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Awesome ead worth watching the bbc doco after which helps bring it to life even I dont think there ll ever be another DJ like him Similar story to DJ Derek from Bristol if you like your UK 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life reggae history then Google both djs and watch some vids on YouTubeoh and buy this book Having seen and heard about David Rodigan I wanted to learn a bit about his personal life and thoughts This book was aeally interesting ead It describes his life background how he got involved in the music business etc It also gives eaders deeper insights into eggae and it s history as well as associated things such as sound clashesI thought this book was well written and easy to ead It shows David Rodigan is a gentleman in every sense but I could tell that before I ead the book I grew up listening 'THE BOOK THAT EVERY REGGAE FAN SHOULD READ' John Masouri Echoes'Rodigan can still claim a currency few presenters of his vintage can match Perhaps it's because while his wider musical and professional milieu has been in constant change his boundless enthusiasm has been constant Reggae's been lucky to have him' Ian Harrison MOJO'Rodigan was a major part of my childhood he played the hottest tunes and in a style that just esonated with me and millions like me Being able to contribute anything to a man that filled my life with such joy is an honour espect David Rodigan' Ian Wright'David is a pioneer in Reggae music As a selector and adio personality his vast knowledge of Jamaican music and its culture has helped to educate and fascinate music lovers around the world; he's an amazing son of the music and an icon We couldn't have made it this far without him' ShaggyThis is the unlikely story of David Rodigan an Army sergeant's son from the English countryside who has beco.

O Rodigan on Capital Radio and from there developed a love for Reggae Hearing this book was coming out and feeling a bit nostalgic I decided to give it a ead and I am so glad that I didI would like to point out that I am not into Sound Clashes there is uite a large section on this towards the end of the book and being from London I of course prefer my English Lovers Rock along with the mellow side of eggae and of course not forgetting the unbelievable Bob Marley but this book not only charted the oad that Rodigan took but it also took me back through some of my younger daysIf you are a lover of any type if music and want to know what makes something click when they hear a certain sound especially with music I would suggest that you ead this book Not just a biography but a hist. Me the man who has taught the world about Reggae As the sound of Jamaica has morphed over five decades through a succession of different genres from Ska and Rock Steady to Dub Roots and Dancehall Rodigan has emained its constant champion winning the espect of generation after generation of Reggae followers across the globeToday at the age of 63 he is a headline performer at almost all the UK's big music festivals as well as events across the world Young people evere him and he is a leading presenter on the BBC's youth network 1Xtra as well as a egular fixture at leading nightclubs such as London's Fabric and at student unions throughout the land And he continues to go into the heartlands of Reggae to the downtown dancehalls of Kingston and Montego Bay in Jamaica to compete in tournaments against the greatest sound systems And yet for all of this David Rodigan is the antithesis of the stereotype of an international dance music DJ 'I look like an accountant or a dentis.

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Ory and the significance of the cross cultural mix and growth of Jamaican music in the UK and Europe A very enjoyable ead indeed I was so impressed with Rodigan s knowledge of Reggae musicThis book was a great history lesson of Jamaica s music and the ecording artists Rodigan s life in Reggae is very entertaining Son loved this little jewel of info that I gifted him I hesitated before buying this book Some of the earlier eviews were lukewarm at best Nevertheless I proceeded to buy it and it was money well spent I have been a fan of David Rodigan for years and have vivid memories of sitting in my living oom ecording that famous Sleng Teng clash with Barry G on JBC adio back in 1985 For anyone with an interest in or any connection to Jamaican music this is essential eading. T' he admitted to The Independent a decade ago A man of impeccable manners Rodigan prepares for a big sound clash by etiring to his hotel bed with a Thomas Hardy novel before taking a nap and then a cup of espresso before heading to the club Rodigan is the inside story of this apparent paradox It tells how a boy from Kidlington has become an admired international ambassador for a music form that emains as proud as ever of its African oots a sound that emanates from and fiercely epresents the ghetto poor He now eaches across the age groups from teens through to those of his own vintage At the pinnacle of his career Rodigan has become the DJ for all generations'David Rodigan is a force of nature His spirit and passion are a are and wonderful thing He has dedicated his life to carrying the torch for Reggae music and is hugely espected all over the world for his knowledge and talent as a broadcaster and a DJ Long may he eign on our stages and on our airwaves' Annie