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Grateful Bishop wrote this book When TDJ first announced he was writing a book about entrepreneurship I did not et excited because assumed it would be too complex for me understand However I always buy TDJ books so out of habit I pre ordered the book However as TDJ elaborated and each Sunday about content of his book I became excited because it sounded like a practical philosophy instead of complex jargon and mathematical formulasUltimately it was a Elizabeth Cady Stanton great read andlad TDJ shares his wisdom and experience in this area Very practical Only recommendation is that it would have been icing on cake if TDJ had narrated his audiobook so I could have listen to him read it in his own voice For that reason I didn t buy audiobook and After the End got physical copy I audiobooks and really wanted to hear Bishop read this book The thought of listening to someone else read Bishop s words robs me of hearing him in my head so I read the book in silence No complaints about the book it Thanks Bishop Jakes Okay so Iot over ambitious and read 2 books this week instead of 1 More homework for me Having started my career in aviation it s interesting to read an entrepreneurial book by a minister who uses the uest of the Wright Brothers as his theme In SOAR Jakes describes the uphill battle that the Wright Brothers faced ridicule failure and uncharted waters Entrepreneurs think differently It s hard to find people to talk to because you re thinking on a different orbit Facts Jakes later talked about investing in yourself You can t attract investors if you don t invest Facts He spoke about hiring family and friends e commerce business plans business names and many other practical pieces of information that would save first time entrepreneurs so much timemoney and the experienced would appreciate as a reminder The book occasionally adds Biblical stories into the text but it s written so for anyone of any faith to enjoy Having said that I was expecting scriptural references woven into the lessons and for that I The Doll and Her Friends (1893) give it 4 out of 5 stars Still areat read I m half way through and I m already soaring The stories connect with me I ve stepped out or should I say taken off on a major investment in another country because this book was the wind that I needed beneath my wings The language is simple and the audible version resounds in my head as I drive I m in my bicycle shop building my planeHello Kitty Hawk Thanks Bishop Jakes I am in the starting stages of wanting to start a uniue business and after diving into the research I felt like I hit a road block I was stuck It wasn t until I watched one of Bishop TD Jake s sermons Finding your Wings that I di. Take your career to the next level realize your Septiņi greatest dreams and embrace your Godiven talents with this practical Nightbane World Book One game plan for your professional and personal lifeToo often we remain in jobs that stifle our souls and leave us on the runway of opportunity with the engine of our deepest passion stalled watching others make their personal vision a reality and build a legacy for their children But it's never too late toet your dreams off the The All New Jonah Twist ground God seesreat things in yo.

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R there wasn t I appreciate that this book doesn t encourage readers to sit back and wait on God to make their visions a reality but to own the responsibility of doing the work that is reuired For readers who are only interested in the practical steps that must be taken this book is sure to met their need For those readers who desire a balanced approach of faith in conjunction with action this book will likely leave them desiring At the very least that s how it left me feeling This book provides reat uidance for current and aspiring entrepreneurs Those who have experience in the world of entrepreneurship may find this book as a refresher than a Legon Ascension (Legon Series guide Overall there is plenty of value that can be received from this book especially for those who are most interested in practical action stepsI received this book free from the publisher through their book review bloggers program and I was not reuired to write a positive review I saw this book advertised on Bishop Jakes television show and knew that I had to purchase and read it I have had a dream to start my own business and have tried several times and not succeeded This book has helped to realize that my dream is still possible and has also shown me were I have made mistakes in the past It has definitely motivated me to start over andet it right this time I plan to re read the book again to make sure I have not missed anything For many years God has PMS given me this ministry to help women overcome their physical limitation put on them by society After reading this book l am convinced than ever that l must fulfil my seeds ofreatness Thank you Bishop Jakes for this book it will be a blueprint for me to refer back to it for years to come This book was very disappointing As a fan of TD Jakes i thought he would really The Two of Swords give a detailed and insightful description of how he became successful but the book feels very flat and not inspiring at all After the first few chapters where he talks about his family and how his parents were both hard working and set up their own businesses The book becomes very boring dule sounding like any basic how to book telling you the basics on how to write a business plan basicuide you can find in any library start a business I doubt he had much input in the writing of this book and just put his name to it I m than halfway through this book and i can t sing this book enough praisesI too was unaware of where to Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, go with my business not only does the bookive you practical examples to look at but it also ives nuggets of wisdom and common senseI highly highly highly recommend this book to anyone who is new to business and entrepreneurship. Se and align your character and creativity with your careerBridging both the corporate and nonprofit worlds Soar is a practical and easy to follow flight plan for launching the entrepreneurial drive inside of you You'll learn how to adopt the mindset of people who don't wait to see what will happen but strategically build the wings that will take them to new heights So buckle your seat belt and prepare for liftoff you have been cleared to fly beyond your fears to absolutely soar.

Scovered the book Soar however I still didn t think anything of it because I already received the message in his word so I thought I didn t have to buy the book even though I wanted to I just couldn t But as the days went by and I continued with my research I came to the conclusion that I needed a business plan which lead me to Soar This is a ood read for anyone struggling with the idea of starting a business with no experience and is scared to take the leap who fear they re crazy for thinking they can succeed This book can act as a Ēna guidance tool This book provides direction encouragement and is very informative Great book I felt while reading this book like TD jakes was personally mentoring meI loved the comparison to starting a buisness to that of flyingEach chapter had enough detail and encouragement to help anyoneThank you If you re uncertain about the book check out the online promotional book tours on youtubeIt is fab it puts you in the mindset of superhuman Soar Build Your Vision from the Ground Up by TD Jakes is book that aims to educate and empower readers on how to transform their vision into a reality using tried and proven methods This book is sure to be a helpful starter suide for aspiring entrepreneurs The first thing readers must be aware of is the focus of this book This is not a book that is Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! going to help them discover develop or write out their life s vision This book is for those who already have an idea or an understanding of what their vision in life is Already euipped with a vision this book will provide valuable information and assistance on how to transform that vision into reality Readers who may assume that this book is littered with Bible verses and religious undertone are sure to be in for a shock This book is focused primarily on practical application with a very minimal spiritual undertone There are sprinkles of biblical examples but not many biblical principles are explored throughout when discussing the process of launching a business This book focuses most on helping readers toet their vision off the Kentucky Grandmothers ground from a practical perspective and success being sure to follow if they do I have to be completely honest I was surprised by how little God s role was acknowledged during the process of fulfilling our life s vision Don tet me wrong I know that we have a responsibility to act and do the work reuired for our visions to become a reality but I firmly believe that God must be our Štěky Broka Špindíry guide throughout the process especially if we desire to achieve true success I sincerely thought there would be a chapter or at the very least a paragraph acknowledging this vital principle Howeve. Ur future If you long to amplify your uniue abilities if you strive to balance personal fulfillment and professional satisfaction if you dream of fulfilling God's destiny for you then you are ready to SoarIn Soar TD Jakes reveals how to transform your own uniue vision into a powerful contribution to the world Blending a CEO's practical business acumen with a life coach's dynamic inspiration Soar will stir your imagination into action challenge you to embrace your Godiven purpo.

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T D Jakes is the CEO of TDJ Enterprises LLP; founder and senior pastor of The Potters House of Dallas Inc which has over 30000 members; and the author of the New York Times bestselling Making Great Decisions and Reposition Yourself Time magazine and CNN referred to him as Americas Best Preacher His TV show The Potters Touch reaches 67 million households per month He has been the host of national radio and television broadcasts and is regularly featured on the highly rated Dr Phil show He lives in Dallas Texas with his wife five children and two grandchildren Visit T D Jakes online at wwwtdjakescom