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Sey is no doubt related to her eastern religious beliefs I really enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to others especially if you are a fan of the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet a true classic Did not expect the book to be such a great read but it is Could NOT put it down So honest and real and though we are same age total dif lives really could identify with her life and times we lived in heart broken when Dean Paul died but didn t know she was living happily ever after with David Eisley I recall his Dad from Hawaiian Eye tv seriesJust a wonderful book to read Really enjoyed it Good Job Oliviaand AlexWould love to see what either of you write next I was obsessed with the movie Romeo Juliet Leonard Whiting was my 1st movie star crush and I was soooooo jealous of Olivia Hussey s beauty and the fact that she was kissing Leonard I couldnt wait to read about whether or not they did it they didn t It was enjoyable to read about her life after this movie Anyone who grew p in the period of this movie would find this book very interesting Bought for a friends birthday She loved it I bought this as a massive fan of the film Romeo and Juliet and was not disappointed Such a good read especially if you are a big fan of the 1960 s film as there is The Ex Who Hired Her uite a few chapters dedicated to the audition process filming and promotion of the film What surprised me most was just how interesting andnexpected her whole career and life has been even is beyond her experience working on this film Eve this autobiography is amazing I have always been a huge fan of Hard to play and harder still to live Testing the Limits up to In this candid memoir Olivia Hussey tells her storyfrom being an It Girl in swinging 60s London and her enduring friendship with Romeo Juliet co star Leonard Whiting through three tumultuous marriagesincluding one with Dean Martins son Dinomotherhood stage four breast cancer debilitating agoraphobia bankruptcy andltimately a journey of self discovery in India that led her on a path to fulfillment She brings readers intimately close to the legendary performers she knew loved worked with and ba.

So thrilled to get this the life story of Olivia Hussey cant wait to read it have been looking forward to this for Seventeen yearsxxxx One of the best memoirs I have ever read Beautifully written Couldn t put it down Wanted when finished Highly recommended if you are a fan of Zeffirelli s Romeo Juliet Hussey Whiting in my opinion were perfect casting for those roles They left their mark as Shakespeare s definitive star crossed lovers Looking out for Whiting s biography now As a former high school English teacher I taught Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet for nearly 40 years At the end of the nit and after the classes had read the play in its entirety we watched the Franco Zeffirelli version made in 1968 and starring Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting in the title roles For that reason I decided to read Hussey s memoir I was a little disappointed to see so little in the early part of the book about her experiences filming the play but the stories about other parts of her life were interesting I ve read several celebrity memoirs in the past few years and almost all with the exception of Hussey s sed the books to rail against those who had betrayed angered or otherwise offended the celebrity Hussey was incredibly complimentary to almost everyone she talked about in her book The only exceptions were three people one who raped her a fellow actor and two two who acted as financial advisors and took almost every penny she had All the others she mentioned friends actors directors family she was completely gracious toward That I thought showed how kind Hus. In 1968 Olivia Hussey became one of the most famous faces in the world immortalized as the definitive Juliet in Franco Zeffirellis Romeo Juliet Now the iconic girl on the balcony shares the ps and downs of her truly remarkable life and careerAt only sixteen years old she was an internationally celebrated overnight discovery The part was an opportunity of a lifetime for a simple girl from Buenos Aires Argentina But for Olivia admired for her beauty and innocence and praised as a fresh and burgeoning young talent the role of movie star was.

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Livia Hussey so I was dying to read her book What an interesting life she lead it makes you feel like you know her in person Highly recommend you ll not regret it For anyone who like me watched Franco Zeffirelli s Romeo and Juliet and never forgot the magic of it and Olivia Hussey this is a book that you will truly enjoy Movie stars don t always live perfect happily ever after lives but they LIVE LIFE And that s what Olivia Hussey did She s lived it And so much of it is here in this book The behind the scenes looks into her many movies and the actors she worked with Through the bad times and the wonderful I loved it all and wish her a very happy rest of her amazing life Very much so and told in an endearing and at times painful manner I loved it and recommend it as a must read for fans of hers and everyone who remembers seeing the movie with their own Romeo or Juliet Olivia s worked with some of the best in the business and tells of her encounters with most that we the public would know of in a straightforward and honest way Great read and I was sorry that the book ended A must read for Olivia fans This is a great reading experience The story of her remarkable life is shared with dignity and aplomb This IS NOT a sordid tell all It is a book that makes you feel like a better person just because you have read it While i initially purchased the book to read about Olivia s romances and she does generously share those details it is the spirituality of her book that drew me in and kept me turning the pages I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommen. Ttled including The Beatles Vanessa Redgrave Bette Davis Elizabeth Taylor Frank Sinatra Liza Minnelli Anthony Perkins Christopher Reeve Lawrence Olivier Ingrid Bergman and Olivia also finally reveals for the first time the identity of the actora fellow young newcomerwho raped her but who would not break her Featuring a foreword by her star making director Franco Zeffirelli Olivia Husseys memoir shines with her luminous spirit and perseverance as she reflects on her niue life and experiencesinspiring surprising and fascinating to read abo.