Gwen Jackson: Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams: Inspired by Navajo Culture and Folklore

Ew Finally got a chance to read this with my oung niece and she loved it Looking forward to Ms Jackson s next book This is a beautifully written and captivating story for all ages Great exposure to the Navajo culture with lovely colorful illustrations I look forward to reading of Ms Jackson s work This delightful and engaging tale is beautifully written and sure to become a favorite bedtime story for children Aspects of Navajo culture and lore are creatively presented representing an uniue educational opportunity Parents and children alike will enjoy reading this special book This is a very likable and interesting story The refrain that the animals sing is very engaging for children to connect with the story The illustrations are beautiful enchanting and are sure bewitch oung children The story is great to introduce Native American culture and is a great addition to classroom and home libraries This is a lovely book perfect for bedtime reading It s poetically written with beautiful illustrations featuring a depiction of an authentic Navajo blanket by a weaver currently living in New Mexico The values of love generosity and community are expressed in a child friendly way through the actions of a little bear his mother and his animal friends The narrative paints a very visual picture in the mind The pictures add a depth to the storytelling with their beauty and accuracy I appreciated the authors information of who she consulted As a teacherlibrarian I was glad for the included resources ReadYourWorld. A Teller Ornelas this beautiful tale of family and friends takes the reader on a journey through the rich traditions and spectacular landscapes of the Southwes.

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Lticultural books to our collection This is a sweet story about hibernation It includes some lovely messages about bartering and thankfulness Blue Bird brings the net of twilight which catches the falling rain she is also the one who finds Spider Woman the weaver Robin gets the white light of morning Hawk gets the red light of evening Fox brings a piece of the rainbow Little Lump Lump the Julia young black bear who is our main character absent mindedly eats the large piece of honeycomb he was going to give to Spider Woman as a thankou so instead he gives her all of the honey he has His mother gives Spider Woman the finest herbs as a gift for her weaving And the blanket is really beautifulMy son is nearly five and just the right age for this story When we got to the two page illustration which shows the finished blanket he gasped aloud with delight There is uite a bit of text on each page so I wouldn t recommend it for a child who is Dancing with Fireflies (Chapel Springs, younger This is of a long read aloud picture book Be prepared to snuggleAs a homeschoolerou could take this book in many directions We are doing a block on Archetypal Professions of which Weaving is one and so it is a great fit for us This would also be a good tie in with Native American cultures or with migration and hibernation As someone who has lived on the Navajo reservation I appreciate how culturally respectful this book wasI was given a free copy of this book by the author along with a little sample of raw Manuka honey which was kind This is my honest non compulsory revi. Gathers materials for Spider Woman to weave him a blanket of dreams Inspired by NavajoDiné culture and folklore and featuring the work of famed weaver Barbar.

What makes us feel secure This is a reassuring tale of generosity and feeling safe and secure Kindness Thoughtfulness Friendship LoveWe ve all seen inspirational posters displaying these themes Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams by Gwen Jackson incorporates these and in a Navajo inspired storyAuthor Gwen Jackson and illustrator Lissa Calvert capture Navajo traditions in both the story and illustrations The blanket of dreams is patterned after the weaving Child s Blanket by Barbara Teller Ornelas a sixth generation Navajo weaver The story and illustrations show the collection of materials to make the blanket the final weaving in its entirety as well as Lump Lump and Mother Bear snuggled up for the winter with the blanketThe story begins with Mother Bear and her cub Lump Lump and their friend Blue Bird They tell stories at night that include one of the blanket of dreams Lump Lump feels as if winter sleep could be tolerable with the blanket Forest animals are called upon to help gather materials for the blanket and in return Mother Bear and Lump Lump gift the animals grass and leaves for nests and a den Once materials are gathered Spider Woman the weaver creates the blanket and the animals gift her herbs and honeyThe story shows how working together being kind and thoughtful and thinking of others are what makes friends into familyThe author includes her website gwenjacksonstoriescom for information and activitiesIt is a bit long for smaller children so I would recommend 3rd grade and up Great way to add mu. Winter is coming but the little black bear Lump Lump isn't ready to go to sleep With the help of his mother the wise Blue Bird and his forest friends Lump Lump.

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