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Golden Words has been a beautiful reminder to me that I have the daily power to brighten and lighten my own life Dr Stone guides the reader through developing their own golden word lists and then provides the framework to use these words in creating powerful personal mantras meditations and focused intentions that uplift and energize Golden Words is truly Dr Stone s gift of words to us a uniue book that has an offering for everyone My personal journey with this book has been healing both physically and spiritually and I couldn t be grateful Golden Words is definitely one of my nightstand stay with me books I enjoyed this book as an addition to my hypnotist toolkit I plan to get a journal for this book to make good use of it It has a workbook layout but I would like to ponder and note with even interactively as I have the digital version I think a print version would be helpful to have too for margin notes A little less of the authors stories would be better for me so it s a 4 starbut I get the relevance When I started reading Dr Sally Stone s book I was immediately caught up in her wisdom knowledge and amazing life path If ou are somebody who has had challenges traumas or disappointments in life no matter what sort I highly recommend this book You will understand a lot about The Magdalen yourself and maybe aboutour Self Words are so strong and meaningful and in the way All the Devils are Here you use themou create everything I was always. Near Death Experience Angels and Golden Words When author Sally Stone returned from her near death experience NDE she was certain she’d be okay But she wasn’t Doctors told her she was headed for life in a wheelchair with chronic pain but she knew from the messages she received during her NDE that life in a wheelchair was not her destiny She translated her experience of angels into “g.

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A very intuitive person and because of that I often felt different than others Reading this book gave me confidence in using my intuition and trusting myself I highly recommend this book to everybody who is interested in spirituality near death experiences looking for a healing path searching for tools or exercises to understand life better who wants to be part of their own creation of life or just learn how to use words in a positive way I was amazed by some words I never used and how to see them differently There are truly so many golden words we all should know I am so amazed by creating affirmations with golden words that I also implemented it in my own coaching practice to help my clients I really love it and am grateful that I found Dr Stone s amazing work Thanks Every child owned their Little Golden Booksbooks that were read over and over againstories we knew by heart now read with children and grandchildren Descriptive words like brave courageous joyfulwords that paint a picture and create a feeling that stays with Miles to Go (The Walk, you asou walk through lifeWords are powerful Words can wound but words can also heal They can create a movement and support a cause The right words can ignite a flurry of creativity and a cause a severe case of the gigglesDr Stone s book is a Golden Book for grown ups Sally takes a tragic accident and brings purpose and beauty to her life while sharing inspiration and tools to show othe. Olden words” and navigated her healing process using “golden words” self hypnosis physical emotional or spiritual pain; or a restless stressed out mind With than 2000 golden words twenty six self guided meditations and ten easy steps to self hypnosis positive change is only one word away “Golden words” provide a direct way for everyone of us to tap into the positive vibration of.

Rs how to do the same Buy a copy for The Wake yourself give one toour son or daughter You ll help change the worldone golden word at a time While getting ready this morning I got to thinking about just how FRIGGIN happy I ve been the past several months and HOW MUCH I VE CHANGED since FebWhen I really got to thinking about it Sally Stone and her book Golden Words is where this all started Between speaking with Sally and ACTIVELY taking in her book I ve been able to realize a few VERY note worthy things Time is going to pass no matter what Circus Act (Spy Pups you choose to do with it So MAKE THE BEST of it Balance is CRUCIAL to lifelong happiness Mindset is KEY to ANYTHINGou want to do and Daffodil Girls you really CAN do anything Words have POWER and when personalized to YOU can MASSIVELY impactour life and how The Private Lives of the Saints you live itIfou are in a place of needing SERIOUS encouragement hope and change and are ready to SELF REFLECT I HIGHLY encourage Biggles Goes to War you to check out Sally s bookIt s not at all an exaggeration when I say it has TRULY changed my life and how I have CHOSEN to live it In the book Golden Words The A to Z Toolkit Sally Stone introduces us to the power of positive words or Golden Words as she refers to them Sally has a beautiful way of sharing her personal story and journey to living the life she was meant to live I was absolutely transformed as I read through all of the powerfulpositive words that begin with each letter of the alphabet I love. Angels and activate positive change in our lives using focused intention and hypnosis As one reviewer said “If I had been “wishing on a star” for a guidebook to navigate the next turn in my life path my wish came true with the publication of Golden Words” Words are alive with power What willou create with our “golden words” How about creating Positive Change One Word at a Ti.

Sally is an award winning author nature photographer and certified hypnotherapist Following a near death experience she developed “golden words” from an angelic experience on the other side to describe spiritually charged positive words we activate in our lives using focused heart centered intention spiritual support and hypnosistrance stateSally works with clients of all ages to clarify and attain life purpose health and happiness goals using soul focused past life regressions and custom programs that incorporate golden words hypnosis health coaching and family constellationsIn addition to writing mind body spirit books like the Golden Words’ series a Nautilus Award Winner Sally writes childrens books Her Purple Dragonfly and Nautilus award winning picture book I Am a Butterfly A Story About Big Beautiful Changes was praised by Tierra Curry Senior Scientist for the Center for Biological Diversity Dr Lincoln Brower father of monarch butterfly research and Susan Lubar Founder of Growing MindsAfter witnessing the energy of nature during her near death experience Sally took up nature photography to connect with the flow of spirit she experiences there Her photography has won several awards including Audubon’s Top 100 and a Chicago Botanic Garden Special MentionSally trained with the National Guild of Hypnotists The Newton Institute and The Wellness Institute for Hypnotherapy; The Institute for Integrative Nutrition for health coaching Hellinger Institute for family constellations Global Family Yoga and Heaven Meets Earth Yoga She earned her Masters and Doctorate in Education from National Louis University with a special emphasis on understanding childrens lived experience when writing and sharing their narrative storiesPlease visit drsallystonecom to book Sally for speaking events and private coaching Classroom visits can be booked and photos can be browsed and purchased at natureshealingimagescom