The Ultimate Guide To Super Metroid

Uide rocks Great layout Well wr. Ace FREE Get the Ultimate Guide to the SNES Classic Edition FREE when you purchase this book BONUS It doesnt matter if you play it on the SNES Classic or the original SNES this game is a avorite on everybodys list First time players or longtime masters will LOVE this guide Over 100 ull colorpages inside including Full color maps and screenshots Explore All of Zebes Learn the most efficient way to collect and complete 100% of the game Learn Your Enemies A complete list of enemies and their stats allows you.

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I like the game so much this Think you know Super Metroid Think again This is the ultimateguide to Super Metroid on the SNES Classic and original Super Nintendo Entertainment System rom the creator ofThe Ultimate Guide series; bestselling author The BlackNESGuy This book is a complete walkthrough guide in The Ultimate Guide series giving you all the tools you will need to master this game Ceres Station is under attack Samus must ollow the Space Pirates back to their planet Zebes to rescue the Metroid butsomething lurks below the surf.

Itten Nice photo s Lots of detai. To plan your path and decide which monsters are worth battling Master Special Techniues Learn various moves to improve your skill and playthrough time Experience Every Ending Provides descriptions of all three possible endings and gives you the knowledge to obtain them And So Much More With this guide youll have the structure to complete the game and the knowledge to create your own path Take your Super Metroid knowledge to the next level with The Ultimate Guide to Super MetroidScroll up and BUY YOURS TODA. Á 9 Summary

Hi there I'm The BlackNES Guy I love all things gaming especially retro games Being in my 30's there's a special place in my heart for NES and SNES games and systems Those are the ones that I grew up with and I can tell you exactly where I was after conuering each dungeon for the first time in Legend of Zelda or how excited I was getting my SNES on Christmas morning