Robert B Charles: Eagles and Evergreens: A Rural Maine Childhood

I lived in Wayne for over 20 years Bobby wrote a terrific book about Wayne Thank you for your expedient delivery of the above book It s a classic which citizens should read to touch base with real America in the eartland of Maine where everyone supports and works together for the benefit of all Some stories were better than others The style of writing is very flowery sometimes with lengthy descriptions that are too long with too many descriptive adjectives All in all I enjoyed some stories and did not enjoy others This well written book transported me to a place where I Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? have never been but felt like I knew it Robert Charles sharedis experiences and while we often take the people Leonardo da Vinci he described for granted you can tell that in this place people truly cared about one another and they truly are extraordinary ordinary people The book makes me want to visit and be a part of this town even for a little while At a time when we feel that our sense of community is rare this wonderful town in Maine makes meopeful that this sense of community is not lost Truly a book worth reading I don t know of any other stories that Enkätboken have the same magic as these They re like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia except the world the author described really existed and maybe sti. Robert Bobby Charles grew up among eagles and evergreens in rural Maine His enchanting sometimes arresting tales convey inspiration from place and people love of a small town influence of aging veterans His stories take readers to unexpected places often swirl to unexpected endings Over four seasonse describes Maine Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy half a century ago smelting and rescuing iceouses moose encounters and indoor ermine raising mischievous rabbits and conversing with pigs unting a legendary football sized

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Ll does in some parts of the country or world In these anecdotes life is eartwarming selfless cozy unhurried with priorities where they should be He was blessed to grow up in the town Health at Every Size he describes And through this collection of storiese allows us to go live there with The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy him for awhile in our imaginationsThe stories are easy to read and written in a lovely stylee paints a literal and emotional picture with each one sometimes writing with a meter somewhere between prose and poetryReading just a page of this book will Polvere alla polvere honestly slow youreartbeat and breathing and melt your worries and all those things that seemed so urgently important It s not an exaggeration to say that it Wyoming Triple Heat helps b This is a really good book Eagles and Evergreens is uniue fun entertaining and enlightening The author Bobby Charles is a natural story teller apparently many Mainers are Charles was blessed with an idyllic childhood in a small town in rural Maine He sharesis experiences and impressions by way of enjoyable and charming vignettes He discusses people places events traditions nature adventures and seasons I read the book with a smil Eagles and Evergreens is a An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery heartfelt look back in time atow the values taught in a rural Maine town shaped a generation Just as they define America Mr Merald and learning from legendary World War II vets He takes readers down through thin ice and up spires of one match fires He lollygags Dead River and confronts Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy hair raising disorientation out on the open sea He rolls from distance running to downhill skiing comedy to calamity whimsy to courage with a fluid pen Gratitude pervades this volume Light shines from each essay Along the way bits of illumination encouragementumor and reflection paint a bigger picture Like a pointillist e dabs

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Harles shows that ard work kindness generosity patriotism and selflessness also characterize the fabric of Wayne Maine Mr Charles introduces the reader to the true teachers of these values members of the Greatest Generation who after doing no less than saving the world wanted nothing than to come I, Claudius home to Maine After finishing this book the reader will feel not only a renewed appreciation for the simple things but a redoubled sense of gratitude toward America sonored veterans God bless them all and many thanks to Mr Charles for sharing their stories If you re an English teacher don t read this The many sentence fragments may set your teeth on edge but all in all it is a nice easy good read that will take you back into remembering your childhood or wishing for those innocent days of the 40 s 50 s 60 s when children could roam the area with impunity and the community could correct rebuke and encourage you Gone are the days of boys with pocket knives and learning valor with the boy scouts Oh for those leisurely summer days when all of life was an adventure and you were encouraged to enjoy the outdoors in safety I Six Thinking Hats highly suggest the book whether you spent your childhood in Maine or from away Good insight into small town America as it once was Could we go there agai. He canvas gently turning discrete dots into a cogent uplifting whole The impression left is redeeming the celebration of self reliance and interdependence together the essence of all Maine towns He reminds readers of timeless contentment in nature anduman connectivity both ultimately restorative At Chicken Soup for the Soul heartis vignettes celebrate freedom and Misbehaving honor those who risked their lives to preserve it The author credits good neighbors good fortune and thoughtfully taught goodumor for is later doings.