Matt Davids: Dungeons for the Master: 177 Dungeon Maps and 1D100 Encounter Table (Tabletop Role-Playing Game Resources)

At people need that for but i see it as a solid product for that The bad It is as basic as you can get No detail or description Just sketched out line maps Maybe i just had high hopes for this Best part is the tables in the back if you dont have some already So let s discuss these 177 maps and the tablesLet s start with the maps Sure enough there are 177 hand drawn maps in this book All of them are purely rectilinear and most do not demonstrate a design that makes sense There are no multilevel dungeons no secret passages and no uniue features Some of the maps even lack any form of branching paths Most are a semi random collections of rooms walls and winding tunnels at right angles The layouts usually do not resemble any ind of intelligent design there are tunnels to nowhere tunnels which meander without purpose before getting to their destination and so onBasically this is du. This book Uniue dungeon names to get your creativity flowing A comprehensive 1D100 table of dungeon encounters Have characters fall into fiery pits not cliches Plus all the maps I have ever posted on my blog or included in free products The total number of dungeon maps is

Nothing exciting here Maps are generic with no details or anything interesting no traps doors secret doors content etc You have to create all that yourself Maps have no scale and were probably cranked out in about 30 minutes for the entire thing uality is akin to what a 10 year old might produce on notebook paper Well you do get a lot of maps Unfortunately they are pretty basic without a supporting story Just a name and a map that anyone could draw up uickly You get a lot of what you see in the attached photo the maps are very low detail hand drawn with no grid I would have liked to at least seen a grid and have some details of each filling in everything going on in the dungeon is the time consuming part that I was hope to by pass some of with the purchase of this book This is a book of maps that are just a bunch boxes and lines drawn on page after page There is no descrip. Never Get Caught without a Dungeon Map Your players now want to explore the ruins you mentioned in an offhand remark Don't worry With this book of maps you'll have an exciting dungeon ready to go before your players can open the Doritos bag or check Facebook D&D Dungeon Mas.

Tion of what each room is or its purpose No furnishings or logical uses I am left staring at all these rooms with hallways and stairs drawn higgely piggely all over the place and no idea how I am going to use this The encounter tables are not even that useful Any Ten year old could have drawn a bunch of boxes This book is good for toilet paper and that is it I really wish Carlos Caro had posted his review before I ordered this book All the glowing reviews had to have been written by friends dwarf halfling human elf from the base 1d100 table all have the exact same random tables of size disposition and profession with one or two differe I have it from almost a year and I have notw used it once When I open it I was really disapointed because it is nothing special It is a waste of paper First off this product has a use It is for uick random dungeon map generation Im not sure wh. Ters and Pathfinder Game Masters never get caught without a dungeon map ever again Never worry about your players straying from the main adventure Always have a dungeon ready to go This book includes 100 hand drawn original dungeon maps These maps will only be available in.

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