’s old products are still for sale because other people are selling them This is against Doreen‘s wishes that she has clearly conveyedIf you have any uestions you can write to Doreen through direct messages on InstagramcomDoreenVirtue Doreen studies the Bible daily and she is working hard to evangelize to new agers